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    STORY LINE (in english):

    A criminal named Piet Kallweit successfully attacks and robs a bank branch that says NORDBANK in the small town of Linden in the Ostholstein district, near Lübeck.  During the escape, the gasoline line of his vehicle has' damage and Piet has to stop,

    'Meanwhile, Mr. Höllbrock a sales person is leaving in his  Ford 17 M after having visited a potential 'customer, although his driver's license was recently taken away because he was' driving 'drunk.  When he' drives 'off, the bank robber Piet
    hiding in the back seat threatens him with a pistol telling him to drive off in a hurry.

    'A local policeman Holger Freidahl sees them driving recklessly while he is on the way to a workshop in' a 'patrol car.  'The bank robber and hostage-taker wants to escape the patrol car and flashing lights now driving behind him and forces the sales
    representative to perform daring' off-road 'driving maneuvers.  During this dangerous chase that has developed when he tries to get the driver to stop in the forest now on a dirt trail in a depression the car stops and Piet jumps out.   He runs away
    from the car with the money and Holger stops, sees him running and chases. Piet is escaping in the direction of an embankment.  Holger Freidahl and Piet start to exchange gun fire.  Piet Kallweit manages to hide from Holger, then is able to jump on a 
    freight train and escape.  'On the way back, Holger Freidahl almost immediately discovers the money left behind, but leaves it where it is.

    Back at his house, Holger 'Freidahl has significant debts that weigh on the family budget and he currently has no solution for' his financial problems.

    The bank robbery has now been discovered and senior commissioner Finke is starting the investigation.  So that the loot is not found, Holger makes some false statements and thus leads the investigators to believe that the driver of the escape vehicle
    has the money.  He claims that he couldn't see the license plate correctly. The sales representative however is surprised that according to the newspaper, his license plate was illegible.  On the news, Höllbrock hears his own car described during
    the robbery.  Using a list of vehicles based on the fragments of the number, Finke's assistant Jessner also questions Höllbrock, but he still is clueless about where the investigation should proceed. 

    Piet goes into a night club where a bar waitress already knows about his robbery situation and she shows him a picture of a policeman in the newspaper in the forest near where he dropped the money.  Piet Kallweit probably now at this moment wants to go
    back and 'get the money.  
    He finds out that its no longer there. He finds out that Holger Freidahl has the money. 

    Holger starts giving money to his wife which surprises her. 

    Piet brings the bar waitress with him and calls into the police station and and blackmails Holger, saying "I know where the money is ... Hello?".  But, Holger is silent and motionless upon hearing this on the phone during the call.  Piet says to Holger
    to meet him at a location, but acts like he doesn't show up. Piet keeps calling Holger to meet at certain places to do certain things to cover up the robbery. 

    Later in the forest at night, Holger meets Piet whereupon he gives Piet the money.  Piet gives Holger a little of it back, calling it a finder's fee. Piet then goes and tells his bar waitress friend that he recovered almost all the money from Holger.

    'Piet kills Mr. Höllbrock and forces the policeman to help remove the corpse. When Piet's 'VW Beetle is found, he gets' Holger Freidahl to get' repairs to the car in order also 'to cover up the incident.  Holger's wife finds dollar bills in this
    washed clothes.  At dinner after church, her father says: "I always said that you would marry no policeman".   

    Holger stashes more money in his house, in his basement in a drawer.  

    The body of Höllbrock is found and his ID listing his address. 

    Finke doubts the theory that there were two perpetrators. The suddenly repaired VW Beetle' with no one around it except Holgar 'and the testimony of Höllbrock's neighbor puts Finke on the trail of' Holger. 

    But, since Holger suspects 'that everything is being revealed, he meets with Piet at the boat yard and tries to take Piet in custody.  Fink and the police are on the way and then arrive.  Piet resists Holger.  They fight.  'There, is an exchange of
    fire when Freidahl wants to wash his conscience clean by also being arrested. 

    When Finke and Freidahl's colleagues arrive, they find the injured Piet in the middle of the road holding a gun who they then arrest, but officer Holger Freidahl has already succumbed to his gunshot wounds.'

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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