• Attaching extra wires to a side-terminal battery

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    On Thu, 15 Feb 2001 21:07:59 -0500, "Bill Kitterman" <bkitter@bcn.net> wrote:

    I don't know Bob... many of these Ham Radio Operators are set in their ways >and opinions from you or me will not change their preconceived notion that a >wire termination six inches from the battery terminal is bound to have >noise.

    Bill Kitterman

    6 inches? I wish it was 6 inches. In my vehicle, it's 6 *feet* of wire! The
    aux battery stud is diagonally across the engine compartment from the battery.
    The battery is left front. The stud is on the under-hood fuse and relay panel
    located in the right rear of engine compartment. 6 feet of wire will pick up a
    lot of noise.

    Hi Dick,
    I am trying to attach a battery isolator to the positive battery terminal, but have side terminals, no posts. Our vehicle has the aux battery stud on the opposite side of the engine compartment, on the under-hood fuse panel, as you described yours.
    Is it safe to connect our positive cable (via ring terminal) to this tap? Should we get post extenders for the battery terminal instead?


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    this is how you fix it


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