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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'The internationally successful singer Heidi Brühl lands at Stuttgart Airport.  A man who was about to greet her at the airport was seriously injured by a suitcase falling from a luggage cart.  For police commissioner Lutz and his assistant Glö
    ckle, it' seems 'initially clear that it is an accident.  The culprit has disappeared.  Heidi Brühl's manager, however, suspects an attempted attack on his star.  Lutz contacts his colleague Baden-Baden police senior commissioner Franz Gerber because
    Heidi Brühl is giving a concert in Baden-Baden and is traveling there.

    Gerber places his police assistant Kriminalmeister Ihle for Heidi Brühl's stay in Baden-Baden.  During the rehearsal, jealousy becomes apparent among the ensemble members.  Gerber appears there, although he wants to guard Heidi Brühl's performance,
    but makes it clear to those responsible that' he's doing everything he was asked to.  Her manager insists on personal protection, which Gerber then grants.

    At the next rehearsal the next morning, the organ was switched off so that' Heidi Brühl got electrocuted and injured.  Had 'she stepped on the pedals, the attack would have been fatal.  The manager blames Gerber for the attack.  Gerber investigates a
    previous dispute between Heidi Brühl's pianist Harry May and manager Bert Schlesinger.  Schlesinger is angry with May because he is chasing after his girlfriend Lill, Heid Brühl's background singer.  Gerber suspects that the attack was against
    Schlesinger, as he should normally have been sitting at the organ.  This refuses the personal protection offered by Gerber. May receives a threatening phone call from a stranger.  He says he wants Heidi Brühl to stop with her “degenerate art” and
    her “un-German singing”.  He demands 100,000 DM so that nothing more happens.  May immediately makes the threat public at the press conference that is running at the same time, which Gerber dislikes.

    At a joint evening of the ensemble members, at which Gerber is also present, differences become clear again, concert director Rosendahl accuses Heidi Brühl's manager May of having pushed him out of business and almost ruined him because of May's
    American ambitions.  There is almost a fight between May and Rosendahl. 

    The next day, Gerber instructed May how to behave in relation to the blackmail.  The extortion call comes, May is instructed to put a suitcase with 100,000 DM in used bills in the Baden-Baden train station on platform 1 on a bench.  When the money is
    handed over, Gerber and his colleagues lie in wait.  Gerber notices a man in light-colored trousers whom he has already seen somewhere, but whom he' can't exactly place where.  The suitcase is still on the bench, however, so that the officers break off
    the mission after an hour and a half. 

    Eventually, Gerber remembers that the man' he saw 'on the platform' was 'the bartender from the hotel who served Harry May and the producer Lepsius.  He' then takes his assistant Ihle and 'visits Harry May in the hotel and sits down with them at the
    bar.  Commissioner Gerber tries to unobtrusively listen to the bartender.  He has traveled a lot, lives in Bühl and comes to work in Baden-Baden every day.  Gerber asks the bartender to show him his locker, which the bartender agrees with, because
    there's nothing in the locker.  In a container at the bar, Gerber and Ihle discover tools that could have been used to attack Heidi Brühl.  The bartender denies having anything to do with these items.  Gerber arrests him temporarily.

    Meanwhile, Lill discovers sheet music from Heidi Brühl's latest song in her friend Bert's room.  She visits May and asks him whether the band leader Rob or Bert is the composer of the song.  May dismisses the question as ridiculous.  May implores
    Lill not to spread her suspicions because there is already enough unrest among the production' team.  But, he didn't answer 'her question about who the real composer was.  Lill asks her friend Bert whether he is the composer or not,  which Bert
    confesses after some hesitation.  

    Bert says that he was addicted to morphine and that he stole the papers and traded them and he was caught by the police and Rob helped him out of the jam with bribes and rehab.  When he returned, the production company was broke, so Bert made a
    commitment to Rob to compose under Rob's name.  Lill implores him to demand a larger share of the royalties since his debt has' long already 'been paid.  Lill agrees to help Bert keep his well-deserved fame and money.  The next day at the rehearsal,
    Bert appears euphoric and triumphantly announces that he doesn't need to rehearse the piece after all, it's his own.  Heidi Brühl and the production members are surprised.  He reveals to the' 'ensemble that all of Rob's compositions over the past nine
    years were also by him.  Rob threatens him with a lawyer.

    Lill confronts him, reproaching him for the fact that it was the wrong time to publish the truth.  When Bert reacts angry, she ends her relationship with him.  Ihle informs Gerber about the copyright dispute, as it could be related to the attacks and
    extortion.  During outdoor' gunshots heard in 'the park by a stranger, Lill is hit.  Gerber suspects that the shot was not aimed at Lill, but Heidi Brühl.  On the tape on which the attack can be seen, an unknown man can also be seen indistinctly in
    the picture.  Nobody in the ensemble can say who this man is.  

    Gerber asks Schlesinger to put on his glasses because he is shortsighted, which he also admits.  Gerber points out that the stranger in the video made a movement towards his head, namely that he had put on his glasses before he started to shoot.
    Schlesinger denies, but Gerber takes him with him and tells producers the show will have to do without him.  Gerber confronts Schlesinger with the fact that he had his sports car in the inspection four days ago, but has driven 300 kilometers since then.
    This was enough to drive to Stuttgart and commit the' falling baggage attack at the airport, there.  Gerber says' to him face to face 'that he wanted to kill Rob at the airport and' then 'with the manipulation of the organ and that he wanted to shoot
    his girlfriend in the park because she broke up with him.  

    Bert Schlesinger denies wanting to kill Rob.  He says he just wanted to hurt Rob so he could take over the show himself, though Rob or more people could have died.  In addition not Rob, but Lill was the driving force in the affair with Rob.  And that
    he would have fired the shot at her out of a "question of self-respect".  He would have committed the blackmail only to distract from the events and mislead the police with a wrong motive.  He slipped the tool from the organ attack on the bartender. 
    Gerber informs Schlesinger that he'd long since released the bartender.  Schlesinger is arrested.

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