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    STORY LINE (in english):

    Three men rob an armored car in Hamburg.  Two of them, the Dutch former' military 'pilot Piet Bruges and a German named Helmut Rostock, then escape across the Holland-German border.  The third Riesmann, was caught by the authorities and during the
    interrogation by Hamburg police senior commissioner Paul Trimmel, gives the inspector' something like an abbreviation for the meeting point where the three of them are to go, spelled REM.  

    He doesn't say where or what else REM is other than its the meeting point where the three of them have arranged to meet', at a later date.  At first the investigators believe the abbreviation means Remagen or Remscheid or even Nigeria, where Piet fought
    as a mercenary in the Biafra war.'  So, maybe they are thinking Republic of Nigeria.

    But in fact, the authorities later learn that REM is on the coast near Amsterdam. After separating at the border, Helmut and Piet meet at the REM offshore structure that used to belong to a pirate TV station and possibly had oil and/or gas related
    purposes.  They are waiting for their old British mercenary comrades to pick them up.  They apparently talked about packing food and provisions for their brief stay.  

    Trimmel travels to Amsterdam from Hamburg's Pflughafen airport and contacts the local police.

    Suddenly, a couple of tourists appear on the platform after riding their boat around the area.  They both get out of rhe boat and climb up.  They see no other boats tied anwhere to the platform, so they probably guessed that the structure was empty. 
    Piet and Helmut both saw them approaching and watched them climb up with their binoculars.  So, the couple are taken hostage by the two of them.  The male hostage Oswald van Eyck is ordered tied up and Leese van Eyck the lady does the tying up.  At
    gunpoint, the lady hostage then goes back downstairs to the boat.  She is able to get a hold of the flare gun and fires it, signaling for help to come to that location by all who could see it, though its still day time.

    At least three others boats see the flare that she fired off from a distance and at least one reports on it.  Later, one boat begins to approach the platform.  Leese, the lady hostage is now back on board the platform and at gun point, again. To draw
    off the approaching boat, Piet and Helmut agree on untying the hostage Oswald and ordering him to jump off of the platform and swim to one of the approaching boats and act like there is nothing else going on or to say nothing else.  

    Suddenly there is an argument between Piet and Helmut, because the hostage Oswald is still escaping after the woman had set off an emergency signal with the flare gun. 
    Helmut tries barrackading himself in one of the platform cabins with the female hostage, Leese.  Piet is on another side of the platform and the two aren't communicating.  

    The platform is now surrounded with boats and helicopters.  A helicopter approaches and drops a bull horn microphone down to the platform. 

    After the crew of the police helicopter had approached and looked around closer and discovered Piet, the hostage-takers' make 'contact with the police.  A cat and mouse game breaks out between the police and the hostage-takers.  Their English friends
    have found-out and evidently turned back due to the changed situation with so many other boats and a helicopter being cited near the platform.  

    Piet picks up the bullhorn and asks for a helicopter and 1 million Guilders.  

    Helmut then, overpowers Piet whom he no longer trusts and takes his gun. And Helmust gets on the bull horn.  Helmut asks for Riesmann, the other robber who was caught back in Hamburg in northern Germany. 

    During an investigation amongst Piet Bruges' former military barracks personnel,  commissioner Trimmel and his colleagues learn how Piet got his name in the tabloid press.  In a bet, Piet managed to steal tulips from the royal garden by helicopter
    and for that reason he was then dishonorably' discharged from the military.  Then, he hired himself out as a mercenary.

    Riesmann is flown from Hamburg to Schiophol in Amsterdam and taken by helicopter to the platform now under siege out at sea, like Helmut demanded.  When Riesmann is handed over to Piet and Helmut,  the police escort is warned off of the platform by
    gunpoint leaving the helicopter behind, with a second helicopter picking him up.  Riesmann then shoots Helmut with Piet's gun seemingly because he felt cheated by Helmut.  

    Piet is no longer convinced of his plan.  He tries to escape with the helicopter now on the platform landing deck and with Leese the woman hostage, whom he has already beaten.  Riesmann already disarmed by Piet, secretly' goes and takes 'the helicopter'
    s flare gun while he's is loading the money in the helicopter passenger seat as Piet demanded.  When Piet and the woman sit in the helicopter and Piet seems to want to leave Riesmann behind, Riesmann shoots Piet with the flare gun.  He catches fire and
    the police snipers shoot Piet, who is staggering around.  The hostage is free.  Riesmann surrenders.

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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