• Happy 80th, Michael Gruber! (Thriller/fantasy novelist)

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    Born in Brooklyn, he now lives in Seattle.

    Not to be confused with the 50-ish "Cats" actor.



    ...In 1973, I received my Ph.D. in marine sciences, for a study of octopus behavior. Then I was a chef at several Miami restaurants. Then I was a hippie traveling around in a bus and working as a roadie for various rock groups. Then I worked for the
    county manager of Metropolitan Dade County, as an analyst. Then I was director of planning for the county department of human resources.

    I went to Washington DC in 1977, and worked in the Carter White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy. Then I worked in the Environmental Protection Agency as a policy analyst and also as the speechwriter for the Administrator. In 1986, I was
    promoted to the Senior Executive Service of the U.S., the highest level of the federal civil service. That same year, Robert K. Tanenbaum contacted me and asked me to write a courtroom thriller to be published under his name. I did that, and since then I
    have also written the first fifteen novels in the popular Butch Karp and Marlene series.

    ...In 1988 I left Washington, D.C. and settled in Seattle, where I worked as a speechwriter and environmental expert for the state land commissioner. I have been a full-time freelance writer since 1990, mostly on the Karp novels, but also doing non-
    fiction magazine pieces on biology...


    (LONG Q&A)

    "A former marine biologist, cook, speechwriter, and White House policy advisor, Michael Gruber is a New York Times–bestselling writer who work infuses genre fiction with philosophical and supernatural themes..."

    (Book synopses)

    (eight Kirkus reviews)

    (reader reviews)



    ...One of Michael's earlier books is directed toward children. The Witch's Boy is "a story about mothers and their sons, and how hard it is for a single mother to raise a kid - especially if she's a witch," Gruber says. "A lot of people didn't get it.
    Magic in modern fiction is considered to be an unusual technology - like a light switch, but only some people know where the switch is. But magic changes you on a deeper level. If magic really existed in the world, it would be totally invisible and very

    (Book covers)


    Jimmy Paz
    1. Tropic of Night (2003)
    2. Valley of Bones (2004)
    3. Night of the Jaguar (2006)

    The Witch's Boy (2005)
    The Book of Air and Shadows (2007)
    The Forgery of Venus (2008)
    The Good Son (2010)
    The Return (2012)
    An Active Shooter (2019)
    Amnesia Dreams (2019)
    The Charles Bridge (2019)
    The Long Con (2019)


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