• Happy (late) 80th, William Katz! ("Surprise Party," 1984)

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    His birthday was on the 18th. He lives in NYC.

    Not to be confused with the older, late historian William Loren Katz.

    Most of his novels seem to be from the 1980s.

    About "Surprise Party":

    "Samantha is planning a spectacular party for her husband’s
    birthday. It would be great, she thinks, if she could go back
    over Marty’s life, find the people who’ve meant the most to him,
    and bring them to the party.

    "But when she starts her search, she finds those people don’t exist.
    It’s a lie. Everything Marty told her is a lie. Marty is a lie.

    "Frightened, Samantha goes to the police. As the truth unfolds,
    she realizes it’s not only her marriage that can end, it’s her life.
    And she knows the exact date it will happen."

    (book covers and photo)


    "An internationally noted novelist, William Katz is the author of 10 books, and has been translated into 15 languages. One of his novels, Surprise Party, is in 54 editions. Previously, he was an editor at The New York Times Magazine and a talent
    coordinator for America's most famous talk show, 'The Tonight Show.' "

    (reader reviews)


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