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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'A man drives a car to a sports field at night.  He takes a body out of the trunk, which he places in a soccer goal, where the body is found the next morning.  The dead person is Louis Spindel, who comes from the Ruhr area but has been living in a run-
    down group home in Hamburg for six weeks.

    A cash sum of over six thousand DM is found in his room, although his landlady is sure that he has no job.  Spindel was occasionally visited by a woman named Olga.  Furthermore, a man came by every Wednesday to give Spindle a large sum of money.  A
    certain alcoholic named Jonny Feldmann is identified as the “postal carrier”.  Commissioner Trimmel suspects' a connection with the Bundesliga scandal's background that may involve these payments.

    Trimmel's assistant Petersen finds out that Spindel has often visited a woman whose name was not Olga, but Irene Kohl.

    Lazier seeks Feldmann, who doesn't seem particularly surprised by Spindel's death.  Feldmann is unsuspecting about the origin of the money.  Meanwhile, Höffgen determined that Spindel owned more than 100,000 DM in securities and that the money came
    from' a 'players' agent, named Prack, who was also involved in the Bundesliga scandal.  Spindel would have paid the money as commission for referring a well-known soccer star.
    So, Trimmel travels to the' Rhineland to continue the investigation' at the 'site where the deceased comes from and the players' agent Prack, is also based,   Feldmann and the HSV team are also on the train.  There, Feldmann is approached by a man
    named Tuffinger' in conversation regarding 'Prack and Spindel.  Feldmann refuses to speak.

    In Cologne, both Trimmel and Feldmann are in the stadium and watch a Bundesliga soccer match between FC Köln #1 and HSV.  In the stadium, Trimmel meets his Bremen police colleague Böck.

    Feldmann meets a woman on the sidelines of the game, whom he addresses as "Frau Spindel".  Trimmel has a patrol officer check the woman's personal details on a pretext.  The lady is called Olga Spindel and lives in Bonsdorf.

    Trimmel follows Mrs. Spindel, who is approached by Tuffinger at the train station. The two get into a taxi, but Trimmel fails' to 'pursue them.  Feldmann meanwhile, takes the train back to Hamburg and gets drunk on the way, there.  Tuffinger returns to
    the station' and 'Trimmel wants to talk to him about Louis Spindel, but' Tuffinger 'runs away' from 'Trimmel, again.  But, Trimmel is' able to drive to the address that Tuffinger' 'previously used.

    Feldmann has now returned to Hamburg and is killing his girlfriend Tilly'.  'Meanwhile, Trimmel is having a conversation with Spindel's widow.  She says that Feldmann wanted to speak to her and offered to send the money to her in the future, as her
    husband is now dead.  She doesn't know what the money is about.  Her husband' also 'had to go into hiding a few weeks ago, and she doesn't know why.  Spindel was active in the local association, but should have resigned as a functionary.  The reason
    was' involving game postponement.'  Tuffinger wanted to find out more about Spindel and Prack's business, in return he gave her information about Spindel's murderer. Ms. Spindel is surprised when Trimmel tells her about her husband's 100,000 DM.

    Laumen waits at Hamburg central train station and matches Tuffinger there, who offered Ms. Spindel the deal, from now on he is shadowed by his police colleagues. Tuffinger calls Prack in the evening, drunk, and insists on conversation.

    Trimmel talks to the coach from a Bonsdorf soccer team, who tells him that Spindel "invented" this (further) Bundesliga scandal, so there was never any manipulation.  He had invented this to collect money for alleged manipulation and to fill the hole in
    the club's treasury.  He also learns that' Spindel owns 'a firearm.

    Trimmel asks Spindel's wife again.  She repeats her statement that she did not see her husband on her last visit to Hamburg.  Trimmel also finds out that Tuffinger is a private detective.  Trimmel travels back to Hamburg.

    Prack seeks out Tuffinger and pays him a large sum of money for his silence.  Shortly afterwards, Trimmel also visits Tuffinger. He arrests Tuffinger for the murder of Spindel, and he also secures Tuffinger's carpet, since he believes that Spindel's
    body was transported in it.

    In a very unconventional pub interrogation with a lot of outside interference at first, Trimmel learns from Tuffinger that Prack had hired him to find Spindle who'd gone into hiding.  Tuffinger also expresses the suspicion that Feldmann killed Spindel
    out of jealousy.

    Trimmel and Petersen look for Feldmann, who is still drunk with the corpse of his girlfriend Tilly in his apartment and doesn't know what to do.  They secretly break into his apartment and catch him. He hadn't committed the murder of Spindel, however. 
    He came home that evening and found his girlfriend in bed with Spindle.   Feldmann wanted to beat him up, but he' had 'a pistol.  'Spindel put his pistol to one side when Feldmann had calmed down and then said that Feldmann shouldn't get upset
    because the "old bitch does it with everyone" he said.  Tilly was' then 'enraged and supposedly shot Spindel, not Feldmann who the wrapped the dead body in carpet, taking it to the car, he himself says.  Feldmann' then says he put 'Spindel's body 'on
    the soccer field near the goal post, because he' thought he should 'have belonged on the soccer field.

    Feldmann had gone to Cologne to make amends by saying that Spindle's widow should at least continue to receive the money from Prack for the manipulations invented by Spindel.  Since she had refused, Feldmann felt that he had to practice justice on' what
    he supposedly believed was 'the other side and therefore Feldmann killed Tilly.  Feldmann expresses the wish to be able to go to football at least one more time in anticipation of a life sentence.  Trimmel fulfills' Feldmann's wish. 

    There, 'Feldmann' explains to Trimmel 'that Spindel simply kept a record of the referee's willingness to' issue false 'penalties.  This enabled him to calculate the probability that the referee would whistle a penalty and Prack would' only pretend 'to
    have bribed the referee and' cash 'in for it.'  As they all leave the soccer field, the stadium lights go out, one by one.

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