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    I find out my car needs $1500 worth of work because Ford Season's Ford Hendersonville NC didn't do a repair correctly. This isn't the first issue with this dealer. 5000 miles ago I got a tuneup but they didn't gap the spark plugs correctly(didn't gap
    them at all) which led to coil pack & PCM failure(a $1000 repair). I had a tuneup done on another car & the spark plug wires went bad after 5000 miles. Neither car was safe to drive. Yet another car had a lock actuator replaced but when I got the car
    back the windows were still messed up.

    They said they didn't know what the issue was & wanted to take the door panel off and "look around." Offered to replace the window regulator for another $595 but didn't know if that was the issue. Yet another vehicle they charged $800 to replace the coil
    pack & do a tuneup. When the CEL came back on they said I needed a new engine for $5500. I took it somewhere else. It needed a valve job for $1500. They couldn't tell my warranty company what was wrong.

    The service advisor(snake in the grass trying to get a commission for a new engine) just said they thought the seals & rings were wore out. My warranty company said they weren't dealing with Ford Seasons Ford & to take it elsewhere which I did. It took
    them an entire year on another vehicle to replace the engine & while I know the warranty company was difficult, a year is excessive. It just kept being transferred to a new service advisor & the process started all over again.

    I finally had to talk to the owner of the dealership. This is just another problem in a long line of problems I've had with this dealer. I've always had my cars serviced & bought my vehicles here. But no more. For me, this was the final straw. They threw
    on old parts from the shop floor on my car then expected I'd come back & give them more money in a few months when it broke down. Now I have no idea how many times I was taken advantage of by this dealer & scummy service advisors/techs who have no idea
    what they're doing. When it was Mac Easler Ford it was a great dealer but ever since ownership changed hands it has not been the same.

    Now I don't have to wonder why every single employee that worked for Steve Easler left when it became Four Season's Ford. For anyone who has had good service with no issues, great, but you never know when its going to be like mine or how many times you'
    ve been charged for faulty parts or told to replace parts that don't need it like an engine. This isn't $20 lost. This is a significant amount of money and most people don't have $1500 just lying around they can flush down the toilet or can buy a new car
    on every whim. I know I can't. I understand when it comes to dealerships/car repair shops, unfortunately, most are shyster's. But this is ridiculous.

    I can only imagine how many people they've scammed over the yrs or how many times I've been swindled. Ordinarily, I wouldn't post a review but under the circumstances this was the last straw. I've given them more than one chance to be honest. I just didn'
    t know how dishonest they are. Granted, the dealership that did the pcm software update may be partly responsible for the failure but Four Season's is responsible for alot of other issues. Why would I take my car to Four Season's Ford Hendersonville NC
    to repair something they caused? All I can say is beware of Four Season's Ford in Hendersonville North Carolina. You never know when you will be one of the unlucky ones.

    On top of the $1500 they cost me by not gapping the spark plugs which led to PCM/ECM failure/coil pack replacement and the myriad of other times they took advantage and didn't fix a problem correctly or lied like when they said my car needed a new engine(
    $5500) but needed a valve job instead(I gave them another chance about 2 yrs after that debacle) last yr when I took my car in and told them to check the wheel bearings and brakes because I heard crunching coming from the brakes, they told me they went
    over everything thoroughly and there was nothing wrong with my brakes or wheel bearings. I was taking a trip to Texas. I left right after this. When I got there I had to take it to a repair shop because the steering wheel was ready to shake loose. It
    turned out that not only were the wheel bearings hanging there ready to fall off(I had to get a rental car for 4 days because mine wasn't safe to drive), the brakes were ruined(had to replace rotors too, that was what was causing the crunching), it
    needed new motor mounts, sway bar links and new shocks. One thing ruins another. They should have seen that all these things needed repair instead I left for a long trip in a car not safe to drive because their techs were too lazy to their jobs. My
    children and I could have died because they failed to diagnose problems that are easy to see and were told exactly what to check and look for. I can't in good conscience recommend this dealer to anyone. If you value your life and those of your children
    stay far away. There are far better shops in Hendersonville NC to take your car to where the technicians are honest and know what they're doing.

    There are many complaints scattered among different review and ripoff sites.

    Avoid Four Season's Ford Hendersonville NC......North Carolina

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