• Rumpole Resurrected

    From kk2840@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jun 12 20:19:20 2020
    Yes, Rumpole is back, on Audible and Audiobooks. You can download Leo McKern's series, the master himself, reading a bunch of the Rumpole stories, and two other excellent narrators, Bill Wallis and Robert Hardy, narrating a bunch as well. There are
    other excellent narrators, such as Patrick Till, and a mediocre set of dramatizations of the Teenaged Werewolf and other stories, which unfortunately includes the excellent Reign of Terror. However, there are probably other excellent narrations of these

    In addition, remember that all of the TV series starring the incomparable Leo McKern, are available on DVD, including the pilot and the so-called "lost episode"--I don't know the story behind this.

    On Audible, if you're disappointed in a particular narration, you get credits towards your next reads--how's that for a good deal? And once you've downloaded and item, it's yours.

    So happy Rumpole-ing on Audible and Audiobooks!

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