• Rustom, Dishoom, Mohenjandaro, Kasaba- English subtitiles

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    All four are must see films and will recover their costs.
    Rustom is based on a true story and the court room scenes are
    outstanding. It was the last jury trial in India
    Mohenjo daro shows a lot of creativity. Of course the ancient
    Indus civilisation people may not have dressed as shown but still it
    is a lot of fun. Fights are superb , just look at the one with the two neanderthals.
    Dishoom also has great visuals , shot in the middle east.
    Kasaba is a Malayalam movie without subtitles and I almost
    walked out , but the background music is the best I have heard. Get
    the dvd, it is delightful.
    Just look at these clips





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