• Happy (late) 90th, James Heneghan! (UK-born Canadian juv. writer)

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    In the 1990s, he wrote the O'Brien Detective Agency series.


    Born in Liverpool, he became a policeman there but moved to Canada in 1957. He lives in Vancouver.

    (long 1998 article)

    First paragraph:

    James Heneghan enjoyed the Second World War. And he can't think of anyone at the time under the age of 14 who wasn't caught up in the intense excitement and camaraderie of it. "We didn't have TV or computer games," he says over the phone from his
    apartment in Vancouver's West End. "We'd walk to school after a bombing and see who got the best and most souvenirs - bits of shrapnel and parachute silk...."

    (2017 award)

    (book covers)

    (A few Kirkus reviews)

    (reader reviews)

    (3-minute video)


    About "Torn Away":

    "At 13, Declan is smart, strong, self-sufficient - and a terrorist. His battleground: the grim, narrow streets of Belfast; his enemy: the British. He has thrown stones at their soldiers and hurled gasoline bombs at their armored cars. Now he's been torn
    away from his native soil and sent to live in Canada with his uncle Matthew, who left Ireland to escape the endless fighting. Matthew and his family offer Declan the chance of a new life in a new place. But Declan feels he has to return to Ireland to
    settle the score with the British who killed his parents and his sister. Will he trade the love of his new family for a lifetime of vengeance?"

    About "The Grave" (2000):

    "Abandoned in a shopping mall when he was a baby, thirteen-year-old Tom Mullen has no family - he's spent his life shuffled from one rotten foster home to another. When he hears rumours that a mass grave has been unearthed on his school grounds, he feels
    himself inexplicably drawn to it, and then down into its terrible darkness and beyond. He discovers that he is no longer in Liverpool in 1974 but in Ireland in 1847, the height of the potato famine. A family named Monaghan takes him in, and Tom
    experiences for the first time what it's like to have parents and siblings who cleave to one another even amid terrible hardship. But why has Tom been transported across time and place? And why must the grave keep yanking him back, at intervals, to his
    dreary, lonely existence in Liverpool? Most of all, what does it mean that the Monaghan's son Tully is practically Tom's double? Tom stands by the Monaghans in their plight, and in so doing discovers that the past, and the Monaghans, hold the key to his



    * The Case of the Marmalade Cat, illustrated by Carol Wakefield,
    Scholastic Canada (Markham, Ontario, Canada), 1991.
    * The Trail of the Chocolate Thief, Scholastic Canada (Markham,
    Ontario, Canada), 1993.
    * The Mystery of the Golden Ring, Scholastic Canada (Markham,
    Ontario, Canada), 1995.
    * The Case of the Blue Raccoon, Scholastic Canada (Markham,
    Ontario, Canada), 1996.

    * (With Bruce McBay, under joint pseudonym B.J. Bond) Puffin Rock,
    Book Society of Canada, 1980.
    * (With Bruce McBay, under joint pseudonym B.J. Bond) Goodbye,
    Carleton High, Scholastic-TAB, 1983.
    * Promises to Come, Overlea House, 1988
    Blue (1991)
    Torn Away (1994)
    Wish Me Luck (1997)
    Promises to Come (1998)
    The Grave (2000)
    Flood (2002)
    Waiting for Sarah (2003) (with Bruce McBay)
    Hit Squad (2003)
    Safe House (2006)
    Payback (2007)
    Bank Job (2009) (with Norma Charles)
    Fit to Kill (2011)
    A Woman Scorned (2013)

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    His birthday was yesterday.

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