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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'Due to the' then soccer World Cup in 1974 there is 'an acute shortage of personnel in the Munich police force.  So,this time, the Munich police senior commissioner Melchior Veigl has to deal with several cases at the same time.

    The felon gangster Johann Strasser manages to stick-up and escape from court 'room proceedings on his' day for a divorce 'because his wife secretly slips him a pistol before the trial.  Veigl is entrusted with the search for' the escapee.  'Almost at
    the same time, two more cases come in for Veigl.  On the one hand, he is supposed to clarify the circumstances of an alleged suicide' that used gas by a married 'woman in her apartment, and on the other hand, the case of mass forgeries of World Cup
    soccer tickets. Since the hotels that claim they unknowingly sold the forged cards to their guests fear a scandal, all hotel employees are probably told to remain silent. Only one porter wanted to talk, but he was attacked and is now in the hospital.

    Before Veigl can question this doorman, now at the hospital, Veigl even has to deal with a fourth case.  Inspector Schneehans entrusts him to investigate another incident.  The night before, the patrol officer Lohse apparently shot two intruders in
    self-defense.  Schneehans would like this case to be quickly confirmed by Veigl as' one of 'self-defense.

    Veigl looks for the porter in the hospital, but he has been afraid since the attack on his person and now refuses to give evidence.  Finally, the porter gives a hint about a certain person, named Mr. Feuerlein.  

    Veigl, then visits the patrol officer Lohse in the training center of the Munich' police, who says that he noticed an open garage door and two burglars inside in the dark.  Veigl is puzzled because Lohse was able to kill both with a shot in the head
    despite allegedly poor visibility.  'Schneehans sees the matter as settled.  

    Next, Veigl seeks Mr. Madlmeier, the husband of the woman who died by gas poisoning.  The widower looks gravely affected by his wife's suicide. When he found his wife dead, he immediately called a neighbor to help; both of them together found' Mrs.
    Madlmeier's body lying 'in front of the open gas pipe by the stove. The pipe had been screwed onto the nut. Ms. Madlmeier had cancer and had been operated on years ago. The pain reappeared on' her last 'vacation in Spain. After the doctor had indicated
    that the cancer would return, Ms. Madlmeier was, according to her widower, discouraged and no longer wanted to be treated. Veigl is puzzled because Mr Madlmeier did not initiate any attempts at resuscitation, but hurried over to the neighbor and
    instructed' a subordinate, named Lenz to make further inquiries about Madlmeier.

    In' a nudie bar, Veigl 'asks about Mallik, an accomplice in Strasser's gang.  He doesn't meet him, but can question two women who were with Strasser's accomplices; they give him clues about criminal offenses, but insist that he no longer' has 'any
    contact with Strasser or the relevant accomplices.  The next morning Veigl visits a gas station in Aubing, which is said to have been attacked by the group.  There, he finally meets Mallik, who has often served as an informant for Veigl.  Mallik's
    wife is close friends with Ms. Strasser.  Mallik claims that Strasser is abroad, but he has no other informants.  Back at the gas station, the owner can identify two of the perpetrators in a photo that Veigl received from one of the women in the
    restaurant as the robbers who attacked his gas station the year before.  

    In the meantime Veigl's subordinate, named Brettschneider interrogates Mr. Feuerlein, the dealer who sold false cards to the injured hotel' porter.  A reference to a 'travel agency in Leopoldstrasse is given.  
    Lenz has meanwhile found out that the widower Madlmeier has a girlfriend, as Veigl suspected from the start.  She is a photo model.  
    Ms. Strasser and Ms. Mallik meet in a café at Augsburg's central train station.  For security reasons, Ms. Strasser does not know where her husband is.  Ms. Strasser expresses the fear that Strasser would like to take revenge on Veigl, with whom he
    still has' an issue.  
    Meanwhile, Lenz finds out at the forensic medicine department that Ms. Madlmeier officially died of gas poisoning.  Veigl had found a plug under the bed in the Madlmeiers' bedroom and found that the bedside table drawer was empty, which maintains his
    When Veigl met his colleague Lutz from Stuttgart in the evening, he told him about activities of an ex-colleague who now runs a forensic laboratory in Frankfurt.  They, now have a new chemical process with which they can determine the gas or poison
    content in the blood of a victim.  In view of the Madlmeier case, Veigl takes note, because his colleague Lutz, partly in friendly competition, arranged an investigation for Veigl against Veigl's last World Cup card.

    The next day, Brettschneider visits the travel agency that Feuerlein drew his attention to and asks for World Cup tickets.  The lady in the travel agency acts clueless.  The managing director of the travel agency, Vikicevic, says that he received this
    as a gift from an unknown customer.  Brettschneider takes the man to a Munich police station.  Vikicevic, who seems like he is praying halfway through the interrogation process, finally admits that he obtained the forged tickets from two Italian
    waiters at an ice cream parlor near the Olympic site, that he called the Napoli ice café.  

    Veigl also makes progress in the case of the two burglars who were shot.  He suspects that the young police officer Lohse must have known the intruders he shot.  Via Lenz he ordered the ambushed gas station attendant to the police station, but he could
    not clearly identify Lohse as the third gangster in a randomly arranged encounter, but Veigl noticed the reaction of Lohse, who was quite shocked by this apparently chance encounter.  During a local appointment at the crime scene, Veigl confronts Lohse
    with his incredible shooting luck, which he would have had if he had really hit the burglars as he had stated.  This is astonishing, because Lohse was noticed in the target practice as not a very good shooter.  In addition, the colleagues only heard
    two shots, it must have been a strange coincidence if the gangsters and Lohse had shot twice at exactly the same time.  Veigl is also puzzled that one of the gangsters was found with the gun in his right hand, although Veigl knows from the investigation
    file that he was left-handed.  Lohse then reveals himself because he notes that both gangsters could have shot with both hands, but earlier stated that they were left-handed.  Lohse then collapses and admits to having been the ex-accomplice of the two
    gangsters.  They blackmailed him with his past, so he ordered' them 'to the garage and executed them there.  Then, he fabricated the scene to look like self-defense.  Lohse bursts into tears, he wanted to start a new life with the police.  Veigl
    leads him away, it is 1-0 for him.

    During the night, Mallik shows up at Veigl's place and claims that his life is in danger.  He says Strasser has returned to Munich and now knows that he is an informant of Veigl.  

    Veigl and Brettschneider visit Mr. Madlmeier in the morning and both confront him with the fact that Ms. Madlmeier had been completely cured of cancer.  In addition, they confront him with the fact that they' know 'he met the young model while on
    vacation and gave her gifts worth DM 30,000, which Mr. Madlmeier indignantly rejects.  In addition, Madlmeier says he studied chemistry for several semesters and worked in a pharmaceutical company until he met his wife and from then on he only looked
    after her considerable finances.  The officials also determined that Madlmeier resumed his relationships with the company he once worked for during his wife's crisis, which was more likely due to acquaintance than alleged recurrence with cancer.  He
    did this and acquired chloroform.  With this substance, he had drugged his wife and placed her in front of the gas pipe.  Madlmeier replied that this could not be proven, but senior comissioner Veigl held up additional findings that he received from
    the forensic medicine institute in Frankfurt.  The stopper Veigl found under the bed belonged to the chloroform bottle, which Veigl had also examined at the institute using the new procedure.  Veigl and Brettschneider arrest Madlmeier, now it's 2-0 for

    Veigl then drives to the Napoli ice cream parlor at the Olympic site, where the forged World Cup tickets that were resold in the travel agency came from.  He recognizes a forger' familiar to him as one of the waiters and promptly discovers the printer
    for the counterfeit cards in the back room.  Veigl also discovers a place where Strasser spent the night.  Strasser threatens Veigl with a weapon.  With the help of his dog; a dachshund, named Oswald who grabs Strasser by the leg, Veigl succeeds in
    disarming Strasser.  A patrol officer comes to Veigl's help and Strasser and the forger are taken away.  So, it is now 3-0 for Veigl.

    Afterwards, Veigl who gave away all his World Cup tickets happily' goes 'walking into the stadium regardless of whether pocketed enough forged World Cup tickets to be able to enjoy the World Cup.  Veigl, was also able to smuggle his beloved dachshund
    into the stadium.

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