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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'In Munich, demonstrations are taking place in more and more parts of the city due to the ongoing gentrification cash in.  Josef' Bacher released 'from the youth detention center in Hamburg, is returning to his family after years there in his
    hometown.  The reception from his mother Nadja is cool.  She works as a successful photographer. Joseph's sister, who' recently 'divorced from her Spanish husband, has also returned to her mother with her two' own 'children.  The Bachers have to move
    out of their house soon, because' it too 'is to be demolished and replaced by a new building. 

    Josef Bacher' who has a gun in one of his suitcases, claims 'that after his release from prison he had work in Bremen, but now it has ended and he wants to stay in Munich permanently.  When he realizes that his mother is not welcoming him, he quickly
    says goodbye.  His stepfather Erwin Kempf, who is friendly towards the young man, reproaches Nadja for being so negative towards her son, she admits that she doesn't like her son because he reminds her so much of her divorced husband.  Erwin thinks it
    was a mistake to have put Josef' into youth detainment at 'the time.  He goes out in the hall to Josef, who is still sitting in the stairwell and doesn't know where to go and offers him money, but Josef refuses.  Josef tells Erwin that he has a well-
    paid job in' Munich and that 'it is nothing illegal, either.  'Erwin pleads to his stepson to go back to Bremen and stay away from nonsense.

    Josef Bacher's new employer is the wealthy landlord Mr. Pröpper.  He warns Josef that the job is not safe, but Bacher dares to do the job.  Pröpper quarters Josef as a subtenant with the old Mrs. Altmann.  His first assignment leads him to the
    Mandl family, where he is supposed to repair a heating boiler, which amazes the Mandls because' they think that 'Pröpper wants to throw them out and demolish the house.  Ms. Altmann is not at all enthusiastic about her new subtenant, but agrees because
    Pröpper offers her a cheap apartment in one of his new buildings after the demolition.  Ms. Altmann is interested in marrying Mr. Hallbaum, who is about the same age, but, as she learns from Mr. Hallbaum's grandson' Jürgen, there is a competitor and
    its 'Ms. Kreipl.  The next morning at seven o'clock, Bacher begins his “work”.  He knocks the plaster off the walls, supposedly because the walls needed to be reinsulated.  Mandl complains to Pröpper because, instead of repairing the boiler,
    Bacher sabotaged it so that the' renters there can no longer do 'the dishes' because they lack hot water. 

    'Pröpper pretends not to have a craftsman who could help. Hallbaum's grandson asks his grandfather why he's looking for a two-room apartment with Frau Altmann, because' where is he supposed to 'stay, then?  Hallbaum then explains to his grandson that
    he should live with his mother in the future.  He thinks that the mother's volatile nature would' have already subsided if 'her son who had previously lived with his grandfather, would live with her, instead. When Bacher wanted to enter the Mandle
    restaurant bar, Mandl banned him from the house shoving and swinging. 

    When Mr. Hallbaum and his grandson return to the house, there are police and a large crowd there.  But, its because Ms. Altmann was found dead in her apartment.  Senior inspector Veigl meets her attending doctor in the apartment, who reports that Ms.
    Altmann called him the day before and complained about an upset stomach.  The next morning he would therefore have gone to her and had the caretaker open the apartment.   There, he found Frau Altmann dead.  Veigl realizes that Ms. Altmann wanted to
    make a phone call but couldn't do it, anymore.  

    Ms. Altmann' had 'been poisoned, and in the sugar bowl, forensics detects a powder that doesn't belong there.  Because of these circumstances, Veigl and his assistants rule out that she poisoned herself.  In front of people assembling outside the
    building, the Mandls and the other tenants voice suspicion that Pröpper and Bacher killed Ms. Altmann.  The Mandls later tell Veigl that they have been running the restaurant for twenty years as a tenant from Pröpper, but that he persuaded them to 
    terminate the lease by promising them that they would get the entire ground floor for their restaurant in the new building.  After they terminated the lease, he informed the Mandls, with reference to a hidden clause, that he was not building himself,
    but was selling the property to an insurance company, so that the Mandls had' no more premises 'for their restaurant.  

    Lenz and Brettschneider question all tenants in the house one by one.  Young Jürgen Hallbaum tells his mother and her friend about the survey. He says that he is very happy that Mrs. Altmann is dead because Mrs. Kreipl has more money and he therefore
    hopes that she will marry his grandfather so that they can rent a larger apartment and take him in, too.  His mother and her sister, however, are not on good terms with Mrs. Kreipl.  The friend of the child Jürgen's mother says that the Hallbaum
    sisters are finally rid of the Altmann, now they should also see that they get rid of' the Kreipl woman.

    Veigl asks the' Bachers, why 'the son doesn't live with them.  His mother refers to the cramped living conditions.  Erwin, her husband remarks that his stepson would have a good job in Munich at Pröpper "with a bonus".  Veigl pricks up his ears and
    notes that ten days ago another older woman was found poisoned in a redevelopment area in Bremen.  Böck in Bremen takes action at Veigl's request and supports the investigation from Bremen.  He is looking for the nephew of the woman who was poisoned
    ten days ago, a Mr. Sänger, and asks him again.  He shows him a photo of Josef Bacher, but he pretends not to know him.  He asks Sänger where he got the money for his expensive US made Corvette sports car.  Sänger's girlfriend interferes in the
    conversation and says that Sänger inherited the money.  When Böck notes that the dead woman was murdered, she claims that he told her that the old lady died of heart failure.  Böck says that there was no money in the old lady's account and he
    hypothesizes that the lady, like many of her contemporaries, probably kept the money in the apartment because she mistrusted the banks.  He suddenly attacks the inspector and tries to escape.  After a car chase in the (then) late model Chevy Corvette
    of all things with even a police helicopter joining in, Sänger is arrested at waters edge for suspicion of the murder of his aunt and fleeing.  It is therefore clear that this case is not related to the death of Ms. Altmann.

    Veigl asks Pröpper about his work and payment for Josef Bacher.  Pröpper pretends that he acted out of a social conscience and wanted to help a convicted person with rehabilitation.  He denies that he wanted to knock out the tenants with Bacher's
    help, if Bacher really killed Frau Altmann, he must have "misunderstood" something.  However, he admits that he would pay Bacher DM 1,000 for every "successful case".

    The policeman Mr. Veigl visits the Hallbaum family the next day, while grandfather Hallbaum announces that he and Mrs. Kreipl are going to get married and' will make arrangements the next day.  Veigl 'asks Ms. Kreipl about her relationship with Ms.
    Altmann.  She' answers that 'they had a bad relationship and that she wanted to clean it up the evening before her death.  When she came to visit, Pröpper was leaving.  Ms. Altmann and Ms. Kreipl had spoken' and 'had tea together.  Veigl pays
    attention to the fact that he only found one teacup.  Would they both have used just one tea cup to take sugar with their tea?  Bacher, who is again entrusted with' harassment work against 'these tenants, tells Veigl how much he suffered in the home
    where his mother had given him.  When he wants to drink a beer in the Mandl's restaurant during his break and Rudi Mandl wants to throw him out, Bacher suddenly pulls a gun. Brettschneider a policeman who happened to be there, disarmed Bacher, but the
    gun was not loaded.  Bacher warns Mandl that he would have to kill him, otherwise he would keep coming back.

    The kid Jürgen Hallbaum asks Veigl why he doesn't lock Bacher up and why he doesn't stop the renovations.  Veigl tries to explain to him that there is nothing he can do about it.  Jürgen Hallbaum storms out and goes to Bacher possibly with Rudi in
    tow and insults Bacher as a criminal and Bacher tells him' to go away and that he also knows that he has been to Ms. Altmann's apartment and then he pushes the boy away.  Rudi Mandl also follows Bacher and rhen 'attacks him on the banks of' the Isar
    river shortly after 'and knocks him down.  The boy Jürgen Hallbaum who was watching and stalking Bacher as he is trying to get back up and climb the stairs from the river bank.  Jürgen says to Bacher that he got what he deserved.  When Bacher says'
    in return that 'he will tell Veigl what he knows,  Jürgen pushes him down the stairs, so that Josef falls fatally on the back of the head.  

    Jürgen runs away.  He runs to the Mandls' restaurant, where he learns that the fall was fatal for Josef Bacher.  Rudi explains that he has nothing to do with it.  The coroner reports that the blows to the face were not fatal.  An elderly couple
    testifies that they saw a boy run away, the description they give Veigl matches young Jürgen.  Veigl goes to the Mandl restaurant and asks about the boy Jürgen.  He informs Rudi Mandl that he no longer considers him suspicious.  Veigl radios in the
    young Jürgen Hallbaum for a police' manhunt.  Afterwards, a 'police patrol watches the boy Jürgen as he runs towards steps on the banks of the Isar river.  Running from' the police, Jürgen eventually threatens to jump into the river. Veigl 'tries to
    persuade him get away from there.  During, Jürgen confesses that he killed Bacher because he was able to reveal that he also poisoned Ms. Altmann.  Veigl explains to him that he has a chance since he is not yet of criminal age and promises to help him.
      The boy Jürgen then gives up to the police. 

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