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    STORY LINE (in english):'The Italian guest workers Ernesto Llimi, Cesare Dall'Antonio, Carmelo Alberti, Romano Darfú and Francesco Lirati live together in a room in the guest worker dormitory in Munich's  Westendstrasse dormitory.  They all work
    for a company that almost exclusively works on the rail network of the Deutsche Bundesbahn federal railway organization.  

    One night Ernesto, Cesare, Carmelo and Romano carry a cupboard with the corpse of their colleague Francesco from the dormitory and put it on the roof of a car. They are watched by the Turkish guest worker Murat Bugra, who lives on the same floor of the
    dormitory. Ernesto Lenzei has a relationship with the German waitress Eva, who in turn was previously in a relationship with Murat Bugra, but then ended the relationship.  Murat Bugra wants to win Eva back.

    The next morning, the body of Francesco Lirati is found between the tracks of a federal railway construction site in the apron of the Munich Central Station.  At first everything looks like an accident at work.  Apparently, while grounding the
    overhead line, which he believed had already been switched off, Francesco touched the live overhead line with a grounding rod and was killed by the electric' current.  'But forensic medicine quickly found that Francesco Lirati did not die on the
    railroad track in the morning, but died at least ten hours beforehand.

    Munich police senior commissioner Veigl, who was recently promoted, takes up the investigation after talking with his supervisor director Härtinger.  At this point in time, Veigl had to temporarily relocate his assistant Ludwig Lenz to the illegal
    employment commissioner.  

    With his other police assistant Josef Brettschneider and the interpreter Ms. Welponer, Veigl interrogates all guest workers living in the dormitory.  But, he doesn't get anywhere, the men give him "no leads": Veigl says over coffee with Brettschneider
    and Welponer.  Murat Bugra was also silent about his observations. 

    When the' authorities 'have left the dormitory, scuffles break out.  It's night time and a construction foreman walks in and finds Murat Bugra, demanding to know what he said to the police and asking to know what Jaime said.  Jaime says immediately: "I
    say nothing".  The foreman is now insulting other people's background while trying to threaten people, there.  After pushing and shoving,  Dall'Antonio says: "ich habe nichts gesagt".  Later, 'Murat Bugra lures Ernesto Lenzei into the washroom and
    tries to blackmail him.  If he gave Eva back to him, he would not pass on his observations to inspector Veigl.  But, Ernesto doesn't think about parting with Eva.  A scuffle breaks out between the two men, in the course of which Ernesto defeats Murat.
    Murat is seriously injured in the fall, but survives. In a panic, Ernesto escapes and 'hides at Eva's apartment.  In the morning by-standers in the dorm look at and talk about blood stains near where Murat was lying in the bathroom.  The construction
    foreman returns in the morning in an older-modeled car to pick up the workers.  He is impatient and demanding to know where Ernesto is.  Another immigrant says in broken german mixed with english: "Ernesto isn't there ... Blood was in the wash room ...
    a lot of blood".

    Veigl and Brettschneider appear back at the dormitory by taxi.  The further interrogations in the dormitory do not bring senior commissioner Veigl any further, probably because the Italian guest workers are silent about the actual events because they
    believe that the widow of the murdered colleague, who has meanwhile arrived in Munich, would not receive a pension if the real events became known. This was explained to them by the foreman of their company, Mr. Winninger, who arranged the five Italian
    guest workers to work illegally on a private house.'  But, the authorities do learn that Ernesto is missing, too and that he probably was working in the illegal construction trade from someone there named Agamemnon, which Brettschneider says is "a funny
    name".  Agamemnon also says that they were having trouble over a waitress named Eva who works at a restaurant.

    Veigl and Brettschneider go to the restaurant and ask Eva if she knows Ernesto and Murat.  They tell her that Murat and Ernesto is missing.  She gives them her address and she rushes to Ernesto's hiding place immediately, and tells him what she knows
    about the investigation.

    Chance comes to the rescue of Inspector Veigl', who meets with Ms. Welponer who says that the family of one of the men is now getting involved.  

    Veigl's assistant 'Lenz reports from a controlled illegal construction site on which a large amount of building material from the German federal railroad was found.  Is there a connection?  Inspector Veigl doesn't really believe in this coincidence,
    but nevertheless he sets out into the with assistant Brettschneider, who basically says its the "colorful countryside" and observes the construction site from a safe distance in a wooded area, next to a well plowed field.  'In fact, they discover three
    of the guest workers from the dormitory who are working on the construction site. 

    Veigl's assistant Brettschneider, who did not interrogate these workers in the dormitory, is himself disguised as a temporary worker and smuggled into the construction site, where he receives some scant information that suggests that the other deceased
    worker, Francesco may have died on this undeclared construction site.  But before Brettschneider can get definitive evidence, he has to flee when suddenly a forman, Mr. Winninger appears.  The dubious foreman notices' something, like maybe 'that he is
    being discovered and so he orders removal of all the German federal railroad's building materials and burning what he can't get rid of. 

    The Italian guest workers are now worried about their colleague Ernesto Lenzei who has disappeared without a trace.  They talk about him at the railway work site and they even go to Eva at work to see if she knows where Ernesto is, but she denies

    One worker tries to call Veigl at the police station from the railway site.  

    Murat Bugra, driven by jealousy and a thirst for revenge, has got a pistol and is now in front of Eva's house.  He wants revenge on Ernesto for the injuries he suffered.  In a panic, Eva goes to the police station and asks to speak to senior
    commissioner Veigl' regarding Ernesto's disappearance.  

    Later, Veigl interrogates the construction foreman and he doesn't deny having five unregistered workers and Eva shows up and Cesare Dall 'Antonio is also next to speak with Veigl.

    Veigl gets 'a visit from Cesare Dall 'Antonio, who can no longer take the psychological pressure and finally reports to commissioner Veigl the true circumstances of the death of Francesco Lirati. While working on the construction site, Francesco stumbled
    upon a power line with a jackhammer through an incorrectly drawn construction plan and was electrocuted.'  

    Sick of waiting outside Veigl's office, 'Eva cannot be held back any longer and talks about Ernesto's situation.  Veigl's hears from his office and opens the door and Eva informs Veigl that Ernesto is staying with her. 

    Meanwhile at Eva's place, Murat Bugra armed with a pistol is trying to kill Ernesto Lenzei.  The commissioner rushes to Eva's apartment and find that Murat Bugra now lured Ernesto L Limiti out of the apartment and the men are in the underground' parking
    garage 'and Murat Bugra is trying to shoot Ernesto Lenzei.'  However, he escapes by putting himself between two 'parked vehicles.  Afterwards, Murat Bugra surrenders.'

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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