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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'The wife of the' industrialist' Mr. Rahl is 'found dead in the Prater Park in Vienna.  The police's senior inspector Marek visits this widower Rahl in his villa.  Rahl claims to have been at home that evening with his wife, who then expressed the wish
    to go into the garden at around 10 p.m. that summer evening.  She disappeared from the garden while he was mixing orange drinks 'inside.  She was kidnapped by a stranger who called him about ten minutes later.  He wanted a million schillings that same
    night.  Rahl did not call the police, but recorded a second phone call with the kidnapper and played it to Marek.  The kidnapper gave him an ultimatum until three in the morning, and only then did Rahl notify the police because he could not raise the
    amount so quickly.

    Ms. Künzl, Rahl's housekeeper, went to see Marek in the police presidium office shortly afterwards and stated that Ms. Rahl had had many lovers and that these were the key to the case.  Marek does not take the statement seriously because she also gives
    Marek the tip to ask her husband, who works as a chauffeur for Rahl.  Marek therefore, says that she is just plain jealous.

    Meanwhile Marek's assistant inspector Wirz, is asked to look into a case in which a Viennese gangster named Ewald Höss died in a stolen sports car accident.  The insurance company wants to take legal action against his paraplegic widow.  Inspector
    Wirz seeks out the woman who is however, destitute.  When Wirz leaves, the wheel chair bound Klara Höss is pressured by her brother-in-law Harald not to say anything to the police.  This Harald Höss, then wants to know from his sister-in-law what'
    else 'she knows about "the matter".  Senior inspector Marek and his assistants quickly realize that Höss had something to do with the kidnapping of Ms. Rahl.  However, Höss cannot have murdered her because according to the autopsy, his fatal accident
    occurred before the murder of Ms. Rahl.

    Shortly afterwards a Mr. Lahmann' calls. 'Rahl's secretary answers.  He states that Ms. Rahl had a relationship with him.  She' 'couldn't get enough of other 'men.  He also suspects Rahl's chauffeur, named Künzl.  Berntner seeks out Höss's lover
    but meets his brother Harald, who with other gangsters openly threaten him in a restaurant.  
    Meanwhile at Rahl' house,  Marek asks Rahl's chauffeur Künzl about a trip, who initially stated that he had been in Yugoslavia with his wife the whole time, but then admits to having returned to Austria prematurely.  Künzl also met Ms. Rahl, but
    accompanied by another man with whom she probably also had a relationship.  Marek then questions Rahl and confronts him' about 'his wife's affairs.  He admits he knew about it, but had to stay with her as his company was financially dependent on her. 
    He, however also has a younger mistress.  She is named Ilse Brinck, the stepdaughter of his friend Consul Brinck' who are both there during this questioning.  Later outside, during Marek's questioning, Brinck says he is in love with Rahl's "daughter"
    and tries to explain to Marek that she is only his stepdaughter and that this is therefore not morally reprehensible.

    Back at the police office,  Marek learns from Berntner's report that the woman's hair that was found in the car did not come from Ms. Rahl.  

    Shortly afterwards Berntner is this time along with Wirz and he seeks' out Lissy, the 'dead Höss's lover.  She claims to have been to her mother's on the evening of the crime in Salzburg.  Höss drove them to Salzburg. It turns out that she knew that
    Höss also had a relationship with Ms. Rahl.  Inspector Wirz loses his temper, but he can't get anything out of Lissy.  Höss's brother Harald comes out of the back room after the two officers have left.  He asks her about the kidnapping, but Lissy
    doesn't know either.  They speculate that Ewald Höss actually wanted to kidnap Rahl and that Rahl's friend, Consul Brinck, could have been the client.  
    Meanwhile, Marek is talking to the Künzl lady, again.  She claims to have been beaten by her husband, but still loves him, but she left him and her children in Yugoslavia.  In the meantime, Wirz can deliver the good news to Höss's widow that the
    insurance company will no longer seek recourse against her.  Berntner seeks out Rahl's lover Ilse, but she too has an alibi.

    Marek now suspects that Höss had an accomplice or that another man drove Höss's lover to Salzburg.  Marek would therefore like to interrogate Harald Höss.  Wirz and Berntner drive to where Höss is.  When he leaves his house, they follow him to a
    subway construction site with many more police.  Höss tries to evade his arrest by shooting the officers, whereupon he is shot himself by a stranger.  Meanwhile, one of possibly two people claiming to be witnesses (both named Gerhard says he observed
    Ewald Höss's accident'.  'He says that a woman was also in the car and she fell out of the car after the accident.  The witness testifies that it could have been Mrs. Rahl.

    Marek goes to Rahl's villa, where Rahl and Consul Brinck listen to his daughter Ilse playing the piano.  Rahl's chauffeur Künzl is also present.  Marek asks Brinck about the evening of the crime.  Guests were there, but so many that they could have
    disappeared inconspicuously.  Marek knows that Brinck only rented his villa and that he had enormous debts.  Brinck lives directly opposite from Rahl's house.  Marek knows that one of those present must be the murderer and confronts those present with
    his knowledge.  Since Marek receives a call and has to leave, he leaves the interrogation to his assistant Wirz.  Marek goes to the Brinck Villa.  Shortly afterwards he returns and returns with a dress by Ilse Brinck.  Marek now' openly wonders about
    'the suspect regarding the night of the crime.  It was not Ms. Rahl who was kidnapped that night, but Ilse Brinck.  Because Ilse Brinck was with Rahl that evening, Höss mistook her for Frau Rahl and kidnapped Ilse.  Ilse Brinck jumped out of the car
    after the accident and escaped.  

    Then, Mrs. Rahl came back from her own tryst with another man.  Marek can prove his theory because her belt buckle was found in the car.  Rahl or Ilse Brinck must then have come up with the idea of taking advantage of the opportunity to kill Ms. Rahl
    and blame Höss, who had been kidnapped in the accident.  When Rahl denies everything, Marek replies that a hair test would prove that Ilse Brinck, not Frau Rahl, was sitting in the car.  Marek suspects that Ilse instigated Rahl.  Harald Höss knew
    about it and tried to blackmail Rahl and' therefore' it was 'Rahl who killed him 'as well as his own wife.  

    Marek announces that he will be looking for the murder weapon and traces of Rahl at the crime scene.  Brinck then admits that he was also at the scene and saw Rahl there.  The whole time he suspected that Rahl was the culprit and had followed him
    because he was jealous of Rahl because of his' stepdaughter.  Rahl 'states that the whole thing was based on Ilse Brinck's idea, who in turn accuses him of being the mastermind.  Marek has both Ilse and Rahl arrested and Rahl announces only now, that
    he wants to confess everything.

    Marek sums it up that Rahl actually had everything, and then allowed himself to be manipulated by the young woman, who only wanted to get away from her adoptive father' and 'to "marry up", financially.  So, Rahl became a murderer and lost everything.

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