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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'Two gangsters Hannes Knaab and Alex Dehn raid a bank branch and' end up 'taking the customer Harry Meier, who is using the alias name Helmut Sirbir who himself just emptied a bank safe with them.  They take' Meier's briefcase before 'leaving Meier with
    a wound near his eye and they ditch the car and continue their escape on a single motorcycle.

    Police senior commissioner Konrad, supported by his assistant Robert Luck, takes over the investigation and notices that Meier has not yet reported to the police.  The witnesses' descriptions of the perpetrators are contradictory and do not help the
    police.  The bank customers Mrs. Condorf and Mrs. Horchwald find their security boxes empty and complain. 

    In the meantime, Knaab and Dehn find more than 200,000 Deutsch Marks in cash and valuable jewelry in the briefcase' taken from 'Meier, which far exceeds their own yield from the attack.  

    Konrad's assistant Luck finds out that Meier had rented the locker under a false name and suspects complicity, which Konrad believes is unlikely.  In the meanwhile, it is discovered in the robbed bank that the safe deposit box of the customer Ms.
    Conndorf was emptied in an unknown manner and the customer was thus robbed.  Without telling the police Meier who takes off a fake mustache as he lies in bed and who later finds out there's no running water in the place he's now staying at, seeks out a
    jewelry' thief named Lassky.  Hopefully after having a drink, Meier wants to go through Lassky in order to get to the bank robbers Knaab and Dehn.  Knaab, Dehn and Meier all keep up with news reports of their robbery in the papers.

    Konrad investigates the bank and its surroundings without any results.

    Later, Knaab becomes careless and, in the euphoria of the wealth he has gained, gives away a valuable ring of the booty to a prostitute in a brothel.  Dehn quickly finds about this and where and goes thereabouts and is able to get the ring back.  Dehn
    then tries to cover the tracks.  

    Meanwhile, another bank customer discovers that his locker has been' robbed, 'but the customer does not report this.  

    The bank employee Ms. Helga Böker, who is secretly Meier's friend, visits him and reports to him about the status of the investigation' at the 'bank.  The two had planned to leave for Rio with the stolen jewelry and cash.  Meier promised to get the
    loot back.

    Shortly afterwards, Lassky was able to provide Meier with a reference to' Dehn's illegal jewelry broker (fence) named 'Schütz.  Meier now plans to set a trap for Dehn.  

    A colleague of Helga Böker tells her supervisor that she behaved strangely when she received a call the day after the robbery.  Konrad, who is convinced that an employee in the bank must be an accomplice to the locker robber, takes a close look at the
    local jewelry' black market' and Lassky and is considering one with Ms. Böker.  

    Meanwhile, Dehn is getting nervous and wants to get rid of the jewelry via Schütz as soon as possible.  In addition to the police, he fears an attack by Meier and takes a gun with him in case his former hostage shows up.  Dehn observes Lassky, who
    goes into Schütz's shop before him.

    He intercepts Lassky in front of the shop and forces him to come with him, in Lassky's apartment he asks him about Meier and' roughs Lassky up 'in order to find out something about their connection.  When Lassky tries to draw a gun, Dehn shoots him. 

    Meanwhile, Meier penetrates Knaab and Dehn's penthouse, overpowers Knaab' and  forces him to 'hand over the money, then ties him up.  

    After that, Konrad and Luck find Lassky dead in his apartment when they want to ask him about the jewelry they are looking for because of his previous convictions, so they turn to Schütz.  They question Schütz about Lassky, whom they saw in Schütz's
    shop shortly before he was murdered.  Schütz who is now Dehn's illegal jewelry broker admits that he is stealing for the two robbers and beyond that he says he knows nothing else about their identity.  

    When Dehn comes home, Meier is already waiting for him with a gun.  Dehn and Meier agree on a meeting point at a junkyard, where Dehn wants to return the jewelry to him if he is able to get his money back in return.  

    When Meier meets Dehn at the scrap yard to  make the exchange, Knaab, who was shot at by Dehn is still able to both follow his car; riding a motorcycle there, climb into a crane, start it up and to use it to destroy the work shed with Dehn and Meier in
    it, largely without them seeing it coming.  

    Knabb then gets back over to the work shed rubble,  beats one of the two injured men who were in the work shed; Meier and steals the robbed jewelry from him.  A dazed Meier manages to get up out of the rubble and get out a gun and start shooting at
    Knabb who's now escaping on the motorcycle.  Meier quickly gets into a car and chases Knabb through a warehouse, shooting at him when he can get the chance.  After Meier was pursuing the already-injured Knaab, Knabb loses the jewelry case to Meier, but
    flees from Meier after this wild chase with now several by-standers in the warehouse looking on.  Meanwhile, the now seriously injured Dehn' at the scrap yard is put in a stretcher and taken by the police.  

    The 'police do not find Meier at his apartment so later at the airport where they expect Meier, 'Konrad tricks Ms. Böker into thinking,  that the gangsters' are now busy fighting over the stolen money and jewelry and 'killing each other.  Senior
    commissioner Konrad already suspects Ms. Böker herself, that much.  She then spots Meier rushing through the airport aisles.  Konrad follows her eyes and motions to the police.

    Konrad gets up and walks with 'the broken up Ms. Böker whom he had bluffed into thinking that her boyfriend Meier had been seriously injured.  She' denied 'any involvement in the crime.  With another trick, Konrad finally gets Helga Böker who had a
    duplicate of the master key of the lockers made for Meier to finally betray Meier who is currently planning his sole escape abroad to London, without her.  Then, they all rush after Mr. Meier where Konrad is able to arrest Meier with the stolen jewelry.

    He' had only used Helga who he now meets him again, face to face.  Both of them are taken away and the stolen goods are returned to the bank customers Mrs Condorf and Mrs. Horchwald.

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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