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    Comedy is hard to do , but this one keeps you engrossed for three
    hours. Absolutely fantastic songs and dances , watch on youtube 'pussy
    cats have cut my path'.
    Beautiful photography , already declared a hit in India.



    Singh is Bling
    Loved that fantastic Romanian castle , orange coloured spires,
    Amy Jackson a delight , a bit too young to sit in Akshays lap and she
    does slap him for getting excited! Loved the machine gun ring tone ,
    clears the room in no time! What fantastic dancing on top of the dam ,
    is it the hoover? Lara Dutta look alike in supporting role.

    Jawani phir na aigi
    Pakistanis too seemed to have caught up with Bollywood ,
    fantastic choreographed dance


    In Tamil , what a marvellous backgrround score. Sri Devi beautiful as
    ever plays the evil queen role, watch her in this dance. Also Shruti
    Hassan , daughter of Kamal Hassan as the leading lady. Sit back in a
    cinema if you can and enjoy the music.
    Look at this song from the movie Puli, the tiger


    Fell asleep and just woke up for the one or two ultraviolent scenes
    The female lead never smiles , sings or dances.

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