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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'In Freilassing in Bavaria and the Lower Saxony and Saarland regions there are meat boxes found from France that each have body parts of a woman.

    Meanwhile, in Brussels, a younger woman named Daniele is preparing for her trip to Rhüden in Lower Saxony to meet her new acquaintance', 'Edmund Freese of the Freese Fleischkonserven.  She hides this from her parents and goes to visit her friend. 
    Freese has recently been left by his wife Tina, who has since traveled to Brazil.

    On her way, Daniele gets to know a much older man, a federal railroad councilor named Sperling, who shows interest in her.  They talk only a little.  He travels after her to Rhüden, but gives up his plan when he watches Daniele with Freese.   
    Freese is still very confused as he has not yet come to terms with the breakdown of his marriage and the death of his sister,  recently.  His brother-in-law, the pharmacist Georgie, is almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown and has to often be
    reassured by his daughter Ricki and he also has to take medication.  Ricki in turn worked with the older lawyer Dr. Kenzie' and 'started a relationship that her mother had fought vigorously against.

    After speaking with his police council member boss Mr. Malincke, Hanover police senior commissioner Brammer basically says that: "a murderer cuts up the body and ships it from France in products to West Germany.  A clever plan".  "When the murderer is
    French, then the murder would have started in France", answers one of his police assistants, immediately.  The other assistants laugh.  "What's so funny" asks Brammer, slightly smiling. 

    Brammer, who is pursuing the case of the seized boxes, gets help from the federal railroad and incidentally, Brammer works with federal railroad councilor Sperling. Both locate the town of Rhüden as the place through which all trains passed and where
    they make out a bridge from which the packages were probably placed onto the railcar and trucks.   

    The authorities actually observe a man who drops another box in the dark. Before they can catch him, he flees by car. Sperling is certain that it was the same car Freese used to pick up Daniele the other day.  They researched Freese on site in Rhüden,
    which increasingly corroborates suspicions against the meat processor.  

    In the meantime, Freese and Daniele have grown closer, but' their happiness is about to be 'disturbed by Freese's secretary Ida.  They walk by her on a long bridge that has a scary look down below where the water is.  She stares with contempt as they
    walk by.  Later in a restaurant, Daniele wants to know why she looked at him in such a familiar, yet mean way.  Daniele felt that they knew each other.  Ida fell in love with him about ten years ago.  And with his help, she perjured her husband'
    during a 'divorce because of adultery.'

    When Freese gets home he finds his dog dead on the carpet near the front door, after he reaches down to pet it.  He pulls a shot gun, loads it and wonders around his house a little bit.  He calls a veterinarian and tells him about the dog.  After he
    hangs up, he hears a loud noise in the other room and finds the back door open.  He fires out of the window. with the shot gun.  

    At the police station, Brammer calls an expert in goods transportation.  

    At work, Freese calls Daniele and she asks if he has spoken with his wife Tina.  He says "no we haven't spoken, everything is crazy".

    Later, Brammer hears from other authorites that the Freese wife was in America.  When Sperling leaves his temporary post, commissioner Brammer accompanies him to the train station with a bottle of schnapps.  Brammer poses as an insurance agent to
    Freese to inspect his factory.  Brammer asks about his wife's establishing an insurance policy on him last weekend.  And then he says she canceled the policy due to police activity surrounding the matter.  Brammer then goes ahead with what is
    basically a factory tour.  Afterwards, he checks back to see Freese in his office and finds Freese isn't there.  Brammer sees his door open and goes into search his office and finds photos.

    He surprises Freese as he is burning (destroying evidence of) the same brand of food cartons as the ones they suspect of having had 'body parts in a small furnace. Brammer reveals himself and police badge and takes him in for questioning on suspicion of

    The commissioner thinks that he is certain that Freese's wife' Tina 'is not in Brazil, but was killed and cut up by him.  "From last night until now, where has your wife been?" asks Brammer during the interrogation.  "Why don't you ask Dr Kenzie? She
    has been sending him telegrams for the last four years!"  Freese jealously says in return.  At the train station, two women are met by a man that she calls Edmund.  Even though Edmund Freese is still being held at the police station.  Then, Brammer
    is being show telling an assistant in front of Freese who is sitting down, that there is no way those telegrams were sent to Dr. Kenzie.

    Meanwhile, Freese's former secretary has forced Daniele to leave without his knowledge. 

    In the Freese house, where Alfred, Georgie, niece Ricki and her Dr. Kenzie are, Brammer visits and notices as Edmund is questioned that Edmund's wife Tina appears by car.  Brammer then suspects Edmund killed Daniele.  However, Daniele is found alive by
    Sperling at a train station, who probably still has a romantic interest for her.  After receiving this news from Sperling and police assistant Batke over a phone call  So, still on the phone Brammer is at a loss and now wonders who the dead woman was.
    Through the restlessness of those involved, it must be the pharmacist's wife, wonders Brammer partially out loud.  Georgie panics and claims to have poisoned his wife.  But, Brammer tells him that no poison was found in the woman's body parts.  

    Edmund Freese then breaks his silence and admits that he came up with the plan to cut up his sister's body, as they both assumed that' another woman there 'had poisoned her and wanted to prevent a later exhumation. 
    Brammer's police assistant Henkel, who rushes to Rhüden, has an arrest warrant for Freese, but Brammer tears it up and tells him that there's been no murder.  However, Alfred Georgie and Edmund Freese are taken on suspicion for the unlawful destruction
    of a corpse.

    SOURCE: (updated)-- Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')-- Book written by Karl Heiz Willschrei (Die Abrechnung)  by Rainer Boldt and Rüdiger Humpert (Drehbuch)

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