• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Eye Witness'- english). 'Augenzeuge' 59th epis

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    STORY LINE (in english):
    After meeting his lover Helga Mainusch in the forest, did the wine merchant Jürgen Santner happen to witness a fatal robbery on the local gas station?

    One of the perpetrators recognizes Santner as he escapes, he spontaneously puts a mask left behind by the robbers and then calls the police.  Santner only gives a vague description of the perpetrators to the senior commissioner Eugen Lutz, allegedly he
    cannot remember any details, and Santner also pretends to recognize no-one in response to the suspect records.  Santner's statement seems rather strange to Lutz.  

    The next day, Santner' seems to ask for directions to a place where he might have recognized something or someone.  He 'manages to track down the perpetrator face to face, whom he recognized, through his business connections.  

    Comissioner Lutz examines the crime scene and determines that Santner must have seen more than he had admitted because of the evidence found there.  Santner looks for one of the perpetrators, the shopkeeper Edgar Petersen, and indicates that he knows
    something.  In the meantime, Lutz and his police assistant Wagner visit Ms. Santner and ask her whether her husband' really even had made any observation at all.  Instead, she mostly changes the subject to what's on her mind.  'Mrs. 'Santner indicates
    that the marriage is broken and that her husband does not talk to her much.'  Later, 'Santner sends his lover' Helga 'to Lutz, who confesses to Lutz and Wagner that she is his lover and pretends that their affair is the reason for Santner's reluctance
    to' further cooperate with 'the police.

    Santner goes into' Petersen's - the robber and shooter's - shop - what appears to be only a clothing shop.  He and Peterson, then in a friendly way open up a large box and take out a new TV set.  Santner tries, holding up Peterson's stealth mask that
    Peterson used from the robbery to now, extort 'an expensive color television set from' Peterson.  'Petersen's accomplice Bruno Markwald then knocks down Santner and takes the mask.  When Santner comes to, he' sees the robbers that attacked the gas
    station.  Every time Peterson asks Santner questions, Markwald says "Let him out from here!" frantically, to which he is silenced by Peterson, who asks of Santner: "What do you want from us?"  So after awhile, Santner proposes to them to take over
    operations of other gangsters and is then' apparently 'released by the two.  He comes home and lets everyone there know that couldn't care less about this evening's plans. 

    Meanwhile after a lot of file searching and discussion, Lutz and Wagner find the getaway car and learn from their Baden-Baden colleague senior commissioner Franz Gerber that the murder weapon had already been used in another break-in.  

    During a date,  Santner promises his girlfriend Helga that he will soon leave his family and' run away 'with her.'  Yet, he is being followed by one of Peterson's men: Bruno Markwald. 

    'In a jail during questioning, an 'incarcerated gangster Pauli involuntarily admits to Lutz that he had sold his murder weapon to someone named Toni - earlier described by Gerber as a 'junkie' drug addict - after the break-in.  

    This person at a weapons sales shop named Toni, identifies to Lutz and Wagner a description of the person he bought the murder weapon from.  Toni possibly identifies to Lutz and Wagner a man in a photo named Edgar Petersen as one of the buyers of the

    Meanwhile, Petersen forges a plan regarding how he can trick Santner after chasing off the top gangster leadership.  In the mean time, they hot wire a car and drive off. 

    Later, Petersen and Markwald are preparing the attack together with Santner.  

    Lutz leans of more of Santner's plans.  Lutz and Wagner interrogate a restaurant chef who was Petersen's former boss and notices that he is has business friend named Santner.  After that, Lutz and Wagner go to see Mrs. Santner and tell her that they'd
    like to see her husband for questioning but, they'll see her now.  Mrs. Santner says that Santner has left her and the children for good this morning.  Then Helga, Santner's mistress later tells the two officials that Santner wanted to leave with her,
    leave far, far away with her soon' but, she didn't know anything else about the details of his plans. 

    With little or not additional information all Lutz and Wagner can do is to publish the manhunt for Petersen and Santner and maybe read the paper and talk about their astrology readings.

    Meanwhile, the two gangsters wait with Markwald for the armored car money transporter of Santner's friend Helga's boss.  Markwald drives a stolen lumber truck in front of the armored car and the three had already arranged the truck's load to fall off of
    the back of the truck and all over the road at a convenient place for the gangsters, so that the armored car is forced 'to stop.  Santner and Markwald ambush the armored car, but one of the two' in the armored car pulls out his gun and shoots Markwald
    before the armored car driver 'is hit himself. 

    Santner kidnaps the other guy from the armored car and then drives to meet with Petersen, leaving the armored car behind.  After Santner has beat up the armored car guy, Santner turns the gun on 'Petersen and forces him to reload the money from the
    truck into their getaway vehicle, then Santner flees alone with the' stolen money. 

    'Lutz is informed about the robbery and immediately remembers that Santner's mistress Helga worked for the' company that was just robbed, 'meanwhile Santner seeks out Helga in Heidelberg to run away with her.  When he tells her about the robbery, she
    makes it clear to him that she cannot come with him because she cannot live with the stolen money.  Santner then tries and flees alone with the money but in front of Helga's apartment in Heidelberg however he is' found and 'shot by Petersen who takes
    the money' but, then he himself 'is immediately overwhelmed and arrested by the arriving police.

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
    -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen
    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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