• Rumpole on audible and audiobooks, among others

    From Kate Killebrew@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 26 12:03:12 2020
    There is a large collection of narrations of the Rumpole stories and novels on audiobooks, which are available for download at reasonable rates. Leo McKern, the One and Only, the Incomparable, leads the list, but others are Tom Wallis, John Hardy,
    Patrick Tull, Maurice Denham, Sir Michael Hordern and Timothy West. Aside from Leo, all the others are good, each in his own way, and worth listening to. The dramatizations I find heavily edited, and thin, with few characters, and not worth listening to
    or paying for. This is my personal prejudice so listen to one if you can and decide for yourself.

    I hope by this means to reveive interest in and enjoyment of the Incomparable Horace Rumpole.

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