• Y&R...Chelsea's illness, changes...

    From Legend@21:1/5 to All on Thu Dec 10 19:31:29 2020
    It seems that this illness came out of the woodwork. I admit, I haven't been looking in on the 'spoiler' universe that much, since the COVID hiatus ended, I heard of nothing about it. Even the explanation of it being the result of the fall she took seems

    All you have to do is compare this with the way the writers are handling this, with the way they did with Sharon having cancer; the understanding (and sometimes, misunderstanding) of her loved ones; the formation of 'team Sharon'. It was all very well-

    So, I'm also wondering how it will all be resolved with Billy...now that he's been formally charged, Is he being overly sensitive? He's had enough scrapes with the law to know that Amanda HAD to tell him about all his options, his possibilities, before
    deciding not to take the offered plea bargain. Firing Amanda just made me think of his last breakup with Victoria; she wanted him to find the best therapist or program, while he felt he just needed the love and understanding of the woman he loved...

    Well, at least we know now why they kept bringing up Adam's hitting Delia, and Billy not being able to deal with it.

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