• Subaru 2002 outback starter? I

    From foxyloxie73@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 1 16:28:34 2016
    Yesterday I tried to start my Subaru and when I did it try to turn over and tried to turn over and then just started screeching and it would not start when I try to start it again and it I only got the screeching that's all I didn't know I was told it
    was probably the solenoid so I prepared to start work on that when my neighbor came over and told me I absolutely was not the solenoid it was a timing belt. I found a video online of somebody showing somebody else but their car sounded like it sounds
    exactly like mine and the consensus was it was the starter. So now I'm confused. The screeching is unbearably disturbingly bad.

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