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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'Vienna's police senior inspector Marek has been in the Carinthia region of Austria for a three-week spa vacation.  He has lost over ten kilos and is looking forward to his return to the office the next day.  During his stay, a dead person is
    found in the nearby lake.  Marek had heard the shots, but hadn't thought they were significant.  The person turns out to be a Mr. Winkler from Vienna.  

    Munich senior commissioner Veigl, who has also arrived at the Kartser Spa talks with Marek while there.  Later Veigl, identifies Winkler as a drug smuggler.  He wanted to meet with him near there because Winkler wanted to testify against a drug ring. 

    The next day, the Tornay couple,start their journey home to Vienna.  They had a disagreement because she was playing table tennis with a younger man and her husband suddenly stopped her, maybe he seemed jealous.  In Tornay's' house that was locked,
    the couple finds a woman's body' and its in Marek's presence.  Mrs. Tornay immediately suspects her husband of murder, who had disappeared for some time the previous evening and' she believes 'is also responsible for marital infidelities.  Marek's
    department, which receives a murder to process once a year, is allowed to solve the case of the woman's corpse. Marek, in turn, is confronted with two more unexpected events: His service weapon has been missing for a few weeks. In addition, the
    Ministry of the Interior is planning to award his colleague Wirz with a newly created medal, and Marek has to work with the ministry.

    The dead woman is a prostitute Maria Kopf, known as Mia.  Inspector Berntner questions her mother where she works.  She says: "she gave birth to her and now she buries her". 

    Marek's police assistant Wirz questions workers at a brothel.  Ms. Pretzel is the first.  She probably manages the place and at first, she behaves very aloof, like she is being bothered by the questioning.  As she lights up a cigarette, she turns more
    affable and talkative.  She offers him drinks and he answers: "I don't drink what I never am able to pay for".  Wirz asks if two more of the women there that walked in the room are registered prostitutes.
    One says she is an artist who is an assistant to a Magician.  But, she says four years ago.  The other says she was a show girl in a theater, but not any more.  She now says she's engaged to be married.  In the talk, Wirz soon discovers that Mia
    kept a secret book 'in which she noted the earnings of clients.  From the funds it can be reconstructed that Mia blackmailed the men, and in fact numerous victims testify that Mia threatened to tell the respective wives everything about the affair of
    the men.  At this brothel, the police also found out that Mia had a long affair with Mr. Kemater, the owner of a transport company.  

    Marek seeks out and questions Kemater often reading from a notebook, but Kemater denies that he was blackmailed by Mia.  Marek threatens that he will appear for another questioning if Kemater did not come to the police station to talk.

    At the spa, Marek met a young police officer who works for the uniformed police in Vienna and everyone just' calls this person "Der Boy".   This boy is outside of a  building in Vienna as Wirz is informing Mr. Tornay of police findings and discussing
    the missing key.  So, the "Boy's" dream - they say - is to become a crime inspector one day, and' so he tries to work 'hard as a detective.  So, "the boy" finds Tornay starting to sit at a park bench and says he only spoke with Marek about work
    detail.  Wearing sunglasses, Mr. Tornay  gets up and walks away.  The boy follows and questions Mr. Tornay where he was on the night of the murder, since the mileage of his car the next morning was 500 kilometers more than the night before.  "Who
    told you that? ... is this extortion?" asks Mr. Tornay as he periodically stops avoiding the boy while they walk.  "No, that's the detective's profession" says the boy laughing slightly.  Then, with all the confidence of a bully in the school yard,
    the boy says that now, out comes the big secret.  After mentioning extortion again, they both start to walk.  Mr. Tornay confesses that he was with a prostitute in Velden that night and' he says 'that this will also be confessed to Marek. and
    Tornay goes on to say that everything he says is true and can be proven and he'll tell his wife if the boy tries to extort him.  Then' the boy says that this outcome will only help his career: "That is all", as if he's still hiding something else. 
    Tornay then walks away quickly, saying: "this will also be told to Marek".  "You should have already, long ago!" the boy shouts back, smiling.

    Meanwhile, Marek has received a tip from a citizen about strange people in her house.  Since this address was previously suspected to be a meeting place for drug smugglers Marek's assistant Wirz and inspector Berntner, who both had' a falling 'out
    because Berntner forget to tell Wirz something, went to first check out the apartment.  The door is ajar.  When they both enter the apartment, they are shot at.  Berntner' took 'a gunshot, not 'Wirz and collapses.  That boy shows up at the
    apartment unusually fast as well as the other onlookers. 

    On another matter, Mr. Tornay is taken by Marek's to the police station.  He is allowed to leave after a short time, but asks Marek to be able to testify about Mia's murder.  Although he always claimed not to know her, he is now correcting himself. 
    He did know her and was her customer because she looked very young.  He confesses to Marek that he is a pedophile but that he has been suppressing his drive for years.  He married his wife because she looked younger than she was.  Now, he' hates '
    her.  Mr. Tornay asks Marek to help him, fearing that he will kill his wife.  

    However, Marek is called to the phone and Mr. Tornay disappears before Marek returns.  On the phone, Marek learned that a truck had been checked that was carrying a large amount of drugs.  The vehicle belonged to Mr. Kemater's company.  Kemater is
    arrested as the head of the drug ring.  Marek suspects that the murder of Winkler and Mia are related, because Winkler wanted to betray the group and Mia knew about smuggling and blackmailed Kemater.  Kemater however', won't 'talk about the murderer.

    Marek's assistant Berntner is taken to the hospital but' survives.  He and Wirz' now make nice.

    Marek visits Mr. Tornay and learns that his wife died in an accident a few days ago.  She accidentally stumbled in front of a truck and was run over.  Marek can hardly believe what he has heard, but the death has already been investigated and the
    death actually assessed as an accident.  

    After a while, Marek goes back to the Mia murder case.  He was concerned about what happened on that day at the spa.  He had sat at a table in the evening with some spa guests, including the Tornay couple and the cop named 'boy', and Mrs. Tornay had
    looked for the key to her spa hut and placed the key to the house that she found first on the table.  Mr. Tornay found it in the pocket of his jacket outside the house the next day.  He however, no longer knows exactly what happened to the key that
    Marek is summoned by his supervisor councilman Neloda because of his missing service weapon, who gives him a reprimand.  

    Marek learns that guns and uniform thefts at the department have recently become rampant.  Among other things, a policeman had been fired for theft and took his entire uniform with him.  The man' wasn't caught until today.  
    Due to another description of a police officer having a key stolen from a table,

    Marek suddenly has an idea who the perpetrator was.  He gains access to the boy's apartment and confronts him with his suspicion on his return.  He was only apparently a spa guest, but in reality the intermediary of the smugglers' ring in Carinthia,
    who was supposed to eliminate Winkler.  The day before his departure he had taken the Mr. Tornay's house key, which' his wife 'had put on the table while looking for the key to their spa.  He drove to Vienna in his sports car and killed Mia.  He
    then brought her to Mr. Tornay's apartment, the location of which he had learned from the freely accessible spa documents.  The next morning he was back at the spa and was able to secretly slip' Mr. Tornay's 'key into his jacket.  

    The boy denies the fact, but suddenly pulls out a revolver that he had hidden in a drawer.  The gun' was 'not loaded because Marek had already found and unloaded it, plus it was Marek's weapon in the first place.  The boy stole 'it from him during the
    spa visit.  When the boy tries to escape, he is overwhelmed by' other 'police officers waiting in' 'other apartment rooms and is led away.  

    Marek, now only has the task of coming to the' department of the interior 'with Wirz for the medal ceremony.  Wirz is uncomfortable with the' recognition that 'he should be honored for the rescue of a boy, which came about only due to a series of
    coincidences and mishaps.  But in this' department, it turns out that the computer swapped the data and the certificate and medal' had now written' Marek.  'The' department 'secretary Mr. Vodicka is embarrassed, but Marek and Wirz promise that the mix-
    up will never become public.'  

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