• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Duel'- english) Zweikampf, 41st episode 5x6, T

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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'One evening, millionaire wife Marion Mezger on the way home from the residence of a friend, is surprised from behind.  A kidnapper takes a cloth with chloroform and forcibly covers her nose and mouth until she loses consciousness.  She is 'kidnapped
    by both a building contractor named Mr. Degenhart and a young accomplice.  They' tape 'her eyes shut with black flaps and take her to a' high rise apartment 'building, saying that they don't want to be identified by her and that they want her husband
    to accept their negotiation terms.  

    Mr. Mezger is alarmed because he misses his wife and he wants the police to search the Ruhr valley area for her.  Crime commissioner Heinz Haferkamp, who' is on the night shift and who dismisses 'the matter as a routine case' that isn't yet clear to him
    and 'does not initiate anything for his subordinates, yet.  For this, he is severely reprimanded by his boss the next day. 

    Mezger has already received a call from the kidnappers and asks the police to stay' out of the matter.  Nevertheless, the police are trying to monitor their planned transfer of' ransom money from Mezger 'at other levels.  This takes place by train
    and the kidnappers and he are to communicate with Mr. Metzger by walkie-talkie.  Nearing Albachten, Mr. Mezger is instructed to throw five million DM in a suitcase from the train, yet the notified authorities are photographing their locations and
    monitoring their communications including where train speed at certain specified locations at that time. After the accomplice and Mr. Degenhart take the money to their car, they release' Ms. Mezger right there 'on the spot and flee, throwing a suitcase
    over a bridge later.  She frees herself from ropes tied around her wrists and she wonders through the forest where the police say over their radio that they later, find her.  

    Almost reaching 'the apartment, the two reach a sudden police check point.  The police search the car and find nothing.  The men part ways after counting the money back at the apartment

    But Degenhart was seen having keys to and in a supposedly empty apartment by an elderly lady who later reported this to commissioner Haferkamp.  He has the apartment' in question 'examined with the forensics department along (and it even looks like
    senior commissioner Veigl is there, too), where they even try some of the marmalade preserves (eating from the same spoon).  

    Everything fits and the compromised Degenhart is also known to Haferkamp as the culprit after first being caught by Haferkamp in a bar over a meal.  But, Ms. Mezger says that she is not sure whether it is the apartment, with Degenhart, Haferkamp and
    the police there along with her.  So after this questioning, 'Degenhart is released from a short pre-trial detention.'  A game of cat and mouse' at times somewhat friendly, between Degenhart and Haferkamp still begins.  Degenhart is shadowed by
    the police so that they can convict him maybe, of a mistake.  Haferkamp even tries to trap Degenhart's ex-wife.  But, she refuses to get fully involved.

    Degenhart flies to Munich in Bavaria and is supposed to be shadowed there by police senior commissioner Veigl' again, often joined by Haferkamp.  But for awhile, Veigl is tricked into taking the wrong train, but catches back up with him.  Maybe,
    Degenhart is recognizing these police without them even introducing themselves.  'Degenhart is observed with' a childhood friend named 'Fischer.  He asks Mr. Fischer to somehow 'launder' the five million Deutschmarks in ransom money, because he
    cannot spend it because of the registration numbers that Haferkamp told him about in a bar.  When his friend visits him in Essen, Degenhart realizes that the police have long since shadowed him and he cancels the plan.  

    But Fischer continues at first, unknowing of police involvement decided on a possible hiding place a place from his youth.  Later, after having known of the stashed money he turns to the other side, goes and shows the police where it is. The money is
    actually there in an old bunker.  Haferkamp lies in wait there. But, it is not Degenhart who appears, but Ms. Mezger. She showed Degenhart that she wants to leave her husband, go abroad, get the money for him and exchange it abroad, in order to then
    send him a share. The police also go to Degenhart's house where he is taken away.' 

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