• B&B What's the Story Between Hunter Tylo and Kimberlin Brown?

    From Lynn Kelly@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 2 14:29:09 2021
    Someone in the B&B subreddit posted the above question. I
    replied there and here.

    IIRC, at the height of her popularity, Hunter Tylo wrote a book in
    the late 1990s. Since my library didn't have it, I went to Borders
    to search for it. Amazon already existed for a few years but
    didn't dominate the book market as it did today and later drove
    small bookstores and chain bookstores out of business. Per the
    Borders clerk, Tylo's book was in stock but wasn't selling well so
    it was relegated to the bargain bin. I found it and bought it for $1.

    Sadly, Tylo had personal issues and shared intimate details of
    her life with her readers instead of a licensed and practicing mental
    health professional. Luckily for me, I purged them from my mind
    except for the following two incidents recounted by Tylo.

    Tylo and Kimberlin Brown were feuding on the B&B set. At one point,
    both women were alleging an unsafe working environment created by
    the other woman. Tylo took it to the next level and hired a midget
    (her words) as a bodyguard to follow Tylo around to mock Brown.

    When playing their love scenes as Taylor and Ridge, Tylo and Ronn
    Moss would fake kiss for the cameras as was the usual practice. But
    there was a time when their kisses became real which was an issue
    because both actors were married at the time. I don't recall what
    happened next. And thank goodness for that. ;-)

    During a past spring cleaning, I recycled the book and decluttered my library.

    Lynn K.

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