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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'A farmer and his mother find an unconscious man on the side of a country road and call the police.  The arriving officers can't find any traces of' an 'accident.  Munich police senior commissioner Melchior Veigl and his assistants are entrusted with
    the case.  Remnants of a white shirt are found on the unconscious man.  In addition, the stranger found a bag with seals from Stumm motors.'

    Veigl goes 'to this company, located' near 'the site.  The company owner' Mrs. Stumm 'can identify the unknown man as her master mechanic Otto Jirisch.  He drove away the night before and never showed up.  His car' is also gone.  

    Gigga (Gisela) Stumm, 'the daughter of the company owner, shows Veigl the injured man's apartment.  There, the inspector' discovers 'some expensive technical equipment, but nothing that would help him. Gigga can't tell him much about the injured man, he
    lived' at a 'boarding school until six months ago.  

    In the hospital, Veigl learns that Jirisch was clinically dead when he was admitted, but is now on the ventilator and is relatively stable and whether he will ever come to is questionable.  In the hospital, Veigl meets Mrs. Stumm who wants to visit her
    master mechanic.
    In the meantime, the police found a yellow Porsche unlocked in downtown Munich with a no-parking permit, the key of which was still in the lock.  The car is being towed.  It turns out that it is Otto Jirisch's vehicle.  

    When Veigl comes into the office for lunch, police assistants Lenz and Brettschneider are already congratulating him on solving the case.  A used towing device with only Jirisch's fingerprints on it was found in the car.  In addition, road maps were
    found on which the telephone numbers of suppliers and customers of cars are noted.  In addition to fabric residues on the driver and front passenger seats, the laboratory also found traces of blood from two different blood groups on the driver's seat. 
    According to the traces, first Jirisch, but later another person in a wool jacket, must have sat in the driver's seat.  

    So the person in the wool jacket must have been the passenger first, then' removed Jirisch forcibly 'and left it', then drove away in his Jirisch's car.  However, no fingerprints were found for anyone else.  

    Two of the phone numbers found' by Munich police 'point to a house in Schwabing, the people called do not answer by name.  When Lenz and Brettschneider wanted to take a look around there in the evening, they saw an intoxicated woman who had an accident
    while parking.  
    The next day, Veigl examines cars at a junk yard.
    Since she refuses to provide identification or cooperation, even swinging and punching because she didn't like the prostitution implication in a question, the officers take her away.  In the woman's car they find a freshly laundered wool jacket, just as
    the wanted person must have been wearing at the time of the crime.  Veigl interrogates Mathilde Jahn, who is now a suspect because she also has no alibi for the time of the crime.'  Female officers are called in by Veigl.  She removes her shirt and
    they find 'an injury on the woman's neck, so that this also fits into the perpetrator profile.   An arrest warrant is issued against the woman.  

    The police learn from the central register that Jirisch has a criminal record and that this file is in Hamburg.  

    Veigl visits Mrs. Stumm again, who is not' the original company founder' herself, but has taken over the business from her deceased husband.  

    Jirisch practically ran the business as a master mechanic.  She knows nothing about his private life.  In a flashback, however, it is shown that both obviously had a relationship, like sleeping together or he preparing lunch for her during break time,
    when the other workers kept to themselves.  He also left gits for her in her bedroom.  Brettschneider, meanwhile, asks Gigga Stumm, her daughter, who claims to have' been at the movies 'on Sunday.  When he catches her lying, she claims to have met a
    man whose name she does not want to reveal.  After Brettschneider' leaves, Gigga frantically searches the house', then climbs out of her own window and into another apartment's window that partially had burgler bars, all while looking 'for a' blue 'box
    that she finds and then takes.

    The employees, especially the male ones, have made negative comments about Jirish.  The officers found Gigga's bra in his apartment.  Veigl informs Mrs. Stumm that Jirisch has been living in Hamburg.  He had told her that he had been abroad for a few
    years. When' Veigl leaves, he accidentally overhears 'an insurance employee informing Mrs. Stumm that "once again" one of her customers had reported his car as stolen.

    Lenz and Brettschneider check Mathilde Jahn's apartment.  In the' hall they meet a man with injuries in the face who pretends to be a' salesman.  'When the officers ask for his ID, he pulls a gun, but Lenz and Brettschneider manage to overpower him and'
    chase him down.  

    His 'name is Georg Leu and he tells Veigl that he suffered the injuries to his face while intoxicated.  The name Jirish means nothing to him.  There are no fingerprints on his weapon, and a check shows that his hands are burned with hydrochloric acid
    and are no longer leaving fingerprints.  He is arrested.  

    Veigl goes to Gigga again to ask her about the name of the man she had met at the time of the crime.  He' notices a dresser drawer that was open but she now closed and locked.  He asks her to unlock it and open it back up.  In there is another locked '
    box; the one she took from the apartment (probably Jirisch's) that she broke into.  Veigl asks her to open it and she says she lost the key, afterwards she begins crying furiously.  Veigle guesses correctly that its the second key on the chain where
    the first key was just used.  The box is filled with nude photos, and 'he sifts through photos of Gigga and Jirisch in' intimate poses.  

    'Veigl, who asked Hamburg senior commissioner Paul Trimmel for administrative assistance and had sent him photos of Leu to Hamburg, learned from his colleague that Leu was known there under the name "Eduard Schulein".  Schulein was in prison with
    Jirisch and is a locksmith by profession.  

    Veigl gets a call from the doctor saying that Jirisch has since died in hospital.  

    Mathilde Jahn succeeds in producing an alibi, which explains her injuries, as she was performing sado-masochistic practices with an older man at the time of the crime.  She' is released.

    'An employee of Stumm can remember Schulein/Leu, he was obviously an acquaintance of Jirisch and had recently visited him. He was wearing a wool jacket.  

    Veigl seeks out the insurance clerk who was with Mrs. Stumm.'  He that his organization isn't a police station, but an insurance agency.  'Since Mr. Stumm has died and Jirisch has' worked 'for Mrs. Stumm, customer vehicles have been stolen all the time
    and the Stumm company is able to deliver replacements within a very short time, the insurance man says.'  'Though different colors, they were 'always the same models and always with a low mileage' and 'he had informed his superiors about this, but the
    investigations' haven't 'led to any results, he said.  Over whiskey or cognac, he continues to say that a car was even stolen this 'weekend when Jirisch was fatally injured, like almost all cars.  Veigl has license plates and chassis numbers handed

    Only later that night did 'Veigl suddenly receive a call from Mrs. Stumm, who' 'afterwards showed him fake registration (TÜV) stickers, license plates and chassis plates in a facility, the same night.  Among them' are signs 'of the recently stolen car.
    Mrs. Stumm explains to Veigl that after her husband was gone,'  she saw a rescuer 'in Jirisch, as he was very demanding and energetic.  She was naive about the business and allowed him to manipulate her as a result, as shown in the flashback. 
    Because she found herself in financial difficulties, she let him persuade her to steal customer vehicles.  Jirisch took care of everything else related to insurance fraud.  At first Jirisch got half, later he got the whole profit.  Even now she is
    still defending him for having been put under pressure by the locksmith who got him the car keys.  And they slept together.'  He also had pictures of sleeping with her daughter, too.  

    Veigl feels sorry for Mrs. Stumm, so he asks' his supervisor police council member 'Härtinger to release him from the case, which the latter refuses.  

    When Veigl is informed by Brettschneider that Schulein recently had contact with Jirisch, he realizes who the locksmith is who has put Jirisch under pressure.  Schulein finally admits this' and is upset with amounts of money that he thought was unfair. '
    Jirisch also turned him away when he needed shelter.  In Jirisch's car there was then an argument between them. Jirisch beat him after he refused to get out.  He fought back, and Jirisch was injured. He then left Jirisch on the side of the road and
    only now learned of his death. 

    After making this confession, Schulein manages to overpower a police officer and put on his police clothing, so he's disguised.  After an actual chase 'inside the police headquarters, Schulein falls to his death.

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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