• funtoosh?

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    I had posted this question at this forum many years back. However, there was NO
    satisfactory answer

    While, each and every result displayed by: Google auntie, lists the word as

    'first heard as title of film: FUNTOOSH (released in 1956)

    But that is not correct. The word was first used in film: TAXI DRIVER (released in 1954). It was spoken (most probably 2 times, one of
    which was in a scene inside of the Taxi) by film's leading lady: Kalpana Kartik and addressed to Dev Anand, the film's hero.

    Both Taxi Driver and Funtoosh were directed by: Chetan Anand and
    produced by: Chetan + Dev Anand. The word: FUNTOOSH was
    probably coined by Chetan or Vijay Anand (is listed as co-writer
    of dialogues for Taxi Driver

    Info at Wiki and other places that FUNTOOS

    H was 6th highest grossing
    fim is by an IDIOT. The film was a big FLOP. The brothers (Chetan and Dev)
    split in their movie-making business, ie: NAVKETAN (coined from: NAV = New
    and KETAN = Chetan's son). Dev became the owner of Navketan

    An excellent conversion of TAXI DRIVER can be viewed at:


    by TommyDan55 /// Runtime: 2:11:13


    p.s.: I saw FUNTOOSH first time in early 60's and marked it as - Good for 1 view
    and ofcourse the song: Dukhi Maan Mere is a great creation

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