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    STORY LINE (in english):
    Georg Moll says he works in his house on Sunday mornings in his study.  This time, his young wife Isabell says goodbye to go visit her sister in Wiesbaden.  He says he told her that he will finish his work around noon and then relax in the garden. 
    Shortly after making himself comfortable, he says his residence got a call that his wife has been kidnapped.  The anonymous kidnapper demands 100,000 DM and that the police not be involved. ' He'll get back to' him 'later, Georg says the kidnapper said.
    'Georg Moll said that he called his sister-in-law, who gave him the reassuring information that Isabell is with her, but has just left for half an hour. Since, she had only left half a minute earlier, a kidnapping seems impossible, says Moll.  Around
    the same time, a fisherman named Norbert Großmann comes home from fishing earlier than expected.

    Ingeborg, Isabell Moll's sister, says she tries all the time to reach her sister by phone, obviously the claim that she was visiting her sister was false.  Ingeborg says she finally reaches Dr. Pechelt, whom she wanted to visit.  Moll meanwhile goes to
    his sister-in-law Ingeborg, who he says' admits to having lied 'to him and admits that Isabell was not with her.  She pretends not to worry him.  Moll says he tells her about the blackmail call and Moll calls the police, while Ingeborg's husband
    reproaches himself and his wife for covering Isabel's affair with her husband's chief designer.  Ingeborg is looking for Dr. Pechelt and informs him about the kidnapping.  She makes it clear to him that it should not come out that she has covered up
    her sister's affair and therefore wants to coordinate with him in order to avoid contradicting statements.

    The caller contacts Moll again, as proof he has thrown Ms. Moll's driver's license in the mailbox.  He repeats his ransom demand and states that he will announce the time of the money delivery later.  Moll who has called the police, is visited by
    commissioner Konrad and his police assistant Luck.  Moll gives the inspectors his driver's license and explains the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping of his wife.  Meanwhile, after calling Moll, Großmann comes home in a good mood from a phone
    booth and announces to his wife that they will soon have a lot of money.  Konrad and Luck hear Moll's story and recordings of the kidnapper's demands and then seek out Ingeborg, the kidnapped victim's sister.  She also hides her sister's affair from
    Konrad.  An interception circuit is installed for Moll's telephone.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Moll's car is found' in a 'remote location.  

    Großmann, who works in the pathology department of a hospital, is meanwhile warned by an indiscreet article in the press about the interception circuit. Großmann, clearly acting as the kidnapper calls Moll again, Großmann claims to have accomplices,
    so that his arrest would not save Ms. Moll.  Georg Moll denies having called the police.  After the intercepted phone call, the police arrived too late at the phone booth where Großmann had just called from but still in the area, he ducked down in his
    car seat.

    The analysis of the fingerprints shows that the prints in Ms. Moll's car' and 'those on the door, come from an unknown person.  However, the stranger's fingerprints were on the handles of both car doors.  While both were at work,  Großmann called
    Moll again as Dr. Pechelt met with him and announced that the ransom had doubled to DM 200,000.  

    Meanwhile, the police found that that the fingerprints on the car are identical to those found on a holiday home near where the car was found.  They belong to Dr. Pechelt, who is now the main suspect for commissioner Konrad.   Konrad confronts Moll
    with this suspicion, which Moll dismisses as ridiculous.  If this were the culprit, Moll would have recognized him by his voice.  The police shadow Pechelt as a woman visits Moll's sister.  Konrad's police assistant (Herr Kriminal Obermeister) Luck
    rings the doorbell at Ingeborg's place where Dr. Pechelt and her husband are meeting and takes Pechelt away with him for interrogation.  Konrad confronts Pechelt with finding his fingerprints.  To him, this authorities finding the car could mean
    possibly implicating him.  He then refuses to answer.  When Konrad confronted Pechelt about Mrs. Moll's bikini that was found and the realization that Pechelt's neighbor had identified it as being worn by a woman in Pechelt's company, Pechelt finally
    admits to having a relationship with Mrs. Moll, but denies the kidnapping.  Konrad lets Dr. Pechelt go, where he goes back to Ingeborg's residence and to meeting and discussing what the police know with her and her husband who is sick of the lies.

    Großmann's wife says she is worried about her husband.  She senses that something is going on and tells him that she is afraid for him.  He reassures her that what he is doing will bring prosperity to both of them and its "a surefire thing". 
    Meanwhile at Moll's company, Konrad reports to Mr. Moll about his wife's relationship with Pechelt.  Georg Moll has meanwhile revealed that he received Mrs. Moll's wedding ring from the kidnapper in the mail.  Moll receives and plays back the kidnapper'
    s instructions to the police that the money should be thrown out of the window on a forest path.  So, Konrad plans more traps to catch the kidnapper and he presents this to the subordinate police.  

    Norbert Großmann will partially be on foot and lurks in a hole in the ground waiting for the ransom.  Along the path, one policeman is hiding in a dumpster; one in an abandoned car; one in the bushes, another hidden in a large bin and others positioned,

    After Moll drives up and throws the money out of the car, Norbert comes out.  With binoculars,  commissioner Konrad sees him from an elevated observation deck near the area and radios out instructions only to watch him, not to approach him.  Großmann
    returns with the money and crawls back into his hole in the ground.  Later, he comes out confident of victory and disguises himself as a harmless berry hunter without any large sum of ransom money.  Then, he gets in his car and drives away unknowingly
    with police on a motorcycle following him.  He parks his car' near a construction area and police in an unmarked truck watch and report him walking 'over a pedestrian bridge and from there home.  Beaming, he shows his wife the DM 200,000 in the plastic
    bag.  She is astonished. 

    Later, when he was calmly working in the garden, commissioner Konrad and assistant Luck came to see him and asked about Mrs. Moll.  When he pretends to be unsuspecting, the two arrest him. Großmann gives up, is put in handcuffs and nods towards his
    barn.  There, the officers find Ms. Moll's body. "You killed her, yourself?" asks Konrad.  Großmann says "No, no its different", and then he keeps  stating that she was already dead when he found her.  Norbert Großmann claims to have gone fishing. 
    Suddenly, Norbert heard a woman scream and he says found the body at the foot of the Katzenbach rock formation.  Konrad and he actually go there to this location. He says that when he discovered it was the wife of the industrialist Moll, he
    spontaneously decided to fake kidnapping in order to exploit the situation and to fake the ransom extortion.

    Konrad has an arrest warrant for Pechelt obtained.  He tells his assistant: "No explanations to the press".  Meanwhile, a neighbor of Großmann confirms his information.  Finke contacts Konrad and tells him about Großmann's previous convictions,
    which he had committed while residing in Kiel, all of them harmless petty' offenses.  Pechelt arrives at the the police station.  He asks if Mrs. Moll has been found and is relieved upon hearing of her being found.  After then hearing that she is dead,
    Dr. Pechelt 'seems to be dismayed by the death of his lover. Konrad is certain that Großmann found Mrs. Moll before Pechelt was at her car.
    Konrad bluffs Moll by telling him that his wife is OK “relative to the circumstances”.   Then, Konrad' has arranged 'what appears to be Mrs. Moll herself, sitting in a wheelchair from behind.  Moll immediately says that his wife is dead or that it
    is a doll.   When the woman gets up, he exclaims in surprise that: "she had survived it”.  Then, the' woman, actually a policewoman 'disguised as Mrs. Moll, turns around.  Konrad explains to Moll that: "No, she didn't survive the fall" and that he
    made a big mistake - he never asked for his wife on the phone with the kidnapper, every husband of a kidnapped woman would have asked for this to make sure that she was still alive.  

    Moll declares that he had no intention of killing his' wife.  He said he only 'took advantage of the opportunity, like Grossmann himself.  He was working that Sunday morning.  By chance - the tape recorder he uses to record all calls did not turn off,
    so he recorded a call between his wife and Dr. Pechelt.  That's how he discovered his wife's affair.  He found it a tremendous breach of trust that his wife who owes him a life in luxury and his colleague whom he trusted unconditionally, betrayed him
    in such a way.  

    In particular, he became angry because she continued to play the caring wife.  So, he drove after her to catch her red-handed, but was ready to forgive her for having indeed neglected him.  He confronted her and she lied, again.  The fact that he knew
    everything and wanted to forgive her seemed to' still 'leave her indifferent.  When he went to grab (or maybe attack) her in some way, the accident happened and she fell off the edge.  He drove home in a trance, but instead of receiving the police call
    he was expecting, he got the blackmail call and got involved in the game.  Moll is carried away.

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