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    Editorial, The Pioneer, dailypioneer.com
    Wednesday, July 19, 2017

    Pseudo-secularists talk of free speech, but look what
    they did on Indu Sarkar

    The recent controversy surrounding the release of Madhur
    Bhandarkar's film, Indu Sarkar, has re-ignited the debate
    over freedom of expression. Surely, Bhandarkar is not the
    first film-maker to be the target of individuals nor will
    he be the last. Noted film-makers Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    and Prakash Jha too had been subjected to the public's
    ire for their films. But what is certain is that most of
    these controversies have had to do with politics. The
    fight is strictly between the liberals and the
    conservatives who have but made a mockery of the freedom
    of expression. What complicates the problem is the
    politicisation of the entire episode. And this is what
    has happened with Bhandarkar, who has been hounded by
    self-proclaimed custodians of freedom of expression. This
    tribe of intolerant people, who belong to various groups,
    including the Congress, believe that Bhandarkar's film,
    Indu Sarkar, portrays former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
    and her son, Sanjay Gandhi, in bad light.They have
    employed means to express their anger. . . .

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