• Happy 80th, Dorothy Baughman! (Juvenile novelist: "The Secret of Connel

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    Some say she was born in 1941.

    A former telephone switchboard operator and cardiogram technician, she lives in Eclectic, Alabama.

    Her name is pronounced BOCK-man.

    "Contributor of articles and stories to popular magazines for adults and children, including Harper's Weekly, Woman's Circle, Home Life, Antique Trader, Children's Playmate , and Jack and Jill."

    "The Dorothy Baughman Collection" (four books) was published in 2004.

    The Secret of Connelly Castle
    "Travel from the United States to Ireland with twins Kathy and Kevin Connelly as they unearth the secrets of Connelly's Castle.

    "When Kathy and Kevin's Connelly's father inherits a castle of sorts from an almost forgotten great-uncle, the family travels to Ireland to sell it. Upon their arrival they meet a strange man who hints that the old place is haunted.

    "The first night in the castle, Kathy is terrified by the ghost of a Lady In Blue. While the parents believe it's a case of an over active imagination, the twins are determined to discover the real secret of Connelly Castle. During their investigation
    they find an old diary belonging to Sean O’Brien’s father and a riding crop thought to belong to the Blue Lady, only to have both disappear from Kathy’s room during another ghostly visit. But when they find a secret tunnel, danger awaits in the
    shadows. Can they escape in time or will the castle's secrets claim them?"

    Mystery of Lost Creek
    "Jon and Marty James love to visit their Aunt Bet every summer on her ranch in New Mexico. This time they get to stay all summer IF they take their little sister, Pitty. Trouble starts as soon as the three children arrive with the disappearance of the
    cattle. If Aunt Bet can't sell the cattle, she can't make her ranch mortgage.

    "Buford Hayes, a local businessman, makes Aunt Bet several offers on the ranch but she refuses. Soon it becomes apparent that someone is trying to run Aunt Bet off her ranch when the barn burns down. Buford is the prime suspect. Then Pitty gets lost. To
    top it all off, the children visit the old haunted mine on the ranch. They hadn't believed the stories of the Wailing Prospector until he chased them out of the mine. But can the children solve the mystery and catch the person trying to ruin Aunt Bet?
    Can they save the ranch they all love so much?"

    Piney's Summer
    "In this adventurous collection share in a young boy's summer fun as Piney will keep you grinning at his carefree, mischievous antics.

    " 'Doodlebug, doodlebug...' Piney worried the poor bug until his mamma sent him off to pick dewberry's for a cobbler. But Piney can't stay out of trouble for long. When he runs into his school buddy, trickster Vince Martin, the trouble starts again.

    "Over the course of the summer Piney chases down a mule that gets loose on the church lawn, he saves his pet hen from being dinner for the local preacher, and makes a snake from a mule's hair. But will Piney find a way to best Vince Martin?"

    "Who Wants To Be A Lady, Anyway?
    "Zona's adventures will tickle your funny bone as this self proclaimed tomboy tries to wiggle her way out of the trouble she creates for herself. Zona Harper, an only child, tries to make her own fun and that doesn't include anything to do with being a '
    lady'. Most of the time her 'fun' gets her into trouble with Gandy, her grandfather, or her mother. Zona loves to play softball, but does give up a game to be in her cousin's wedding. Her mother insists that she looks like a lady for the wedding and
    gives her a hair permanent. Zona decides that maybe being a girl, even one with curly hair, might not be so bad after all.

    "When Zona gets back to school with her curled hair, dress and prissy ways, she finds that the boys make fun of her, although the girls like her hair. The boys are in dire need of a pitcher for their ball games and finally have to give up their teasing
    and ask her to pitch for them. Zona pulls a cap down over the curls, snatches out her hair ribbon and plays ball. After the game Zona goes home with smashed hair and a torn sash. Her mother is at her wits end. Gandy says Zona may be a lady someday, but
    she had a few other things to do first."


    (a few book covers)

    More writings (not sure how many are juvenile):

    Ghost of Aranov Point, 1980
    Secret of Montoya Mission, 1981
    Icy Terror, 1984
    Secret of Stagecoach Inn, 1984
    Secret Wshes, Secret Fears, 1986
    (contributor) Rupert and the Royal Hiccups and Other Silly Stories, Highlights, 1994


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    A bit more:


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