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    STORY LINE (in english): 
    While Harald Oppermann is on a business trip, his wife Birgit Oppermann lets her lover Siegmar Frick, a business partner of her husband Harald, spend the night in her home in Baden-Baden.  
    A burglar sneaks through the house probably looking for valuables  He seems surprised by the two in bed together and he attacks them both.  Siegmar is injured but they manage to kill the burglar, take away' and hastily hide 'the body and cover up the
    Siegmar seems to talk to Harald like nothing has happened when he returns.  Harald looks briefly at the door and windows.  
    Workers are at the house moving books, papers and boxes.  Another man sits at the table unusually quiet, folding and pocketing papers.  
    Later,  the Baden-Baden police senior commissioner Wilhelm Gerber investigates where the body is found by an elderly couple near shrubs on a sidewalk.
    Meanwhile, Her husband is shown at the airport in a business helicopter.  Then, he goes by to see Birgit at home. Another man reassures her that everything is going as planned.  SIegmar is looking for a certain bag at Birgit's house. She is always wary about those around or near her hose.
    Harald talks to the police about a man who was found dead.  He sees the picture and hears that he had a bad head wound. 
    Birgit reads the paper in her car and reads about the burglar death incident.  It hasn't lead to her home, yet.
    An anonymous blackmailer later demands 50,000 in Deutschmarks from Harald Oppermann.  He seems to know something about the break-in and wrongly associates Harald with it.  When the latter wants to ignore the demands, Birgit and Siegmar decide to pay
    the 50,000 DM themselves then kill her husband Harald and attach the crime to the blackmailer.  After the murder, however', Gerber's police assistant Ihle finds out that Harald himself was the alleged blackmailer.  The police had 'found out about the
    secret couple through contradictions in talk about the break-in and wanted to test both of them' possibly to make the two pay a financial price 'this way.  
    Since Harald Oppermann' had paid the money back to Siegmar's account and added a corresponding note before being killed.  this gives enough clues to commissioner Gerber.  As he visits them at home. Siegmar finishes his cigarette.  Birgit fixes him a
    cognac. They sit down. Siegmar has another cigarrette. After their talk. He leaves, but is still outside. Siegmar and Birgit try to flee. He takes them in.

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes') -- https://www.tatort-fundus.de/
    -- https://tatort-fans.de/

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