• B&b Hope's Appropriate Attire?

    From Lynn Kelly@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 15 20:13:08 2021
    Last week when Dope and Justin visited Lame in prison, she
    was wearing a black dress and I didn't realized the significance
    of her attire until now. She looked like a grieving widow and
    blamed Dollar Bill's for covering up Lame's crime which ended
    her intimate relationship with Lame. I wonder if Dope will sue
    Bill for loss of consortium? :-)

    When Lame asked Thomas to take care of his family and Dope, my
    mind went there and wondered if Lame's request will lead to
    coitus for Dumbass and Dope. Of course she'll get an itch and
    ask Dumbass to scratch it for her. The only question remaining
    for me is can Dope hold out until the November sweeps.

    Lynn K.

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