• Veteran Actor Ram Mohan Passes Away

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    It is learnt from newspaper reports that veteran film actor
    Ram Mohan passed away in Bombay on the 6th December.

    I am quoting below a newspaper report giving some details :

    MUMBAI:- Bollywood Famous actor Ram Mohan died at the age of
    84 in the afternoon on Dec 6. The actor who lived in his Juhu
    apartment in Mumbai succumbed to old age.

    Shedding more light on the incident, Ashok Shekhar, son of
    veteran actor Chandrashekhar mentions, “I don’t have much
    details. All I know is that he had his last breath at 3 pm
    today due to old age. The last time I spoke to him was four
    months ago, at the time he was completely bed ridden. He was
    not keeping well since the last six months.”

    Mohan’s wife expired six months ago and the senior actor
    lived with his two sons who stayed in the similar colony in
    Juhu. The veteran actor’s funeral will be held tomorrow (Dec
    7) at 11 am at Pawan Hans crematorium Vile Parle, Mumbai.

    Mohan began his acting career in early 50s, and has been a
    part of movies like Heer Ranjha, Purab Aur Pachhim, Zanjeer,
    Yaarana, Gupt, International Khiladi, Rangeela, Kaho Na..
    Pyaar Hai, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara among others. The actor
    worked actively in Bollywood till late 2000s.

    My personal memory of (the late) Ram Mohan concerns two film songs
    where he had appeared in each song sequence, though he was not
    singing any lines as such. The first is from an obscure film of
    1959 "Do Behnen" which starred Chand Usmani, Rajendra Kumar and
    Shyama. {Regrettably, the first two are no longer with us.} The
    scene involves a sort of boat race, where the girls are rowing a
    narrow boat while the men are in another similar boat. Chand
    Usmani. the leader of the girls' group, is joyfully singing a song
    "Jhuk jhuk jhola khaye...". Ram Mohan is the leader of the men's
    group in the other boat and, from time to time, indulges in a
    lusty alaap. Here is a video link to this song :


    Music for the above film was composed by Salil Chowdhury.

    The other song is from the 1962 film "Bombay Ka Chor", stg. Mala
    Sinha and Kishore Kumar. There is a wedding in the village and
    Helen launches into a delectable dance (music by Ravi) :
    "....Hum to ghabra ke pyaar kar baiThe...". Kishore Kumar is
    ogling Mala Sinha, rather pointedly, while Mala is scowling at
    him. And Ram Mohan, resenting these goings on, is looking
    daggers at Kishore Kumar. Here is the video link to this song :


    Apart from the above two films, there is one more film that does
    not find a mention in the newspaper reports, and that is "Mere
    Huzoor", released in 1968. Here, Ram Mohan appeared in another
    negative character (Nabban Miyan), who induces Jeetendra (already
    married to Mala Sinha) to fall in love with a courtesan.

    In his personal life, Ram Mohan was a very sincere and helpful
    person. I remember reading a story about how he approached a
    prominent Congress leader in Bombay (Gurudas Kamat) to lend a
    helping hand to another veteran actor A. K. Hangal who was
    seriously ill at the time (and passed away later on). Kamat,
    at Ram Mohan's behest, arranged to send a sum of Rs. one lakh
    towards the medical treatment of Hangal.

    So, Ram Mohan ....... R.I.P.


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