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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'Metal hunters discover a male corpse at a garbage dump. Hamburg police senior commissioner Paul Trimmel notes that he was shot with quite a large caliber' weapon and 'from a distance. When searching the area, poison barrels are discovered that were
    illegally disposed of there. A piece of paper is found in his pocket with a name on it, "Annika Boll". The' deceased 'man is between 27 and 30 years old and has been dead for about three days, except for the gunshot wound, there are no other signs of
    violence. Annika Boll can be found living in Kiel, she has a criminal record for' 'theft.

    Petersen, Trimmel's subordinate has already informed police commissioner Finke about the LKA, but there isn't even a trace. The poison comes from the Toxex company and could have caused serious damage if it had gotten into groundwater.' The poisonous
    substance 'is used for steel hardening. The boss of the Toxex company Susanne Knabe, stops a truck with poison barrels and asks the driver to follow her. Meanwhile, Trimmel’s assistant, Mr. Binder, visits a manager of the Toxex company. This states
    that the poison only goes to the landfill after it has been burned, i.e. after detoxification. The poison from the truck is' meanwhile actually being dumped 'in the forest by Susanne Knabe with the help of the truck driver.

    Meanwhile, commissioner Finke finds out from her roommate that Annika Boll worked for a company called "Metallin" until she disappeared. Trimmel's assistant Petersen interrogates' a dump site coordinator 'who says that he illegally dumped poison barrels
    for a small bonus from Toxex.

    For a lot of this Frau Knabe suspects her husband from whom she is divorced to have something to do with the murder, but he denies that he has' interest 'in harming her business because that would only bring him disadvantages in the divorce. Meanwhile,
    Trimmel suspects that the missing Annika Boll is also dead in the landfill. The truck driver Scholz, who illegally dumped the poison barrels in the forest at Frau Knabe's behest shows Dr. Stephan the owner of Metallin and explains details about the'
    current location 'of the poison barrels. This Dr. Stephan then shoots the truck driver. He then tries' to make it 'look like a suicide. A young couple' somewhat 'gets in his way, but he' still 'goes undetected.

    Trimmel and Finke inspect the crime scene together the next day. Finke notices that the dead man lost very little blood for the caliber. The weapon appears to be the same one used in the murder of the first man, but in this case everything looks like
    suicide. Dr. Stephan owner of Metallin, appears at the scene, introduces himself to the inspectors and' looks very 'dismayed by the death of the driver. Dr. Stephan says that he hired the Toxex company to properly dispose of the poison. Petersen from
    the police, goes to Frau Knabe and asks' her 'about the dead driver.

    Frau Knabe apparently said to the police that the Colt' pistol 'that was used in the murder and the apparent suicide was received as a present from her American business partners when she bought the blast furnaces for burning the poison when there. Then,
    she said that she sold the Colt' firearm 'to Dr. Stephan. Petersen informs commissioner Finke accordingly. Finke is' now 'looking for Dr. Stephan who is the owner of Metallin and who then denies to Finke ever having owned such a' weapon but says 'on
    the other hand, that Scholz is a gun fanatic. Finke does not believe Dr. Stephan.

    Senior commissioner Trimmel takes the dead man from the landfill and later to a forensic medicine location to identify the body, further. Ms. Keller identifies the deceased as her tenant Wönterra, who worked as a private detective in Hanover. The
    coroner says some the gunshot wound match a 9mm projectile, rather than a .45 caliber one.

    Petersen, senior commissioner Trimmel's assistant from the Hamburg police, informs Trimmel about his suspicion that Mrs. Knabe had a relationship with the driver Scholz. Furthermore, Trimmel and Petersen suspect that Wönterra was commissioned by Mr.
    Knabe to find out' more 'and was therefore murdered.

    An environmentalist informed Trimmel that he suspected Metallin knew about the illegal dump. He says that Wönterra was' apparently 'to have been put on both Metallin and Toxex at the same time. There is a competitor of Metallin in Hanover, but they
    denied having heard the name Wönterra at all. Trimmel' responds 'that Toxex is solely responsible for the illegal dumping under criminal law and therefore has the best motive for the murders. The environmentalist, on the other hand, refers to the
    missing Metallin employee, Ms. Boll. He also informs Trimmel that the barrels' of 'poison went out from Metallin when Wönterra was found' in 'the dump, but they never reached the landfill. So where are the missing barrels? The environmentalist
    suggests that Trimmel look for the barrels between Kiel and Hamburg.

    Dr. Stephan telephones Susanne Knabe and warns her that the police will look for the barrels, but only dead Scholz knows where the barrels have ended up. Annika Boll's roommate is with Dr. Stephan, because he wanted to prove to her with the phone call
    with Mrs. Knabe that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of the young woman.
    He gives the roommate DM 3,000 for her silence. Due to the warning from Dr. Stephan with a few people, better to hide the barrels. Ms. Knabe observed the large-scale search operation by the police, which began shortly thereafter, from a safe hiding
    place. The police find a stuffed animal that Dr. Stephan used after the murder of Scholz to' help 'fake the act as suicide.

    Petersen' finally 'finds the real weapon. A policeman discovers Ms. Knabe watching the search and asks her to come along because she cannot identify herself. Shortly afterwards, the police' discover 'the barrels during the dig.'

    Though Dr. Stephan said that the police certainly would not come after Frau Knabe, a 'policeman actually brings Frau Knabe to Trimmel, Petersen and Finke. Trimmel confronts Ms. Knabe that her footprints were found at the crime scene and that she must
    have been there at least twice. Trimmel also found the other employees who were still alive and who helped Frau Knabe to dump and hide the barrels. Frau Knabe admits to having illegally used the poison, but she denies the murders. She repeats that she
    sold the Colt firearm to Dr. Stephan. She points out that she could not have known that Wönterra had a helper in Mrs. Boll. Frau Knabe has only been dumping poison for three months because her blast furnaces are defective.

    Commissioner Finke thinks Dr. Stephan as the perpetrator and wants to arrest him. Trimmel thinks this is absurd, though. Finke informs Trimmel that he has the statement from the roommate that Annika Boll has a relationship with Dr. Stephan had and that
    Stephan paid the roommate hush money. Dr. Stephan, who was taken from off a train, says that he has to travel urgently. Finke confronts Dr. Stephan with the fact that he had a relationship with Annika Boll and that she had had another boyfriend
    recently. Dr. Stephan denies that such a relationship ever took place. Finke also claims to know that Boll was madly jealous. Trimmel's assistant Höffgen informs Trimmel that the real weapon with which Scholz was shot belonged to Wönterra.

    Finke asks Stephan about his alibi for the two murders. Trimmel asks Stephan to lower his pants. When the latter reluctantly does so, Trimmel and Finke discover a gunshot wound there that he suffered in the shooting with Max Wönterra. Finke is
    surprised at Trimmel's inspiration. Trimmel tells Finke of his hunch that Dr. Stephan did not shoot Wönterra, he just' got hit by 'a stray bullet. Finke discovers a woman at Stephan's patio door who runs away when the commissioner sees her. He
    pursues and' is able to catch' her. 'It's Annika Boll.

    Dr. Stephan story changes drastically, saying that he has always been generous towards Scholz, but that Scholz has always wanted more. When the blast furnaces failed, he suggested simply dumping the poison into the landfill. Dr. Stephan was initially
    against it, but Scholz laughed at him. In order to maximize his personal profit he would have dumped poison from Metallin on the landfill for a long time and in today's “witch hunt” for environmental offenses, Dr. Stephan, anyway mentions the
    thought that nobody believes that he didn't know anything about it.
    Dr. Stephan says he knew that a detective had found out about them, but supposedly didn't know who the leak was that informed the detective. While the poison was being dumped, Scholz saw a car, the door was thrown open, and Wönterra jumped out with a
    gun in hand, firing. He said he (Stephan) was hit in the leg with the gunfire. When he (Stephan) fell, there was a second bang, this time Wönterra collapsed, fatally hit. Stephan was shocked that Scholz even had his Colt with him. He says that Scholz
    acted out of lust for murder. He also shot when the car that Max Wönterra had jumped out and suddenly started driving after the shot, Annika was behind the wheel. Since Scholz had followed the car with Stephan's own car, Stephan was alone with the
    corpse and took the gun from Wönterra. He wanted to shoot Scholz when he returned because he had shot his lover Annika, but he couldn't. Scholz had missed Annika. Dr. Stephan said Scholz had said that Annika would still be caught.

    Dr. Stephan said he knew that Annika was doing industrial espionage with him and was now staying in his holiday home. He said that she had not gotten involved with Wönterra willingly, but that he had blackmailed her with her past and previous theft
    charges. Stephan should have silenced Scholz because he didn't believe him and suspected that Stephan knew where Annika was. He was afraid for her, so he should have killed Scholz. He says that Frau Knabe would have known about all of this, she would
    have called Stephan and asked about Annika, although normally she would not have known about her in her type of position. In order to end the situation, Stephan asked Scholz to show him the location of the dumped poison barrels. So he says that there he
    shot Scholz with Wönterra's weapon and then faked a suicide putting in place his own weapon, instead.

    Dr. Stephan says he also remembers that Frau Knabe, Mr. Binder, he and Scholz were out and about in Hamburg. Because Scholz had no money with him, they contributed to paying for the gun for Scholz. He said that Frau Knabe said to Scholz: "You know how
    it works!" Annika was the only one who knew everything' from this Max Wönterra source 'and Frau Knabe knew this. So, this was' conveyed as an unspoken request from Knabe to Scholz: "kill Annika.'''

    At the prison, Frau Susanne Knabe was again being visited by Peterson, this time for inciting Wönterra's murder. Even though her arrest warrant for the environmental crime was' just 'overturned'.

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