• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Three Nooses'- english). 'Drei Schlingen' 78th

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    STORY LINE (in english):
    During the night at an armored car facility with the words SAFE-TRANS painted in orange on the sides of their vehicles, a prowler is shown driving and sneaking around the parked armored cars.

    The next day, the drivers are beginning their work day with coffee and looking over their routes on the map. During the beginning of a routine trip in an armored car van, the security guard drivers, named Mr. Werner Fink and Mr. Horst Schießer
    experience unusual engine exhaust pipe fitting on the engine star-up. One of them Werner, gets out and checks the back of the vehicle, gets back in, they back out of the garage and go. While driving, the one in the passenger seat Horst, checks the gun
    belonging to the other one, loads it and passes it to Werner, the one who's driving and who puts it back into the holster.

    After one or two stops, Werner observes 'an accident in which a young woman was hit by a car and thrown into the street and the car responsible kept on going without stopping. Werner immediately radioes back to the dispatcher and tells him about the
    accident and they say they'll call an ambulance, but in any case stay in the vehicle". They keep repeating this, but he can no longer hear the radio. Although he was not allowed to leave the van, Werner steps in to help the woman on the ground and is
    suddenly beaten by the woman. While his fellow driver named Horst is just coming back out from a delivery to a' bank, Werner 'is shot by a second robber. The murderer and the alleged woman who beat Werner disappear with the armored car after Horst
    fails to open the passenger door. Horst runs back and finds the dying Werner and later appears strangely disturbed to the investigating Essen police senior commissioner Heinz Haferkamp' who is questioning eye witnesses at the now heavily crowded scene.

    Afterward, Haferkamp and police assistant Willy Kreutzer turn around in a u-turn in the middle of the street when a police report comes in saying that the stolen armored car was just found. They rush there to where the other police are.

    Later, Haferkamp visits the armored car facility and checks with its management about these two drivers and its insurance information regarding detaining the recovered vehicle. Horst appears strange to commissioner Haferkamp' who is questioning him.
    Did Werner have his key on him when you left the vehicle? asks Haferkamp. Horst barely answers that he understands and that Haferkamp can think what he wants.

    Horst Schießer was dismissed by the Hamburg police years ago for being overly harsh. In the parking lot of the police station, Haferkamp finds this out from a uniformed policeman named Müller who was there four or five years ago..

    'A little later a man is found hanging in his apartment, named Golo Tenbrueck and a third of the' money 'is found.' There is a note left behind saying that he killed a man. The dead man was a member of a judo club and Haferkamp discovers that Horst is
    also a member there.

    Later, Horst is standing at Haferkamp's apartment and wants to talk about the armored car robber who hung himself. They talk about a man who had also disappeared for the last two days named Heinz Friedburg that the robber named Golo Tenbrueck found
    hanging knew from their judo club. Haferkamp said that he had found gun ammunition for the gun used in the robbery and a key to the stolen armored van right there at Friedburg's apartment.

    Haferkamp again visits the judo club. This time, he finds the place nearly empty with two nooses hanging in the arena. He looks in a sauna window and sees an unconscious woman, the manager of the place named Angela Knuss. Haferkamp tries too open the
    door, immediately. But, there is a door stop keeping the door closed from the outside. He kicks it aside and wakes her up with water splashes. She says she doesn't know what happened or why the nooses are hanging, there. Haferkamp says that the same
    person who put those nooses there wanted to kill her, too.

    After visiting with her, Haferkamp calls and asks an artist about a woman named Angela and if there is a stuntman who can simulate an accident as in the act. It turns out that the woman on the street was a man in disguise who played the part of a woman
    in films using the name Karla. Actually, the man's name is Karl. Karl Werting, who is also a member of that judo club.

    karl Werting is finally tracked down by commissioner Haferkamp and Karl may know where some of the stolen money is. Horst knew Haferkamp was going to track down Karl there and at that time. Karl suddenly gets a mysterious and threatening call. Karl
    doesn't know its really Horst. And Haferkamp is in the building at the same time.

    But, Karl is almost murdered. Haferkamp, Karl and Horst go to an apartment and find the artist dead, hanging upstairs with money covering the floor. Haferkamp asks Horst if he is the murderer of the three people associated with the judo club and the
    artist. Horst says no.

    Then Horst attempts to murder Karl when they find him, but Haferkamp 'intervenes in time and saves Karl by shooting Horst. The other two robbers were previously hanged by Horst Schießer in revenge for his colleague Werners death.'

    SOURCE: (updated) from
    Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
    -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen
    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

    Book by Karl Heinz Willschrei

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