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    ...but I sense a story line that at least has some movement...or, potential movement.

    I believe it will begin with Billy, although it may end up with someone else! This idea of perpetually being 'fixed' has hit a nerve, and 12-step programs, although they have been godsends, and saved lives, are not the answer to everything.

    Also, I've heard that the producers been given a chance to rehire the popular Billy Miller, and have obviously passed. This may be lighting a fire under the writers, and the actors!

    Also, this kind of story seems to be rather easy to redirect, if not working out. There's a large cast involved besides Billy...Amanda, Victoria, Lily...

    I can't predict anything, but, for now, I'll be keeping my eyes on Billy. No fast-forwarding!

    I see my prediction is coming true...at least in part! Even Victoria was starting to re-think her feelings about Billy...but now, she's had a relapse.

    Something is bound to happen between Billy and Lily...for a while, at least. And Devon's remorse about his treatment of Amanda is likely to open the way for Elena and Nate, who have been giving off sparks I-don't-know-for how long!

    So, maybe the writers are finally doing something inspired-or, at least interesting! We-Shall-See!

    I just happened to reopen this thread. Before it could show much progress...COVID virus! Wonder if the writers are having time to think? Will that prove good, or bad???


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