• Y&R's first new episode today since the pandemic

    From Zob@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 11 04:00:19 2020
    I expect there will be a wide variety of opinions on Monday's return
    of Y&R. As for myself, I thought they did a great job considering the obstacles. I'm happy that they caught us up and reminded us of the
    main storyline threads, and it immediately drew me back in. And IMO
    the did a great job with the camera angles and the settings mostly in Chancellor Park so as to make the social distancing less obvious.
    They're definitely handling it better than B&B has since returning to
    the air with new episodes; Bold & Beautiful's scenes have seemed
    awkward and "off" to me.

    BTW, Nikki looked stunning. For the past two or three years, MTS
    looked downright sickly. But today, she was back to being her
    gorgeous, glamorous self. And as for the other characters... well,
    I've been complaining as loudly as anyone about lame storylines, etc.
    for quite a while. But when the rubber meets the road it was good to
    see the cast all back today. :-)

    Oh, and one more thing. There is something different about the
    production that I can't put my finger on that is actually an
    improvement over what was being done previously. Maybe the lighting?
    The music? The wardrobe? A combination of everything? Whatever it
    was, I was glad that I was happy with Y&R's return to the air. I was
    afraid that it was going to be a big let-down... but it wasn't. Kudos
    to the producers, writers, directors, actors and all the
    behind-the-scenes folks who put the show together under the adverse circumstances. I think they did a great job! :-)

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