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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'After dinner at his house, the property 'owner Mr. Rositz confides in his friend, the councilor Neloda, that he is being blackmailed.  He claims that strangers want to kill him and/or take 'his two million schillings otherwise, and that he has
    destroyed the two extortion letters.  

    The next day, councilor Mr. Neloda. who wears glasses instructs Vienna police senior inspector Marek to investigate Mr. Rositz's business and personal contacts.  With Mr. Rositz's approval, Marek scrutinizes the landowner's employees. 

    Inspector Marek approaches and questions the chauffeur Mr. Helmuth Kompert who is practicing pistol shooting as he normally does in the morning.  

    Marek then walks up to three people two of whom are Mr. and Mrs. Rositz, standing at a fence where horses are and introduces himself hoping to find Mr. Rositz.  They exchange greetings and he begins questioning them as they start walking towards Mr.
    Rositz's house.  Marek then immediately walks away, asking to speak with the cook.

    He finds the cook and is having coffee while talking with her.  The cook who has been threatened with being fired, explains that she 'recently caught a stranger on the property who claimed to have made a mistake in' visiting the wrong house number' that
    he was looking for.

    In the evening, Marek questions a possible informant named Karl Swoboda who was speeding and the police caught him.  He was taken in because he told them that he had no identification or that he didn't have his wallet.  Swoboda keeps trying to get
    around the other policeman in order to leave the police station and senior inspector Marek tells him to just sit down.

    At night,  Mrs. Rositz is shown with three men one in a car and a fourth man is lying motionless.

    Marek then receives a call from Mrs. Rositz that she has just found her husband Mr. Rositz dead.  And that he was shot.  She gives 77 Parkstraße as her address.  Swoboda was there in the police station when this call occurs and later, Marek and
    Swoboda leave.

    That night, Marek shows up again at the Rositz household.  Councilman Neloda is also there during the questioning.  The chauffeur Helmuth Kompert says that he saw his boss that evening.  He was supposed to pick up Mrs. Rositz and Helge Langendorff, a
    friend of the household from the opera, but before that he had a small accident with his boss's car at the time of the crime' and 'he was waiting for the radio patrol and road side assistance.  

    Marek returns to the police station as usual and confronts Mr. Swoboda the next morning regarding a description from the Rositz's cook that possibly fits him as the unknown intruder and that he was picked up near the crime scene at the time of the crime
    too, but Swoboda denies any involvement in the case.

    Marek learns over a meal from an insurance director in a restaurant 'that Mr. Rositz had taken out life insurance in favor of his wife.'  And 'that he was murdered four days after the period after which the insured sum of three million schillings would
    become due to his wife in the event of death.  

    Marek visits Mr. Helmuth Kompert's former job.  A worker that Helmuth knew named Mr. Musil still work's there and is busy.  He indicates that he remembered Helmuth, occasionally calling him Herbert.  Musil said that Helmuth was fired there after he
    had taken a delivery truck without the company's knowledge and' then 'caused an accident.  

    Then, senior inspector Marek's questioning of Mr. Beutelmoser while at his job occurs.  Marek doesn't say that he's from the police, so he asks if Marek is from the insurance agency or not while walking around and climbing up stairs.  Marek asks: "Are
    there difficulties with the insurance agency?" "No, everything is always in order with them" answers Beutelmoser.  "have you had something to drink?" asks Marek?  "Nooo" Beutelmoser goes on to say.  Apparently, Beutelmoser 'was the other driver who
    was involved in this accident resulting from Helmuth's actions.'  As they walk out into the sun, he explains the accident and that the truck was loaded with a large box and that Helmuth wanted to keep the police out of the accident.  Helmuth stopped on
    a bridge for a long time after the accident.  Marek, while earlier inside the garage, asked: "Did Helmuth have something to drink?" "No, I don't believe he had anything to drink" Beutelmoser says.

    The caretaker of Helmuth's house who was wearing a cast on his arm when questioned by Marek says that Helmuth had been running a scheme that involved a minor from Bavaria who suddenly disappeared with a large amount of cash.'   "But the body was never
    found", he tells Marek.  He also said that Helmuth is' a generous man and he paid him a lot of money 'when he helped him load an old ice chest onto a wagon.

    Swoboda is at a horse racing event using binoculars to scan the stands and he suddenly sees a man who stops looking back at him and starts running.  Swoboda puts down the binoculars and goes down the stairs and starts to hurry after him as they weave
    through the crowd, then a third man sees this and starts hurrying after Swoboda.  They meet in the bathroom and Swoboda starts pushing him around talking about money.  As Swoboda is leaving, police assistant Wirz apprehends Swoboda with a third man
    looking at Swoboda like he knows him from somewhere. So, the Vienna police assistants Wirz and Berntner question Mr. Swoboda again because another corpse, that of someone named Goshappel, was found near the spot where he was seen on Rositz's murder
    night, but Swoboda continues to pretend to be ignorant. 

    Except for the maid, everyone in Rositz's environment has an alibi for the time of the crime.

    However, an investigator in an office being remodeled tells Marek that Helmuth's related associates reveals that the Bavarian minor he was associated with, a daughter from a wealthy family, has been missing for over a year and the parents sent money that
    he had may have had access to. Helmuth had filed the notice of absence shortly before his car accident, Marek remembers what the caretaker had told him.

    Meanwhile, after parking his car with a female associate Mr. Swoboda turns around and it seems like he recognizes someone. He says "don't be childish", then he is shot several times behind his car quickly afterwards.  He dies as he tries to stumble

    Later in front of dozens of onlookers, Marek and the other police in a fenced in area find and break open an old refrigerator found in the Danube River.  This was at the place where someone told Marek that Helmuth had stopped with the truck on the
    bridge.'  In the recovered refrigerator is the body of the young Bavarian girl.

    Marek then arrests Helmuth and Mrs. Rositz.  Mrs. Rositz finally admits that she and Helmuth wrote 'the blackmail letters based on his idea and that he eventually murdered her husband Rositz.  Helmuth for his part accuses Mrs. Rositz, but since Mr.
    Rositz's corpse had meanwhile been deposited in a refrigerator and thus the parallel to Helmuth Kompert's first murder becomes clear, he is ultimately led away on charges of a double murderer, while she is only charged with aiding and abetting

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