• Happy 80th, Frances Gilbert! (British-born author of "Where Is She Now?

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    Real name: Gillian Collings.

    She was born in Greenwich, England, became a special education teacher, and now lives in Trumbull, Connecticut.

    About "Where Is She Now?"

    "In this psychological suspense novel we meet Rosemary who is desperately seeking the answer to something that happened in her the past. Something has happened to her baby, but where is she now? As Rosemary seeks the truth she turns more and more to
    inanimate objects for support, since she cannot trust the people around her. In her conversations with the houses, the bed knobs, the books and the tea cups she finds comfort and begins the painful recall of the lost time aided by her bossy and competent
    alter ego Anna. She wants to have an answer, ''Where is she now? to find the calm promised in the hymns of her childhood, 'lay down your burden'. The reader becomes aware that maybe Rosemary isn't as irrational as she first appears and that her family is
    maybe not as supportive as first thought. A surprise ending reveals the answer and poses more questions. The novel is set in a fictional amalgam of two small English towns and the descriptive settings support and enhance the mood at each turn of the


    (7 reviews)

    "She Should Have Come for Me" (2010) is a novella written from the point of view of...an animal.

    (audio interview)

    She also writes for children.

    (her site)

    (about her books)

    (2010 article about Gilbert and her work - you have to scroll down to get both parts)

    (Q&A interview from 2016)


    "Frances Gilbert, a British born writer of children’s stories and psychological mysteries, spent many years as a special educator in language and literacy. Frances loves to write about the twists of time, the moodiness of landscape and the ambiguity of
    relationships. She writes from her home in Connecticut and retreats to her cottage in the Scottish Highlands for inspiration."

    Review of "Today the Teacher Changed Our Seats":


    (review of "Elephant Blue")

    (reader reviews - I hope there's only one author under Frances Gilbert, but I can't be sure)

    WRITINGS (possibly incomplete):


    (With others) Language Chain, Language Connection, 1989.
    Teaching Guide (teacher's companion to Turtle on a Summer's Day and Celeste and Regine in the Rain Forest), Greene Bark Press (Bridgeport, CT), 1997.


    Turtle on a Summer's Day, illustrated by Sarah Frances, Greene Bark Press, 1994.
    (Amazon review - "This charming book helps children learn a very important lesson- be yourself. As a teacher of little children, I appreciate the way the story of this young turtle can help teach children that they do not need to be like anyone else to
    be just right. The children in my preschool class love seeing what happens when turtle tries to be like his friends instead of himself.")

    Celeste and Regine in the Rain Forest, illustrated by Sarah Frances, Greene Bark Press, 1997.

    To Know the Sea, illustrated by Rhett Ransom Pennell, Greene Bark Press, 2000.
    ("Far away in a mountain kingdom, lives Isola, a little princess who longs for the Sea. Despite the heroic efforts of several young men from the village, no one is sucessful in bringing the sea to Isola, until Peter, an old sailor, arrives with his pack
    of books and his memories. He teaches Isola the lore of the sea and when she is ready, she comes down from her mountain home and sets sail in a ship of her own.")

    A World of Numbers, 2005
    ("A book of poems written for children who do not enter the world of numbers in a linear or abstract way. A three (3), for example, is seen as 'a piece of an eight that got away'.")

    Goodnight World Outside, 2005

    Elephant Blue, 2009
    ("a simple poetic book that draws young readers into an imaginative and colorful animal world")

    The Cookie Thief, 2011
    ("Cookies are disappearing, Thomas is upset, he likes cookies and people are hiding them, 'No cookie thief is getting my cookies!' they say. Thomas' wise grown up friend Kristina helps him make a plan to track down the cookie thief.")

    Today the Teacher Changed Our Seats, 2012
    ("The teacher has decided that the children will change seats but that makes someone in the class unhappy. Aided by Ben Quesnel's poignant illustrations we watch as the problem unfolds. It takes a smart child and an understanding teacher to put things

    The Man with a Pocketful of Bees, 2015
    ("Frances Gilbert challenges the young reader to go beyond the familiar and empathize with an unusual relationship as Sam and his bees, unwanted, and cast out, meet up with Lady Meg, an equally eccentric travelling gypsy with a wagon full of cats who
    asks him "What can you do?" ... "I can make a home, keep a hearth, I can love and I can laugh," he replies. Together with the cats and the bees they make a family.")


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