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    STORY LINE (in english):
    The head of a college research team Mr. Walter Maurer is coming from the Hotel Stella and wants to get into his car.  His wife Anna is surprisingly sitting there.  She chased him because she had suspected for a long time that he had a lover.  She also
    knows that his lover is Ursula Danz, the wife of a colleague.  Anna Maurer is surprisingly calm about her husband's adultery.  Maurer confesses to his wife that there was a dead woman in the hotel room next door and that he saw a man flee from the room.
      He did not inform the police about his situation.  Because he's too confused, his wife drives the car home.

    Meanwhile Essen police comissioner Haferkamp has arrived at the crime scene.  The young woman has been dead for seven or eight hours.  She was been strangled and had been a traveling salesperson from Hamburg.  The next morning, the checking of the
    hotel guests is completed, Ursula Danz allegedly stayed the night alone in room 22.  The porter watched the room service waiter talking to the later dead woman.  Since the waiter had not gone home after his shift, Haferkamp' starts 'the search' with '

    Meanwhile, Anna Maurer tries to restore her marriage.  However, Maurer is dismissive of his wife and blames her for cheating on him.  When he sees the search for the waiter Elmar Holz on television, Maurer is shocked because he' saw 'an older man flee.
    He wants to call the police, but his wife prevents him, as she' 'fears that either her husband would then come under suspicion himself or that his affair could become public.

    While Haferkamp and his assistants' theorize 'about the perpetrator profiles, Commissioner Böck calls from Bremen.  He informs Haferkamp that Elmar Holz was arrested by a' police 'patrol in Bremen when he wanted to sell Mrs. Wollnitz's watch in a
    relevant restaurant.  After work, he still drank alcohol in the hotel kitchen and then went to several other bars.  In the morning he wanted to talk to Ruth Wollnitz again because she had felt annoyed by him and therefore wanted to complain about him. 
    He also wanted to give her the stolen watch back, so as not to lose his job.  When he heard that Mrs. Wollnitz had been killed, he fled to Bremen because his fingerprints could also be found in the' room, he says.  Although Holz has difficulty in
    explaining his innocence in the murder, Haferkamp believes him.  Nevertheless, he remains in custody for the time being.

    Meanwhile Ursula Danz reads about the murder.  In a phone call, Maurer explains to his lover that he recognized Holz as a murderer, which contradicts the statements made by his wife.  Shortly thereafter, Ursula Danz heard on the radio that another
    woman was murdered in another hotel in Essen, just 24 hours after the' "Hotel Stella' strangling.'
    Next, the strangler, wearing a suit, tie and black trenchcoat is shown in the back of a restaurant possibly planning to go after a waitress there, named Helga.

    'Haferkamp visits his ex-wife Ingrid for a cup of coffee. When she notices that she sleeps like a marmot every night, but in the morning after waking up has the feeling that she has not slept all night, Haferkamp receives a flash of inspiration and he
    leaves very quickly.  He asked his police assistant Willy Kreutzer to show him the minutes of Ursula Danz's' questioning, who on the one hand testified that she slept like a marmot on the night of the murder, but in passing Haferkamp overheard her
    saying that she hadn't slept all night.  He wants to check out Ursula Danz.'

    Meanwhile, the strangler is shown in quietly pursuing Helga in a beige trenchcoat along the street over a bridge and onto a train, probably that waitress from the restaurant.

    'Haferkamp drives to Ursula Danz, from whom he learns that she has stayed at the hotel without the knowledge of her husband and mother' that she was even there, 'They both live in Essen and' 'she allegedly visited.  She states' that its her private
    life and 'that she just wanted to be alone for an evening, which Haferkamp doesn't believe.  He says the police sometimes need to know.

    Since he suspects that she has met a lover, he visits Maurer at his school because Ms. Danz is married to a teacher there.  He informs Maurer of his suspicion that Mrs. Danz is cheating on her husband and asks him about his colleague's marriage.  Mr.
    Maurer' guesses 'and says that his colleague's marriage makes a very good impression on him.

    The strangler is shown continuing to follow the waitress Helga into a building, where he sneaks into her room and almost strangles her, but she leaves too quickly without even knowing.

    Maurer later drives home with Ursula Danz and the two of them share their conversations with Haferkamp in the car.  She wants to talk to Haferkamp, but he talked her out of it.  He insists that the police have the right killer in the room waiter.
    However, Ms. Danz knows that Maurer is lying and tells him that, directly. 

    Next the strangler is shown in his apartment turning on the radio.

    Maurer then goes to a phone booth in the evening and reports anonymously to the police and gives a description of the perpetrator.  Kreutzer dismisses the call as a friendship service from a friend of Holz, while Haferkamp takes the hint seriously
    because he spent the day investigating Ms. Danz and at school. 

    Haferkamp and Kreutzer visit the Maurers who are currently having an argument. Haferkamp asks about the anonymous caller, he suspects Danz.  Maurer says he didn't tell Danz anything about the conversation.  Maurer and his wife get caught up in
    contradictions before Haferkamp and' assistant 'Kreutzer say goodbye.'

    Haferkamp and Kreutzer have a plan to fake a police announcement.  Haferkamp therefore seeks out the Danzs.  He drives to the station with Frau Danz under a pretext.  On the way, Ms. Danz claims to have seen the murderer.  Haferkamp tells her about
    the anonymous caller and tells her on the head that it was not her but her lover who saw the murderer.  Since, she still does not want to reveal the name of her lover, Haferkamp wants to take her to the station with her.  At that moment the police
    radio announcement made by Haferkamp and Kreutzer comes.  

    Haferkamp's plan works and Ursula Danz finally admits that Walter Maurer was in the hotel room with her and saw the killer.  When Haferkamp arrives at the Maurers' premises,  Walter Maurer immediately agrees to go with Haferkamp to the' police station '
    in Essen.  There, he identified the killer in a police photo that he saw at the Hotel Stella.  It's a Holger Sawerts, a psychopath known to the police.

    The waitress Helga also recognizes Sawerts broadcast on TV' during the 'manhunt while working in her restaurant, as she saw him there at noon that say.  Helga goes to the police and tells Haferkamp about her observations.  Then, she goes back home by
    bus.  Little does she suspect that Sawerts, who followed her from the' restaurant 'that afternoon and was able to sneak into her apartment unnoticed is now there, again. 

    Meanwhile, Kreutzer thinks about her statement.  He' had a hunch 'that Sawerts could have noticed Helga, too.  And that she is alone in the apartment tonight, because she talked to an acquaintance in the restaurant about her boyfriend regarding Mondays.
      Haferkamp and Kreutzer then rush to their apartment.  Helga already sees Sawerts in the stairwell, at the same moment Haferkamp and Kreutzer arrive and are able to arrest him.  They let the waiter go. 

    Haferkamp and Mr. Maurer toast drinks.'

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    Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Mord im Ministerium- english). '' 44th episode 5x9, Tatort TV-Series 1970-

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