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    STORY LINE (in english): 
    Manufacturer Martin Koenen 'a middle-aged man calls home to his sister Adele from his office late in the evening and asks whether Petra his wife has already called.  Then, he tries for messages for him the Bayrischer Hof hotel in Munich.

    On the way home, in rainy weather, he sees a young woman standing in front of a discotheque' with American disco music playing in the background.  After he and the woman talk a little, her friend runs back inside of the night club.  'Since she is
    completely soaked from the rain, he takes her home' with him to his place as they listen to classical music. They talk a little more.  

    Nevertheless after going into the house, his arrival is noticed by another lady who is coming down stairs and then goes back upstairs..  

    Martin's guest sits in front of the fireplace to get warm, walks and dances around as they play American music records.  He offers 'the young woman a drink and she definitely wants a bitter lemon vodka.'  While he prepares the drink, she 'surprises
    him with the fact that she is trained in his factory and knows his name.  She is Irene Lersch.  Completely perplexed, he neglects to put ice cubes in his drink and apologizes for a moment.'  She sneaks quickly and puts something like a miniature
    statue on display on the fireplace mantle in her purse as she dances around and even undresses in the living room.  After' he showers and dresses, 'he finds the girl dead on his carpet.'  He' looks at 'the empty glass and wants to report to the
    emergency call center.' Then, after calling he changes his mind and says nothing before hanging up.  He, then removes possible evidence and takes the corpse to a park.

    Even before the autopsy, Essen police commissioner Heinz Haferkamp asks himself how such a girl can get potassium cyanide . Meanwhile, Martin picks up his young wife Petra Koenen from the airport, who didn't expect it.  The two of them don't have much
    to say to each other on the journey.'  Back 'at the property, he starts to tell about the events of the previous night, but then fails to do so.

    The investigation' continues by Haferkamp and police assistant Willy Kreutzer in Koenen's company which uses toxic substances and at Koenen's residence..  Koenen does not know that Irene Lersch took a jade figure from his living room that also adorns
    his desk in the office.  This and the testimony of Irene's friend make him suspicious.  Koenen is completely perplexed and shocked by his sister Adele when he is asked by his wife Petra how he got the poison. 

    During the interrogation, the commissioners cannot see any motive for Koenen.  Yet, he stays in custody. 

    Haferkamp has Petra Koenen's information about her stay in Munich on the night of the crime confirmed by Inspector Veigl.  Petra immediately knows another woman is involved, yet she doesn't seem too upset.  She is shown frequently looking out of the
    window at the police studying for clues about the crime scene, there.

    Haferkamp' shows up at an equestrian event that she is taking part in.  At first, she talks to him quickly and walks off.  He doesn't give up.  Later, he stands by her car in the parking lot.  She says "you are still here?".  "Its my sense of a
    crime instinct" he answers as he walks closer to her.  She says "get in" and she asks about his car.  Haferkamp says: "Sadly, I ride busses a lot".  He drives with her to Düsseldorf.  Over coffee, she' says: "being married to a man means being
    married to his family."  She 'confesses to Haferkamp about' a little 'marital dispute shortly before her trip to Munich and points out the difficult relationship with her sister-in-law.  

    As they get back into her car and both light up cigarettes,  Petra says her sister-in-law that they live with along with their mother "is like a house girl who questions me and its just not going to work", instead of focusing on whether her husband
    killed anyone in the house or not.  Meanwhile, she is pleased to take over management of the company.'

    haferkamp and Kreutzer talk about the case over beer and cigarettes at a bar.  They had already spoken with the Munich police, with Martin Koenen, now in jail and with Martin's sister.  'The investigation' now 'leads to Petra Koenen's former goldsmith'
    s workshop, where a large amount of potassium cyanide is missing.  Haferkamp learns that Petra will be visiting the beach.

    Haferkamp and his ex-wife Ingrid follow Petra to a beach on Sylt island.  Ingrid visits a party there and gets to know Mrs. Koenen' s paramour Joschi' who has money problems.  His name is plastered on the dance hall where this party is at.  It reads:
      "Joschi's Galerie" near the front door and he welcome people in at the door and even passes around drinks like a waiter.  Petra is there. At another party, Ingrid sees Joschi and a friend putting something in with ice into drinks; one of which is her
    drink.  Ingrid learns about a method of freezing poison in ice cubes to add to any drink and she goes back and tells her ex-husband, Haferkamp. So, later he tells this and that Petra did this the night of the murder to Petra and she doesn't deny it, as
    she sits at the bar with Joschi who is wearing a suit with a suiutcoat, and no tie. He gets up and leaves.

    'Haferkamp can now 'convict Koenen's wife of the murder and she is arrested, but she really wanted to get her husband, Martin and possibly others at the house out of the way.'  Or did his sister know, too?

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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