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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'Six years ago Ewald Merten and Otto Wollgast attacked' an armored car 'at the Schürmann supermarket.  When Wollgast took up a weapon, Merten thwarted the attack.  Merten only got a short sentence and was hired by Schürmann as a chauffeur.  

    Wollgast is coming out of prison years later.  The police suspected that the two had a well-informed man behind them.  Wollgast contacted him and broke into Schürmann's residence in Hanover.  After only finding an empty safe,  he knocks down
    the caretaker who discovered him shortly before he escapes.

    Mr. Schürmann, who is currently at Heiligenhafen in the Kreis Ostholstein region along the Baltic Sea, is informed of the incident by Hanover police senior commissioner Brammer. However, Schurmann doesn't seem particularly upset.  

    Meanwhile, Wollgast is now in Heiligenhafen, where he contacts his source of information by phone.  He tries to borrow money from Merten, who now lives there.  Merten' refuses contact 'and does not want' anything to do 'with him.  "Get out of here,
    leave me alone" Merten says to Wollgast to his face.  A couple of lovers who startled Wollgast while sneaking up on the property recognized him among a list of wanted suspects. 

    Since Brammer is going on vacation, he asks his colleagues to contact chief police officer Ferdinand Hesse, who is also on vacation in Heiligenhafen.

    Before Hesse begins questioning the Schürmann father and son; senior and junior.  Jr. found out from his father that he was broke and that there was nothing in the safe.  "The safe was empty" his father says.  Later, his son asks: "Was the safe
    really empty?" "Yes, it was empty" replies Schürmann Sr. to his son.  Nevertheless, the Schürmann Sr. wants to stick with the fact that his assets have been stolen, but which he has long since sold due to his financial difficulties. 

    Schürmann Jr. currently lives in an unfinished apartment building and urges his father to stick to the truth and tells his father than he is senile.  Schürmann Jr. says he dislike their decisions involving insurance and that the police don't like
    the relationship.  He even buys a gun, shortly thereafter.

    Meanwhile, Hesse made friends with the Merten family.  For some reason, Wollgast all by himself was introducing himself to the Merten family's young daughter who is only 6 or 7 years old.  She was all by herself, when immediately Evald her father shows
    up and as friends he and Wallgast begin talking, again.

    Later, Evald and his young kid Angelika return home. Police chief Hesse is there talking to his wife. They go to a restaurant and continue talking. 

    Then that night, suddenly Merten's daughter Angelika who was home alone is kidnapped by a stranger as she watched TV.  The kid's mother Margot who is talking with Hesse gets a phone call and rushes home saying that the neighbors are saying something is
    wrong with Angelika.  Ewald Merten arrives home later to find little Angelika gone.  Then, he finds a tape recording saying that they have taken the kid.  They demand that he stay silent and involve no police or anyone else.  They don't say who they
    are, ether.  Ewald gets in his car immediately and races off.  He almost hits police chief Hesse as he stops.  Hesse asks why the rush?  Is Angelika OK?  He says, yes. Everything is OK and then rushes off.

    Hesse now suspects that Angelika and their marriage is in trouble.

    Ewald tells his wife Margot that he suspects Wollgast from his Hanover days wants money for the kid.  Later, he's not so sure. 

    The kidnappers then call and tell him to go to a location near the shore.  He picks up a box and finds gun in it.  The kidnapper demands that Merten raid the Kreissparkasse the next day and hand over the money to a meeting point, only then will his
    daughter be released.  But he tells his wife that he's not going to raid the bank.  She says: "you must".  

    Before he decides to raid the bank, he may have called the police to tip them off that he is going to raid the bank.  He may have even said why.

    So, fearing for their 'daughter's life he raids the savings bank but the police quickly surround it and they tell Merten to give up.  And that he has no chance.  One policeman enters the building and shoots and wounds Merten.  

    At the same time, a stranger raided the club's bank a few streets away and escaped with 200,000 DM.  

    The bank that Merten robs suddenly fills up with knock-out gas.  The people there begin to panic. He gives up, throwing the weapon out the door, first.    

    The kidnapper releases Angelika and returns to the apartment building.  He turns out to be Schürmann Jr., who gave Wollgast and Merten the tip for the supermarket robbery six years ago.  Hesse discovers yellow color on Angelika's 'stuffed animal that
    she had wither her the whole time.  He immediately realizes that this comes from Schürmann's construction site.  Hesse goes there immediately, with the' local police 'officials. 

    Meanwhile there, Wollgast immediately sees through the entire scheme and may even know how much was stolen and by whom, some how.  So, Wollgast has already found and surprises Schürmann Jr. at the construction site, calling him: "old partner". 
    Wollgast says to him that he: Schürmann Jr. had blackmailed him for years.  He is now demanding the whole 200,000 Deutschmark theft from Schürmann Jr.  An argument breaks out between the two men, with Schürmann Jr. trying to flee on a motor cycle.

    Schürmann Jr. falls off the cycle and is chased by Wollgast and Schürmann drowns Wollgast on the shore, in front of the building during the rest of the fight.  

    When the police get there shortly after,  Hesse asks him why he committed the robbery, he admits he was blackmailed by Wollgast.  He seems to no longer know what he needed the money for.'

    SOURCE: (updated)-- Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
          -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen
          (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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