• B&B: The crucible

    From luisavt@21:1/5 to All on Fri Aug 27 11:22:46 2021
    Finn has failed his test as husband. First, responding to the text from Sheila and telling Paris to keep that secret, and now, placing Hayes into Sheila’s arms while Steffy is out of town. Except she’s not. Don’t file those marriage papers,
    Steffy. This isn’t going to work. I never really bought this as some great love anyway. I love that Steffy told Sheila in front of Finn that she hopes that none of her sickness is in Hayes. Finn should have been grateful that Steffy even showed up
    for their wedding night and treated his marriage with care. Hopefully it’s too late now although people are too forgiving on this show. I was a bit disappointed that Steffy said she was getting a restraining order so Sheila wouldn’t see Steffy,
    Hayes, or Finn again. (Where’s security anyway, did Finn send them away?). How I wish she had left Finn off that list and said if your idiot son wants to see you again, that’s his choice, instead of singing his praises.

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