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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'The inspectors Liersdahl and Schäfermann have been watching a remote inn for hours because it is supposed to be used as a' drop 'point for drugs and the police' are able to 'catch the men in the act, but the powder turns out to be sugar and flour, so
    the operation is a failure.  Liersdahl suspects that there must be a leak at the police or at customs , which was also informed. 

    Since a customs officer recently stole heroin from the evidence room, Liersdahl and Schäfermann concentrate on customs.  Meanwhile, the customs inspector Werner Ridder, who lives with his landlady Vera Ponsold, who is seven years older, comes home
    from the night shift.  She confronts him with the charge of cheating on her with a young woman named Petra Schröder.Petra Schröder is visited by an accomplice who belongs to the gang that brought the police to the raid. 

    During the conversation it turns out that he put Petra Schröder on Wolfgang Ridder.  He stole the heroin from the evidence room and also betrayed Petra about the raid.  The accomplice asks for the exact location of the evidence room at customs and the
    key prints.Liersdahl and Schäfermann visit a young addict named Wenzlaff in the rehab clinic, but he refuses to name his supplier.  Liersdahl meets with an informant who gives him the tip that a coach from Marseille would arrive with drugs.  The bus
    has an accident on the way, at the scene of the accident the two inspectors also meet the customs inspector Ridder.  The officers found drug packages in the hood of the bus.  A total of 50 kg of heroin and raw opium is seized.  The bus drivers were
    able to flee.

    Petra Schröder receives an ultimatum of three days from her accomplice to get the key imprint for the evidence chamber from Ridder.  She tells Ridder that their lives will both be in danger if he doesn't.  Meanwhile, Vera Ponsold meets with the 
    private detective she has hired to shadow Ridder and from whom she has information about Ridder's relationship with Petra Schröder. The private detective tells her that Ridder is planning to change the location of Petra and advises her to part with
    Ridder.  She then reported that she had already tried to do so, but that Ridder threatened her.  The detective advises her to go to the police.

    Vera Ponsold then visits Liersdahl and reports that she is afraid of her subtenant, the customs inspector Ridder.  She reports of his contacts with a drug ring and of threats against her.  She also found a map of the area in the pocket of his uniform
    jacket and Ridder had caught her, berated and threatened her.  Liersdahl promises to deal with the matter confidentially and reassures her that she need not be afraid.

    Ridder is heard by his superior, inspector Block und Liersdahl, who denies having passed on information about the operation to third parties.  Block confronts Ridder with the fact that wax remains were found in the beard of the key of the evidence
    chamber, which proves that an impression was made to produce a duplicate key.  Ridder is suspended pending resolution of the' matter, yet he 'cannot hand over his service weapon because its at home.

    Meanwhile, Petra Schröder's accomplice is back with her and demands further cooperation from Ridder.  This should also provide duty rosters and strength of the guarding of the evidence chamber.  Ridder visits Petra Schröder.  While the accomplice
    hides in the closet, Ridder tells of his suspension and that the dealer gang has to call off the robbery in the evidence room, since suspicion has now fallen on him.  He also expresses the suspicion that Vera Ponsold betrayed him.  With the help of a
    cigarette butt, Ridder finds out that' an 'accomplice is hiding in the closet and knocks it down.  Ridder recognizes him as one of the suspects at the inn, Reinhold Gasparde.  'After some talk' Gasparde threatens Ridder if Ridder betrays him.

    Ridder wants to leave again at night, Vera Ponsold tries to stop him. Ridder allegedly wants to go to his sister in Karlsruhe, Vera Ponsold insists that he at least go to Pirmasens, which Ridder does not want. The next morning a cyclist finds Vera
    Ponsold's body on a bridge.  It is established that Ponsold had been shot and was dead less than a quarter of an hour at the time of' her being found.  'The projectile has the same ballistics as' Ridders' service weapon.

    Ridder is arrested at the Salzburg border crossing.  Back in Saarbrücken, he denies the murder of Vera Ponsold, his service weapon is at home in his desk.  He wanted to go to his sister, who was married to a lawyer, and get legal advice there about
    his suspension.  Since they were on vacation in Salzburg, he followed them.  The last time he saw Vera Ponsold was when he left the house, according to his statements about 50 minutes before her murder.  Liersdahl confronts Ridder with a statement
    from a neighbor who saw Ridder drive away in his car with Ponsold.  Ridder now admits that she wanted to go to Pirmasens.  In the car they are said to have had an argument, whereupon Ponsold got out and he traveled on alone.  Neither his alleged
    sister nor brother-in-law are registered in the hotel in Salzburg, so Ridder had lied in' that 'regard as well.

    Liersdahl confronts Ridder with Ponsold's statement the day before about Ridder's involvement with the drug gang and that she was afraid. Ridder now refuses to testify, but continues to assert his innocence in relation to the murder. Schäfermann looks
    around the crime scene while Liersdahl goes to the laboratory and has it confirmed that the bullet that killed Ponsold came from Ridder's gun. Meanwhile, Schäfermann finds out that the diary entries of the last six weeks, after which Ponsold was afraid
    of Ridder, were only written afterwards by her.'shortly after Spaldinger, 'the private detective who worked for Mrs. Ponsold, appears' with 'Liersdahl und Schäfermann.

    Spaldinger tells about the job and that Ridder has a relationship with the Petra Schröder. He continues to tell the commissioners about the fear of Ridder that Ponsold had expressed to him. Schäfermann, however, finds out that Ms. Ponsold had two
    suicide attempts behind her and considers this an important lead. Furthermore, Schäfermann can determine that Ridder's brother-in-law is actually a lawyer and wanted to go on vacation in Salzburg in the hotel that Ridder had stated, but has changed the
    booking at short notice. Ridder only knew about the original hotel. Schäfermann is now convinced of Ridder's innocence. Schäfermann calls on police divers at the bridge where Ms. Ponsold was shot , they find the murder weapon in the water with a
    weight attached to it.

    Ms. Ponsold shot herself, as Schäfermann then demonstrated, so that after she let go of the gun after the shot, it fell over the bridge railing into the water. In Ms. Ponsold's attic, the officers find an old grandfather clock in which the weight is'
    missing; the 'weight on the weapon. After the suspicion of murder against him has been invalidated, commissioners Liersdahl and Schäfermann try to get Ridder to reveal his liaison to the drug ring. He still refuses and wants to speak to his lawyer
    first. The commissioners keep an eye on him. Ridder goes to his girlfriend Petra Schröder, but Gasparde lurks in the apartment, who knocks him down. When Ridder comes to, he has a gun in hand. Petra lies shot in the bathroom. When Ridder leaves the
    apartment and drives away in his car, Liersdahl follows him while Schäfermann goes up into the apartment. The door is open, but did Ridder made the body disappear? Ridder drives to the inn where the raid was carried out at the beginning of the film.
    Ridder wants to see Gasparde, the other gang members pretend that he is not there. Ridder is knocked down, while Liersdahl pushes up to the inn and watches a box being loaded into a car. He' is able 'get to the box and discovers that it is filled with

    Commissioner Liersdahl succeeds in notifying Schäfermann and calling in reinforcements. The drugs' are able to be 'seized at the inn and the' gang 'arrested. Petra is also there, she only pretended to be dead so that Ridder would disappear. She tells
    the naive customs inspector, to his surprise, that she only used him for the gang's purposes. In the end, Liersdahl resigns' to Schäfermann 'that the success of' the 'investigation was just a drop in the ocean and that the' bigger forces 'would continue.

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