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    Original Sanskrit text + Hindi translation + English translation
    Special Gilt Edged Art Edition, with 40 colour pictures
    Printed on acid free paper using vegetable-based inks
    2017 36 x 28 cm 320 pp + 40 art plates Hardcover 16 kilos
    ₹ 45,750


    * Elegantly presented original Sanskrit text, accompanied by excellent Hindi and English translations
    * Exceptionally beautiful book, fittingly encased in a customized wooden box adorned with Swarovski crystals
    * Accompanied by a carved, adjustable wooden stand (easy to fold and rotate for reading comfort), a laser cut engraved metal book mark, and a hand woven natural fiber yoga mat

    Yoga is an ancient science, practiced in India for thousands of years. Liberation being the ultimate goal of all Indian religious and spiritual traditions, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is the Yoga school's treatise on how to achieve it.

    Maharshi Patanjali divided his Yoga Sutras into four chapters:

    समाधि पाद Samadhi Pada
    Samadhi is that spiritual state wherein one's mind is so completely absorbed by whatever it is contemplating, that the mind loses the sense of its own identity. The thinker, the thought process and the thought fuse with the subject of thought. There is
    only oneness.

    This chapter contains the famous sutra: योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः yogaścittavrittinirodhaḥ {Yoga is the restraint of mental modifications}.

    साधना पाद Sadhana Pada
    Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for practice or discipline. Here the author outlines two forms of yoga:
    Kriya Yoga {Action Yoga}
    Ashtanga Yoga {Eightfold or Eight-limbed Yoga}

    विभूति पाद Vibhuti Pada
    Vibhuti is the Sanskrit word for power. Siddhis {supra-normal powers} are acquired by the practice of yoga.

    कैवल्य पाद Kaivalya Pada
    Kaivalya stands for emancipation or liberation, which is the goal of yoga. The Kaivalya Pada describes the process of liberation and the reality of the supreme self.

    The practitioner of yoga works to attain unparalleled ecstatic awareness, which, once achieved, is irreversible. This ultimate liberation is known as moksha.

    The original text, and accurate and well-worded translations in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, convey this information beautifully. The English translation uses diacritics to ensure correctness.

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