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    STORY LINE (in english):
    One night 'Manfred Wenzel, the chauffeur of the toy manufacturer Horst Lippens, is at his' usual 'discotheque, where he also deals drugs and after exchanging tense words with Ms. 'Andrea Lippens, he leaves 'the discotheque because he still has something
    to do.  She' gets in her Volkswagon and immediately follows him and witnesses' someone shooting 'Manfred as he sat in the car.

    The next morning the police' are able to 'determine that the car in which Manfred was shot belongs to someone at the Lippens' residence.  Manfred's body has disappeared, however, only blood stains and a bullet hole indicate a crime.

    Police 'senior commissioner Eugen Lutz and his assistant Wagner visit Horst at the Lippens' residence.  He claims to have lost his driver's license because of drinking and driving, and since then he has employed Manfred Wenzel as a chauffeur.  As an
    alibi, Horst's friend Belinda can testify that he was at home the previous evening.  Belinda was the fiancée of his late brother and therefore still lives at their address.  Lutz lets Wagner search for Manfred.  

    Senior commissioner Lutz is warned by a police councilman 'that Mr. Lippens is an influential man in Ulm, so he must be careful with his investigations. 

    Horst's daughter Andrea gets into a fight with Belinda about Manfred (Andrea's mother is deceased), Belinda' couldn't care less 'about his disappearance.  Andrea wants her father to finally throw Belinda out, but he refuses.

    Shortly before Lutz arrives at Manfred's apartment, Andrea is there and is kidnapped by two people in the illegal drug trade who know Manfred named Wolfgang Danner and Gerd Brunold.  The two searched the apartment, looking for something.  Lutz and
    Wagner find the apartment broken into and ransacked. Since Manfred had previously lived in Saarbrücken for a long time, Lutz contacts his Saarbrücken colleague senior commissioner Liersdahl and asked him to obtain information about Manfred's past'.  '

    Then, Lutz looks around Manfred's' usual hangout “Hades” nightclub.  Lutz' doesn't get anywhere with 'the manager, but an employee tells him that Manfred was actually in "Hades" the night before and that Andrea Lippens, who was in love with him,
    followed him when he left the restaurant. 

    Meanwhile, Belinda sneaks into Manfred's apartment and steals a hidden key to a luggage locker. In this she finds a newspaper and a package with another key, which turns out to be a copy of the first key to' Horst's wall safe with a double lock.

    Wagner is able to identify to Lutz that the blood in' Horst's car is actually from Manfred, but the fingerprints in Manfred's apartment are from Wolfgang Danner, who has a criminal record for drug offenses.  Lutz and Wagner therefore suspect that
    Danner killed Manfred and looked for drugs in his apartment.  

    Andrea is able to free herself from the gangsters' apartment and escape.

    Lutz asks Belinda about Andreas' relationship with Manfred and possible observations Andrea might have made the evening before. Belinda says she only knew Manfred briefly. 

    Wagner goes to Danner's apartment and finds the apartment broken from the inside, in the apartment he finds Andrea Lippens' scarf, with which she was obviously tied.  In the meantime, Lutz learns from his colleague Liersdahl that Manfred Wenzel was
    active in the drug scene in Saarbrücken and had disappeared from there at the time he showed up in Ulm.  

    Lutz has Wagner' 'watch Danner's apartment.  Danner and Brunold notice Andreas escape.  Wagner follows them and is able to attach a tracking device to the car they're driving and radio in their license plate. 

    Lutz' shows 'Horst about Manfred's drug deals and even Andreas' entanglements and makes Horst realize that his daughter is in great' danger.  Horst's 'wife and brother were killed in the same traffic accident and since then Horst has hardly known
    anything about his daughter's feelings.  

    Lutz is able to find out that Manfred Wenzel had large amounts of money paid into his bank account and Lutz also picks up the drug search connecting Wenzel to heroine.  

    While Lutz's police van follow the drug dealers at night, Belinda seduces Horst, whom she had previously observed' locking the safe and putting its keys away.  

    'Meanwhile, Andrea goes to another room that Manfred had rented where the landlord knows her too, and she asks if she can sleep there.  She goes in the room and finds drugs there.  

    During the night Belinda secretly steals Horst's safe key and takes a sabotaged steering wheel link connection, Lutz brings in drug dealers and Manfred's body is found. from the safe, which proves that Horst's had manipulated the car in which his
    brother and his wife were killed.  Elsewhere, because they have not found the drugs hidden by Manfred, Danner and Brunold try to defraud their American business partners in a drug deal gone bad.  When the Americans notice the fraud, Danner shoots one
    of the Americans before Lutz and his people intervene and arrest both groups.  Since the suspects are all mostly silent and the drugs were fake, Lutz has to let the two Americans go.  They just spent a lot of money on baking powder.  Danner and
    Brunold, however, are interrogated by Lutz about the kidnapping of Andrea, the murder of Manfred and the burglary of the apartment, but the men have an alibi for the murder.  During their questioning Lutz is notified by phone that Manfred Wenzel's body
    is being recovered from the Danube river and as he and Wagner suspected, he was shot.  

    Lutz goes to the site where Manfred's body was found and he finds a photo negative on the corpse, which he has developed.  

    The next morning in Stuttgart, Andrea causes a traffic accident under the influence of Manfred's drugs and she flees from the scene on foot.  

    Lutz hears from authorites that Manfred was in one of the largest heroine busts and Lutz's police assistant Wagner reminds Lutz of Horst's brother's traffic accident a year ago.  At that time, after the death of his brother, Horst Lippens took over
    the management of the family business and their household.  

    The development of the negative results in images of the sabotaged steering link, and Lutz investigated the accident a year ago.  The road was dry at the time and Horst's brother was an experienced driver.  Wenzel obviously blackmailed Horst with his
    knowledge and the recordings.  In addition, Lutz ponders a possible complicity of Belinda with Manfred. 

    Meanwhile, Belinda deposits the sabotaged steering link that she has got from Horst's safe in a safe deposit box, then calls Horst to blackmail him.  

    Horst drives home and gets his gun, that he also shot Wenzel with before going to meet Belinda, shortly afterwards Lutz and Wagner arrive at their residence.  There, they find Wenzel's blackmail photos in the open vault.  The sums demanded from him
    correspond to the sums Wenzel had deposited into his account.  The police also meet Andrea, who tells the officers that her father took his revolver out of the safe.  

    While the police are feverishly looking for Belinda and Horst, the two meet in a café.  She says: "While i'm not a mechanic, that piece of metal I found, I've heard that is a steering link, right?".  Belinda demands' a share of his in his 'company. 
    'He admits the manipulation of his brother's car, but the murder of Wenzel cannot be proven.  Belinda reminds Horst: "Be careful, we are not alone", she adds.  'She reminds of his false alibi before she leaves the pub.  Horst follows her dubiously
    to the tower of' the Ulmer Münster church, 'on which she escapes from him' for awhile. 

    Meanwhile, Andrea tells Lutz and Wagner that she watched her father kill Manfred Wenzel' that night in the car. 

    From his office, Lutz and Wagner watch Horst and Belinda on the tower.  "Wagner, is that Horst and Belinda?", Lutz asks.  Wagner looks in the binoculars at the tower.  "That's a fact", he answers.  The police 'hurry over to them.   Horst threatens
    Belinda with a weapon and demands that she surrender the sabotaged steering link and at that moment Lutz and Wagner join in and challenge Horst to give up.  Horst flees and falls to his death.  Belinda denies any attempt at blackmail over the
    sabotaged steering wheel link,' but lies and says Horst just wanted to marry her and she said no.

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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