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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'Twelve-year-old Paul Starczik lives with his father and adult sister Birgit in the club house of the SV Fortuna III football club, which the father runs as a tenant. The sports area belongs to the disused business, from where the club got its name. 
    Its near a heavily used port with many docks.

    Paul has massive school problems, he often skips school and' runs 'around.  The Essen police already has an extensive file with minor offenses involving Paul.  He has also been housed several times in various homes, from which he has run away again and
    again.  Now he is toying with the idea of running off to Australia, where his friend Ali and his family emigrated some time ago.

    Birgit Starczik is friends with a' beverage distributor named 'Julius Schneider and the engagement of the two is imminent. 

    One evening, after a lot of drinking as usual 'the heavily drunk Schneider made his way home in his car.  He uses an abbreviation that is actually forbidden about the disused business site near the port.   

    At the same time, Ms. Ellen Schelle, who is employed as a temporary worker in the clubhouse, starts her bike ride home after work.  When Schneider meets her on the way he offers to drive her home, but Ellen refuses.  Schneider becomes more and more
    intrusive and tries to rape the girl.  Ellen tries to break free and then to escape on foot, but Schneider follows her across the area.  Ellen screams desperately for help, but is overwhelmed by Schneider.  When the sound of an approaching car can be
    heard, Schneider presses his hand over Ellen's mouth.  After the noise of the vehicle stops and Schneider pulls his hand away, Ellen is dead.

    Paul, who is not at home at this time but in a small building near the club house site, hears Ellen's cries for help and watches what is happening.  He leaves the building and is eventually discovered by Schneider.  When Paul tries to escape, he
    injures the insides of his fingers on' 'barbed wire.  Under threats and claims that he was always Paul's friend and would always help him, Schneider now implores Paul not to tell anything about what he has seen. Paul agrees and goes home.

    The body of Ellen is found that night.  Commissioner Haferkamp starts the investigation.  Apart from the tire tracks, he hardly finds any clues.  

    When he tries to interrogate Paul, the other kids were running from Paul who was brandishing a knife.  Haferkamp still went on to begin the questioning while Paul continued to hold the knife at him.  Paul even slashed Haferkamp's hand as he tried to
    disarm Paul.  Another investigator walked up and took the knife from Paul, while all the other kids were now playing soccer.  Haferkamp noticed the strange injuries on Paul's fingers.  As far as learning anything about the case from Paul, he remained
    mostly silent.

    The police put a check point near a forbidden driveway one night so the police want to 'find out who is using the forbidden passage, Schneider is caught using the driveway and his name is added into the group of other suspects caught using the driveway. 

    Schneider tracks down the boy Paul and brings him food.  Paul tries to drink beer but he won't let him.

    Haferkamp still has no solid evidence, 'but his instinct tells him that something is wrong with Paul, a kid who already smokes.  The commissioner can tell that the boy knows more about the case than he's saying.

    Haferkamp tries to gain Paul's trust and to elicit a statement from him. Haferkamp watched as Paul got into fights with the other kids and was always off by himself, never associating with other kids but running away when he could.

    Haferkamp has Schneider monitored.  He approaches Schneider at a soccer match in the area and questions him.  Schneider goes in for questioning, but there isn't enough on Schneider so he goes free.

    Paul tries many ways to fool Haferkamp or run away when he can.  Still, Haferkamp tries to reason with the boy.  He teaches him how to drive a car, though Paul is still too fussy.  Yet in painstaking detail, Haferkamp eventually is able to find out
    where and how the strange injuries on Paul's fingers originated.  Now, Haferkamp is absolutely certain: Schneider is the culprit, and Paul watched him do the crime. Paul has to frequently live with Schneider and his own sister.

    Meanwhile, Paul uses his will power against Schneider and blackmailed him to finance his crossing with a cargo ship to Australia. Schneider, who feels that the noose is slowly tightening around him, agrees and gives Paul the money.  Arranging his trip
    to Australia is not as easy as he thought it would be.  A ship leaves but he is in no condition to even try to be able to get on it, and so he is spending the money elsewhere for the time being. 

    With the money, Paul starts partying with new friends and with motorcycle riders, even drinking with them.  He even dyes his hair black and starts to wear a black jacket.  

    During questioning, Haferkamp tries to link clues to Schneider, but Schneider is always able to dodge the pitfalls.

    Paul repeats his blackmail attempt, but this time Schneider refuses after they meet to talk about it.  When Paul still wants to take the money, Schneider stands in his way and tries to strangle Paul.  Schneider forces Paul in  to the trunk of the car.
    He keeps trying to drag Paul to the water's edge.  Later, during the fight, the boy pulls out his pocket knife and thrusts it into Schneider's upper body.  Schneider falls onto the shore and dies. Paul gets into the car and flees to the harbor and
    is caught there shortly after by Inspector Haferkamp.

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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