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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'A rich, single, commercial 'real estate agent named Paul Seifert in Weilerburg is awakened one night by a noise in his apartment.  As he goes into his living room, he is surprised by a burglar - Paul recognizes the' attacker, 'but he' is struck
    unconscious with a blunt object.
    'On the way home after an obviously boozy festival and an evening of celebrating Paul's neighbor, Säuberlich, and from Austria the Viennese police senior inspector Marek, who was coming to tomorrow's foundation festival of the Weilerburger
    Gesangsverein - as it turns' out later, at the same time as 'the crime - discover light in Paul's apartment and a hidden' car: an 'Opel Kadett described as: 'sky blue with a silver lining.  A 'little later' it 'roars away at high speed.  Neither of
    them initially attach any importance to this.

    The next day the senior commissioner of the Stuttgart police department Mr. Lutz, arrives by train in Weilerburg from Heillbronn, where his assistant Wagner is already waiting for him at the train station.  They leave by car.

    They arrive at the scene of the crime.  It turns out that Paul's safe had been broken into; whether or not valuables are missing is initially unclear.  The apartment door was not opened forcibly, a key was' used by the burglar to get in and attack '
    the now dead man.  A third key was found lying near him.  Lutz has to weave through the many celebration goers and the band procession to find breakfast.  There, senior commissioner Marek visits senior commissioner Lutz while eating at a bakery
    upstairs 'and reports to him about his own nightly observation.  If the sky-blue Opel Kadett was involved in the crime, the time of the crime was exactly 12:30 a.m. Lutz then lets Wagner look for such a vehicle,' if possible that was at that place and

    The group of suspects is vague.

    For now there is the murdered man's brother Erwin Seifert, who found him on Sunday morning at eight o'clock.  Supposedly, he visited because he wanted to clarify a family matter.  While being questioned by Lutz and Wagner before Lutz even had breakfast,
    Erwin says that he does not 'have a key to the dead man's apartment, which later turns out to be a lie.  Erwin Seifert says that his brother was struck with a piece of iron.  Commissioner Lutz then asks how he knew that?  Erwin replies that he didn'
    t know.  He is also in debt to Paul Seifert regarding a loan for his photography business.  

    The music from the marching band downstairs outside can be heard playing in the background.

    Lutz and Wagner introduce themselves and question someone else: the department store owner named Mr. Enderle, who lives across the street.  For a flimsy reason during the questioning, Enderle pretended to have visited Paul Seifert around 8:30 p.m. on
    the evening of the crime.  Enderle now says he has to prepare to have guests over with his wife for a visit and then he has to go to Stuttgart to check on a land dispute.

    The dead man's housekeeper Mrs. Ellen Kollmann is living separate from her husband who has a key to the apartment and who is said to have had a relationship with Paul.  He was obviously away on the night of the crime.'  However, she 'refuses to reveal'
    exactly where she was at the time of the crime.  Her grown son Alex, who still lives with her, snuggly evades the questioning by Lutz and Wagner,' other than how he earns his money and where, as an electrician.  After telling his mom that the cops
    are here, he quickly wants to leave.  So, because he doesn't fully want to talk he cannot show an alibi for where he was between 12 and 9 as Lutz asked, either. 

    As Lutz is driving, he is suddenly being followed by a woman in a hat driving a convertible.  Lutz gets out and goes into a restaurant.  She follows him in and strikes up a conversation.  They sit down and continue talking.  Suddenly, Lutz police
    assistant Wagner appears.  Lutz quickly gets up and talks about the case to Wagner.  Lutz looks back and the woman is gone.

    Later, the two cops are sitting with Ms. Kollman and they ask where she was last night.  She recalls: "I did not kill Paul Siefert!", as she then gets up indignantly.  She says she has to work.  "For me, you can believe what you want to believe" she
    goes on to say as she lights up a cigarette while leaning on the wall.  'Ms. Kollmann says to Lutz and Wagner that she keeps her copy of Paul's apartment keys, which she finds in the purse, shows her both' nervous and relieved reaction to see 'the two
    policemen there.

    Ellen Kollmann's absence is cleared up to Lutz: her husband is in custody in jail in Stadelheim, but this is a well-kept secret.  She was verifiably in Munich at the time of the offense and is therefore no longer the perpetrator.

    Later, Lutz walks into a choir practice and asks to speak to 'the murdered man's lawyer Dr. Wilfred Hass.  He gets up and they walk outside and over to the lawyer's office.  Hass shows Lutz sealed documents regarding the Siefert brothers.  Lutz
    learns that Enderle has not been the owner of his department store for a long time and is now just the managing director.  In addition, Dr. Hass says that a large part of Paul's fortune will go to a charitable organization.  

    That evening, Lutz accepts the invitation and decides to visit with Mr. Enderle, his wife and their guests.  He goes early.  As Lutz sees Enderle's wife Ruth, she is the same woman with the hat that he saw in the restaurant and who followed him, there.
      But, Lutz says nothing about it as the three of them say cheers and drink wine.  In any event, Ruth Enderle incriminates her husband in so far as she does not give him an alibi for the time of the crime - Enderle's wife Ruth, the woman that Lutz
    spoke with in the restaurant wearing the hat claims to that instead 'that she was with a lover at the time of Paul's death.

    The local pharmacist Mr. Bolz' seemingly knows to meet Lutz where he eats upstairs at a bakery. Mr. Bolz after introducing himself takes a seat as offered by Lutz and Mr. Bolz 'reports that he is being blackmailed by a stranger for DM 10,000.  When
    directed to another officer to give more statements, the pharmacist quickly stops talking about his blackmail turns and walks away.

    In the meantime, the search for the sky-blue Opel Kadett with silver' stripes and a black engine hood" so says 'Wagner, remains unsuccessful.  

    Enderle seems to be hiding in the shrubbery somewhere in front of the Edwin Siefert residence and now is looking at commissioner Lutz who is approaching.  Lutz asks to speak with Edwin's wife.  She tells him that she had the key to her brother-in-law
    Paul's house so she could go get cigarettes, there.  She then says that she has to worry about her kids. 

    Edwin Siefert visits Mrs. Ruth Enderle and they whisper and talk romantically to each other part of the time and about money the other part.

    During questioning by Lutz where Lutz shows a key to a safety deposit box at that bank found at the scene of the crime in Paul Siefert's house, the director of the local bank Mr. Schröder' tells 'Lutz that Paul Siefert had large amounts of cash kept in
    his safe, and that Enderle and Paul exchanged some sixty thousand DeutschMarks that Enderle owed.  This makes Enderle the main suspect.  

    Lutz meets Enderle at work.  "I am in debt, 60,000 in debt)" Mr. Enderle admits.  However, Enderle asserts that he has repaid the debt and that he subsequently destroyed the bills of exchange as such by burning them.

    After Lutz is finished eating at the bakery upstairs, a neighbor of Paul's approaches Lutz and uses senior inspector Marek's name and neatly tries to correct the time of the crime, in his opinion to 1 am.  He also says he saw Enderle in front of Paul's
    house at exactly this time.  Lutz tells him that he is going to the police station to have his statement taken.  This statement pulls the noose around Enderle further.  Then Lutz gets a call at the bakery as he's about to leave.  He hangs up and
    tells Wagner to find Alex Kollman's work address.

    When police assistant Wagner visits Alex Kollmann at work to check his alibi, he notices an Opel Kadett parked there that exactly matches the description of the vehicle he is looking for, sky blue with silver stripes and with a black roof.  Kollman
    looks out of the window as if he's expecting trouble.  At Kollmann's work place, he himself seemingly cannot be found  When Wagner prepares to ask the staff about him,  Kollmann' hops 'in the sky-blue Opel Kadett (with silver stripes).  Alex
    Kollmann (who had learned to be a tool fitter as a locksmith) flees to his mother's apartment and confesses to her the act.  

    He says that he needs money.  "The police are almost here." he says.  He claims that he only wanted to look for cash to pay for the Opel sky-blue Kadett (an Opel sky-blue Kadett with silver stripes that his own mother, Mrs. Kollman claimed that she
    had never seen before with some hesitation) and Alex said that he just was surprised by Paul Seifert.  Appalled, she slapping and hitting Alex.  He then demands money from his mother Mrs. Kollman to escape, but' commissioner Lutz and the police find
    him.  Alex's mother starts trying to' absorb 'all of the blame on herself, but Alex Kollmann says don't be silly and is taken away for the crime by the police.'  The police were alerted by Wagner, then he shows up.

    SOURCE: (updated)-- Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
          (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')
    -- Book by Fritz Eckhardt

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