• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Fire Magic'- english). 'Feuerzauber' 79th epis

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    STORY LINE (in english):
    Georg Kastrup, a successful racing boat driver, loses his title in the German championship when he has to give up due to technical failure.  Back in West Berlin, he gives an interview about his defeat in the SFB studio. 

    In the studio there is also commissioner Schmidt, who' helps to report 'on the latest series of arson attacks and hopes for clues from the audience.  Schmidt and Georg go' out for a beers 'with SFB employees. 

    Before the next race, Georg had a difference of opinion with his brother, who repeatedly' accuses 'him of having a pointless and expensive hobby with racing and not knowing when to stop.'  He does his part to encourage this.  'After another premature
    retirement, he also gets into trouble with his team.  His brother reproaches Georg and announces that he will no longer give him a penny.  The director of his bank, Röhricht, also makes it clear to him that he can no longer expect any new loans from
    the bank.  Georg's brother is talking to Röhricht on the sidelines of Georg's next race and introducing him to his alternative financial concept for the property he has inherited with his brother.

    While Georg drives riskier due to his tight financial situation and suffers an accident in one of the next races in which he is slightly injured, his brother discusses the development plan for the property, after which Georg Georg and his family would
    have to move out of their house and there in this location is to be a new apartment complex.  

    In the next few days Georg worked meticulously in his shipyard and did not let anyone in.  Even his former mechanic Adam, who was recently dismissed and demands the surrender of the engine' that 'he developed, he' was 'expelled from the site when he
    had asked for entry to the shipyard.  'In his shipyard alone, Georg tinkers with a model boat that he has bought.

    Meanwhile, Adam is under pressure because he has to show his engine to a prospective customer because Georg keeps the engine under lock and key in his workshop. Georg meanwhile spreads fire' accelerating liquid 'in his shipyard.  The next day, when
    Georg goes to a summer party on a boat trip with his wife, he fetches documents that are important to him from the shipyard and lets the cat go free.  He releases his employee.  

    Adam then tries to break into the shipyard shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, Röhricht indicates to Georg's brother that he cannot count on Röhricht's bank to finance the project.  Afterwards', Reeds, Georg Kastrup and other family and friends 'go to a
    summer festival on a Wannsee Lake steam boat.

    While Georg's daughter Manuela and her friend, Georg's mechanic Kai, are having fun with a motorboat on the Wannsee Lake, Adam breaks into Georg's shipyard, where he is hired by Georg's employee, Mr. Treitschke, whom Adam knocks down.  Unaware of what
    was going on at his shipyard, Georg ignites his remote ignition and sets his shipyard on fire while the other guests enjoy the fireworks.  Treitschke, who was lying unconscious in the shipyard, catches fire and jumps into the Wannsee. Neither the quay
    nor the emergency services can find him. 

    Schmidt, who has meanwhile arrives at the scene of the crime and learns from the police arson expert that he doesn't know much about the series of arson attacks, there.  In front of the shipyard, the police also find the engine that Adam tried to steal.
    In an unobserved moment the next morning, Georg's brother acts and talks as if he thinks his brother had committed the crime.  He wants to take matters into' his own 'hand with the police and' tries to draw 'suspicion on Adam.  

    Shortly afterwards, Treitschke's body is pulled out of the water.  

    Commissioner Schmidt and his colleagues appear where Adam is with a search warrant, when he comes home and sees the officers, he flees.  Schmidt and his team meanwhile determine that the fire can clearly be attributed to arson, but the ignition system
    indicates that the perpetrator must have had a lot of time, which makes Adam appear unlikely as the perpetrator.  

    Schmidt therefore suspects insurance fraud although the members of Georg family have an alibi and Adam is still on the run.  Schmidt learns from an SFB employee that the Georg brothers used to collect a lot of subsidies through tricks and loopholes, but
    since the Senate changed the laws Georg's brother no longer makes any profits from them.  Schmidt then seeks out Georg's brother and confronts him with the fact that he suspects him.  He also benefits from it when his brother collects the sum insured
    and can repay his land charge.  Georg's brother rejects the suspicion.

    A short time later, Adam' is able to 'be arrested.  He admits the break-in, but denies the arson.  He did not recognize Mr. Treitschke and he attacked him.  

    Later during the interrogation, Schmidt learns that the officers have found a toggle switch installed in the landing stage.  At the water, Schmidt learns that Kai and Manuela's racing boat only docked at the jetty after the fire started.  Meanwhile,
    Schmidt remembers that after the fire on the landing stage, Georg pretended to tie his shoelaces, even though he was wearing slippers.  The police divers are able to find the remote transmitter that Georg used to light the fire.  It was found right
    where Georg pretended to be tying his shoelaces.  The model boat that Georg Kastrup used to detonate the fuse can then be found.  When commissioner Schmidt travels to where Georg is - gone to a race in Hanover - he flees from Schmidt.  He drives his
    speedboat against a wall and kills himself.'

    SOURCE (updated) from: Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

    Book written Karl Heinz Knuth and Joachim Nottke

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