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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'Baden-Baden police senior commissioner Franz Gerber's assistant Wolfgang Ihle has been promoted to chief detective and would like to celebrate and toast drinks with Gerber and his friend, the post-chief inspector Rolf Salm.  Yet, Mr. Salm who wants to
    go on vacation with his new girlfriend the next day does not appear at Ihle's party.  

    The next morning Gerber and Ihle are called to the money collection point of the post office where Rolf Salm works.  A robbery was carried out there and DM 300,000 was' stolen, 'with a guard' having been shot and seriously injured.  The safe from
    which the money was stolen is intact.  Mr. Salm had the keys to it and has disappeared.  Gerber thinks he's suspicious, but police assistant Ihle thinks that his friend might be involved in the case is absurd.  

    When interviewing witnesses in the area, Gerber meets demolition contractor Mr. Ziffel and his employee, a former criminal named Oscar Kaufmann, both of whom are of no help. 

    Meanwhile, Ihle learns from the landlord who's name is Mr. Denker, the uncle of Salm's new friend Ms. Cordula, that she and Rolf Salm are going on vacation to Cairo today.  Gerber wants to have the couple intercepted by his Frankfurt police colleague
    senior commissioner Konrad at the airport.  He actually identifies Cordula at the gate, yet continues waiting in vain for Salm.  Ihle thinks Mr. Ziffel is suspicious and seeks him out, but he indignantly denies that he has anything to do with the
    robbery in the post office.  Mr. Oscar Kaufmann also pretends to be innocent towards police assistant Ihle and claims to have left his criminal past behind him. 

    Gerber visits Salm's colleague Erwin Boringer, who has been in bed sick with renal colic since the day before, and he has no alibi.  Boringer is looked after by Salm's former fiancée, the doctor's assistant Renate Cand.  She admits that she met with
    Rolf Salm the night before and that she unsuccessfully urged him to reconcile with her, who refused with reference to Cordula.  In the evening' at the restaurant where Cordula works and Ihle also often stops at, as well, Oscar Kaufmann is getting ready
    to leave and someone shoots him in front of the restaurant.  Apparently, it was done by a stranger.  

    The investigation shows that the murder weapon has the same caliber as the service weapon assigned to Rolf Salm and Salm's car is also found at the scene.  In addition to that, the police find the keys to the safe in Rolf's glove compartment. Ihle
    drives to Kaufmann's apartment.  A stranger has also entered there, and Ihle himself, is shot and injured in the pursuit of the intruder.  During an investigation, 10,000 Deutschmarks in cash are later found in Mr. Kaufmann's room.

    The next day, Gerber learned from Cordula that photos that the police found in Rolf Salm's apartment were taken in the holiday home of' a now bankrupt businessman named 'Mr. Haase, who had given his house to Salm and his girlfriend free of charge out of
    his friendship with Mr. Salm.  

    Police assistant Ihle remembers that Mr. Haase left the inn shortly before the fatal shooting at the location involving Mr. Kaufmann.  Ihle now suspects that' Baldur Haase is 'the perpetrator and his friend Rolf Salm is dead.  

    Haase, who is now being watched by the police meets Cordula whom he is courting.  He offers her a job in Switzerland and denies his financial problems.  When Gerber later approaches Haase about his meeting with Cordula, he has no alibi for the night of
    the murder and the time of the attack.  

    Shortly afterwards, Rolf Salm's body is found in a house that is being remodeled.  

    During a house search at Haase's place, the police find a lot of cash and Rolf Salm's weapon, but Haase denies the any involvement.  

    Gerber's supervisor councilman Huck is convinced that senior commissioner Gerber' has found the attacker and its 'Baldur Haase, but commissioner Gerber believes that Erwin Boringer is more suspicious.  When Gerber' goes 'to see Boringer for' questioning,
    he was frying a chop of sheep, which no one who just had renal colic is supposedly to do.  In addition, Gerber learned from his family doctor that a fever like Erwin's can also be artificially created by administering a certain drug.  Afterwards,
    Boringer disappears and can't be found which Gerber sees as a further indication.  However, when senior commissioner Gerber talks with councilman Huck he still dismisses suspicion of Erwin Boringer.

    Cordula tells assistant Ihle, who has since been discharged from the hospital that Salm separated from Renate because she had' 'high financial demands' of 'him and was always dissatisfied.  Gerber arranges for Renate's boss to send her to Erwin. 
    Renate Cand is surprised to find that Erwin Boringer is not in his apartment and she drives to her place where Boringer, with whom she apparently has a relationship is waiting for her.  Ms. Cand had also been followed by Ihle, whom Ms. Cand knows
    personally from her time with Salm, rings the doorbell.  

    Assistant Ihle accuses her of having joined in with Baldur Haase in luring Rolf Salm into a trap.  Then, when Ihle tries to search Ms. Cand's apartment on his own he is surprised to find that Boringer threatens him with a gun.  Shortly thereafter,
    Gerber and other police arrive in front of Renate's apartment.  Ihle realizes that Erwin Boringer and not Baldur Haase was Renate Cand's accomplice, which neither of them deny.  When Gerber rings the doorbell, Renate tries to get rid of him, but he and
    his colleagues force their way into the apartment and use' guns 'to overpower Boringer.'

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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